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    The amount of money that has gone in to the NHS IT system is staggering & yet they still have such out of date systems. I don't see how they can get past this issue.

    Hopefully the Government will learn from this and give the NHS the money it needs to update their systems and invest in better security.

    Haha, that won't happen. They've been systematically destroying the NHS for years, even labour that claim to support it have done little towards the long term. This may lead to the further break up of the various groups that make up the NHS.

    You're right about the email, the scary thing is that even on an older system you have to click past several warnings to open that dodgy mail attachment. That kind of dumb takes some effort and makes me wonder if it was intentional.

    Reckless is where you take a risk that may affect another person without their input.

    Some things I plan meticulously, others I do without any thought. I hitchiked around Europe 30 minutes after the thought occurred to me. Some of both types of decisions have been disastrous so you couldn't really say either is a bad method.

    Sounds like you made a good choice though, it's all about creating interesting memories and enjoying yourself, if you're not then it's time to move on.

    Sorry folks, there is some shit in this thread.

    Improperly used Tor is worse than no Tor. By using Tor you are attracting attention on to yourself.

    It depends who you want to hide from. If it's google then don't use their services, don't allow their indexing etc.
    I've posted links in other threads to stuff you can install to help keep you safer from being spied upon.

    Google owns, not
    DDG does not contain malware, it is an index, like blaming the yellow pages for a bad plumber. You are responsible for any links you click on after searching in any browser. There are free antivirus available but at the same time, don't click on things you don't know.

    One of the biggest sources of malware is adverts. Showbox is an app for downloading films for free, funded by adverts. Get an addblocker, make sure it blocks everything google.

    That's great news Paul.

    Boaty, generally when a new product is brought out to market it contains ingredients that have known properties, it's easy enough to know whether it will affect other organisms by looking at its PH level and ingredients. If it is something totally new (very rare) there are plenty of processes that can be used to test it. In many cases the tests done on animals have proven to be inconclusive for humans, including some cases that caused massive harm to humans but were benign against animals.

    Tht looks great, thanks Emma I'll see if they can give me a quote. (I'm not sure anyone would want to get in with the dog anyway).

    The sun was warm today, cold in the wind & shade. The dog & I were hot inside despite the windows open. There is a lot of glass though so I thought some covering would be good.

    It's April & I'm already too hot...

    Is it worth getting something like this? That would be an inside one, I see some people put them on the outside but they're crazy expensive.

    I can open the door today but tomorrow the dog will be alone.

    Do magpies really decimate songbirds? I see this kind of assumption a lot. Magpies are just another species that manages to survive within a human landscape and we hate them for it.

    I think the lack of songbirds (& all the other birds that don't get mentioned) is down to the change in farming practices, loss of food, loss of land and the proliferation of cats.

    70-75% for me but I'm slowly drifting darker so that may become more. I find it's more satisfying to have one square slowly of the strong stuff, than a whole bar of the sugary stuff.

    most travellers dont have any details recorded......they play the ethnic harassment ticket....plod wont touch them, travellers have some of the best lawyers in the country

    So speaks another "expert".

    I've yet to meet a traveller that could afford a lawyer.

    Lets keep it nice & friendly, no need for hair pulling.

    It is a bitch to find somewhere, I struggled for a couple of months then gave up.If you have pets & are even slightly outside of normal you'll struggle. Good luck Groove.

    You're not stupid, you can't predict these things. You may have missed some signs but it sounds like he's a nasty piece of work to throw you out like this after you have paid for things and without even discussing with you. He has exhibited some pretty cowardly behaviour.

    Get some food in you, maybe something gentle like soup, it will help you feel better. Is there anything that helps you sleep? You know you're stronger than this, don't let the idiot get you down, best way to win is to show him you can thrive without him.

    Accusing the BBC of only reporting on white rapists without an actual study is labelling the BBC as racist (against whites). Many of the replies that came later were clearly racist. Paul linked several reports to the contrary but they were ignored in the race to back up the initial finding without any actual facts. Brynn also posted a link of statistics, dismissed as being PC. It's not being PC it's science.

    If the police are ignoring actual crimes because of the ethnic origin of the perpetrator then they are surely breaking the law and doing a poor job. However again, it's easy to point to a few isolated cases and claim something that isn't there because the wider picture hasn't been studied. that's why police complaints commissioners and so forth exist. You could argue that they do a poor job but if you feel that is the case and you want to take it up in court or elsewhere then again you will need evidence.