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    I'll do my best to knock em off. Given the chance I want to come out of it well established. I'm talking enough to retire to my own fort, with tools, gear, supplies, medicine, food, to make me and mine safe and sound for the future. It's going to be my only hope of sitting custy in this impoverished existence where I'm better known for scraping with customers for reduced items in the local coop than for having long hair and a beard. 17 week waiting list to see a consultant. You see how quick he his when I put a gun to his missisus head. I've got to be smart and only take what I can use from the properties of those I murder/murders the wrong word. "Help relax" that's what Ill call it. I'm going to really only take what I can use, store, eat and trade, ok a few toys for me. I can't afford to replicate my car-booting habits (giving a home to many old crap) act fast and have a good alibi. Come across as a good-en. Red Cross worker might just do it. I bet our lass could knock me up a uniform on her sewing machine. Better have a trial run. Wear it often around the local area, then folk will really think im kind and up to good when it does turn nasty and Im out on rob.
    Theres a lot to think about with this prepping lark I'm finding. Even preppings a confusing term. I'm going to call it "re-modelling" I must order some of those AA batteries you have to piss in, there's no way I can see me getting those from China after any event. Both my lad and missus are training hard on Fallout4 on Xbox. They already have the hang of shooting people, looking on shelves for items of use. Sussing out who the good guys are and offering them a safe place to kip in exchange for work. We are going to be cool. Just have to sit and wait for it now to happen. I'm not the sort of guy to worry if it does or don't happen thankfully or I would be worse off than the genuine preppers and worse off than the poor bastards I'm going to be hunting out (helping relax) Is there a "help relax" domain name Essex? I'm looking at sharing target address on a easy to navigate forum with other remodellers.

    I'm not always sure when you're being serious... but I think I want you on my side!

    There are several people here that clearly don't belong. When everything they say has to be defended they ought to realise they're in the wrong place. Free speech and all that but it gets tiresome.

    As Emma said, going vegan is like a eureka moment, you suddenly see things differently. You then quickly get frustrated that others didn't have that moment of clarity. I understand the comparison to smoking etc but it's not the same, you smoke you hurt yourself, you eat meat & hurt animals.

    That said, shoving it down people's throats isn't helpful. Some people won't ever change, they'll just make excuses.

    Vegan food is as varied as you want it to be, almost any meal can be made vegan, add in a few herbs or spices to make it extra interesting. Pure meat meals tend to rely more upon the flavour of the meat while vegetarian ones tend to be more varied, the same meal can be a dozen different things by changing herbs & spices then popping it in a wrap, a taco shell, with rice or anything else.

    And what happens when the far left get into power ? Oh yes , war , genocides , millions dead , vile oppressive dictators that only relinquish power through death or been dragged up a lamppost .

    Extremes of all hues are to be avoided.

    However I don't see the likes of Pol Pot as true left leaders. Things such as Communism are interesting concepts, they require strong leaders that are willing to make difficult choices, sacrificing a mere 45 million people to improve the country... Not something that would go down well with the average left, which is why I don't feel the categories work.

    if you think Russia has any interest in a tiny little island like GB then your dead wrong, its enemy always has been the US.

    History disagrees with you. Link.

    And here (new great game) is why Russia distrusts us, and why we're interested in befriending the former Soviet block countries. Plus note use from the original quote, that wonderful term: "buffer zone". It's much more civilised to fight one's wars in another country, terribly upsetting when the savages disturb Sunday cricket, what?

    if your intent on looking for enemies your looking in the wrong place, try IRAN and NORTH KOREA instead.

    Haha you can't seriously believe that smoke and mirrors. They can't yet bomb a neighbouring country, how are they are threat to us?

    they are far worse than the left or right, politicians dont behead people but that lot do. and they dont have to invade, they are already here amongst us.

    I'm guessing you would be one of those people that wants to deport everyone that isn't white enough?

    They are worrying figures, though they would be much worse in Muslim majority countries. I'd like to think that some of the better British qualities have filtered through to them.

    I realise there are plenty or areas where multi-culturalism isn't working, it's normal for people to stick to their own, you can meet crowds of ex-pat Brits in almost any country, however a lack of integration is bad everywhere. Again though, gentle encouragement and incentives are better than rules and recrimination.

    The left has always been more divided than the right.

    I have never understood the right, sure I understand the wealthy lining their own pockets but all the hanger-ons, why?

    Walls, segregation, travel bans, it all goes to strengthen the us & them mentality. Division create issues. There are plenty of Muslims living in the UK that keep the main points of their religion but have moved on from medieval times, whether that is as a result of seeing the liberties of the British way of life or not is debatable, they certainly have a better life and better opportunities over here.

    If there is a problem it's the benefit culture, the crazy over-inflated housing prices and other expenses that have led to many Britons not taking normal low paid work that has led to the need low-paid for immigrants. It's funny that the same venom isn't directed at the Asian doctors in the NHS, perhaps they're the nice ones?

    She does seem to be sucking up to him in an embarrassing attempt at obtaining a trade deal. The gov obviously expect to loose the current deals with Europe (where 44% of our exports currently go). Presumably America first doesn't mean they're suddenly going to accept our goods and services.

    The special relationship that the papers are touting is non existent, the whole idea that May & Trump can be like Thatcher & Reagan is laughable.

    I do not feel I have enough time, or enough social input anymore, to find such persons.It seems that other persons already have their quota of good bods and do not need neccessarily to make effort to befrieind another, with all the effort it takes.I am not being melancholy,it is true that if my specials were still alive I wouldnt feel the need to look.

    I think that's why many people are looking to build a deeper relationship with their partners.

    I wonder whether this is in part due to social changes, I think in the past people spent more time with their friends than partners but nowadays it's the opposite. This may also lead to some of the issues that people have where they expect things from partners that they may not be able to provide?

    If it was "die or eat human flesh" I would probably eat it, but there is something disgusting about it. Maybe committed vegans think think the same way about meat.

    When you go a few years without having any meat or being around it you'd be surprised how bad it smells. On a train someone opened a tupperware pot of meat, I smelt it & thought a baby had crapped itself while a minute or so later a colleague with me said "hmm that chicken smells good".

    Presumably that guy is on the same waiting list for treatment that you were on?

    I bet your kids would disagree about your self valuation. If it bothers you though you could set yourself some kind of challenge to prove your value such as helping out people that are suffering, raising some money, or even just making your kids happy for an afternoon, all are valid goals depending on your abilities.

    Do we put too much of a premium on the fact that it is a human? Is a human really worth so much more than an animal? I think it's only a big deal because our dominant religions say it is, without that it's no biggy.

    To take it a step further, it reminds me of the news reports of a bus/plane crash in some far off land where 37 nameless unimportant people and ONE BRITISH PERSON!!!! died. The relevance is only made valid if we can relate to it.

    It's so sad how often this happens, it seems a fair few of our members have had similar experiences.

    Regarding the hypnosis Poppy, is it really something you want to re-experience? Could it not make things worse?

    Nothing much to say Poppy other than best of luck. You're a strong person and can get through this. Don't push people away, if you don't want to share with everyone just tell them you're working through some issues and would appreciate their support even if you appear not yourself at times.