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    I don't drink but I had no idea... Does this apply to all drinks? I'll have to let my daughter know as she is at the experimenting stage.

    I like one pot dishes, easy & enjoyable. My one pot recipe book is my favourite. It's not vegan but there are plenty of dishes, I particularly like the mung bean & vegetable curry. It's kind of cheating though as you cook the mung beans then set them aside & do the rest in the same pot.

    Easy dishes are curries, Morrocan style dishes, stews & thick soups with crunchy bread.

    Ohh great thanks for the heads up.

    While my daughter makes an order I have just posted asking for Vegan labelling. One thing that surprised us both is that Shellac is considered vegetarian, made from beetle excretion it generally includes a lot of bugs that are mostly removed. Yuck, though I suppose not that different to honey.

    Regarding private services supplying the same as locally available, I disagree.

    9 or 10 years back I was a computer engineer based in Berkshire, on my first day of work I was sent to a hospital in Kent, a 4 hour train journey. As my first day I had no idea what to expect, the hospital engineers were clearly untrained for the problem but I managed to fix it after a short while. The thing that surprised me was the resentment I faced when I pushed a little I found out that they assumed I was on £1200 per day!

    The next day I asked my boss about it, the NHS had to use approved contractors. The company that got the contract then farmed it out to another who sold it to another & I don't know how many layers till it ended up with me, each of them taking their cut. I was on £100 a day at the time, the NHS paid £1200 for my time.

    I agree with the OP that it's wrong to ignore what is going on in the world but at the same time I don't think people should be forced to listen to others whether it's regarding a war or the latest consumer trend.

    As Atomik says, people use FB for different reasons, I'm not much of a user myself but I thought you could create groups so that disinterested people don't have to see things they feel are unpleasant?

    Regarding the occupy movement, there are plenty of answers such as Green economics, they're not all palatable to the average person though. One of the solutions from the occupy movement is covered by the Guardian here.

    As for wars, religion and the rest, I think the answer is to get to know each other better, slowly, perhaps over a nice cup of tea!

    Nice oven and his electricity generation ideas are great. He mentions the request originally coming from someone working in developing countries, I'd be interested in seeing that in action. It's often the simple, little things that have the biggest impact.

    Some questions if I may, I'm trying to figure what size vehicle I can squeeze into.
    What is the base vehicle Jay?
    Also do you have a double bed, it's not clear from the photo.

    I just had a little search. Anyone have a clue regarding the desired heat output?
    AlicesWonderland are you suggesting the draft plate is a bad idea?

    Some Wildos amongst others here: Wildstoves.

    This is the site mentioned by AW: Stovesfortents.

    I recall stoves having a separate section the ashes fell into, for easier cleaning. Yet none of the modern ones seem to have this, a pity.

    Finally a nice antique fantasy design, just don't look at the price! Butterfly Stove

    I have used them for years, they're not the cheapest but that wasn't what I was looking for. Dale is a bit of an eccentric, the perfect person to get the message out to the masses. They also have a helpful call centre you can actually understand and the ability to take your own meter readings to submit online.