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    hi mitchell,

    it would seem a travesty to me if you tried to wash away all these feelings with meds. difficult to appreciate i know when you are feeling overwhelmed by them but all this sad, painful and angry feelings associated with the loss of your soulmate are deeply precious. they are just as important a part of your love and humanity as all the good feelings you shared. Im sure it feels like a huge loss and now everything else seems suddenly meaningless and unfulfilling. But real love is never lost, it has a life of its own that goes on wherever each of you are. In the same way she will always have that love for you somewhere in her heart even if your lives somehow move on.
    Love is the lifeblood of our spirit Mitch so try to remember thats there are lots of other people in the world with big open hearts waiting to offer you the love you need .(and waiting to receive your love too) Try to spend time around good people who can give you authentic hugs and a listening ear. Go for walks in nature with good company so you can borrow a little from their energy . It wont take away the pain but it may make it more endurable until gradually you find yourself waking up and smiling again

    love and warm hugs

    I think I can be compasionate and to a degree understand a lot of crime , but rapists and child sex offenders I dont have any time for . They are often repeat offenders , and prison is not an ideal solution , but it least it keeps there prey safe.
    Castration seems a bit barbaric , but if they are not going to be locked up what else do you suggest? A 5 minute deviants act will /can destroy the victims life(and touch those around them ) for ever.

    such crimes are the most emotionally repellant. But anyone who works in the field of child protection knows that almost all of these molesters were once tragic abuse victims themselves. When we chop off their balls should we also do the same to all their victims so we can protect our own children and grandchildren?
    What i do know Bungo (and poor itinerant child) is that the less love and compassion there is in a world (or a life) the more such monsters it will produce .
    Love and hugs to you both

    having done a couple of years on a drug smuggling rap its clear to me that the whole notion of imprisonment is so ridiculously barbaric pathetic and counter productive system for a civilised society that this judge seems no more insane than the rest.- let them do a taste of the mind and soul numbing stretches they unquestioningly dole out and then see if it still makes any sense to them

    quote: My question is really, how the hell do you protect anyone when these horrible people seem just like anyone else?

    It is precisely because this person is just like everyone else. It is impossible to really judge and condemn anyone if we truly learn to understand them- that does not mean we condone what they did. It is much easier to be judgemental and mentally dissociate ourselves from people committing terrible crimes.Its because its too unpalatable to admit to ourselves that somewhere even in small part the same humanweaknesses and frailty and viciousness potentially lies in each and all of us But its dishonest , and furthermore foolish to deny that. Many years ago i was improsoned for drug smuggling and got to mix with murderers , rapists allsorts. Strangely as i was a psycholy student at the time i got busted, many of these criminals quite readily unfolded their life stories to me.

    And once i knew their stories, (I mean the real personal stories not the shit for the courts) it was no longer possible to condemn them . I know that within me lies that same murderous instinct, i kill several people each day, maybe a rape occasionally too, On a really bad spell i am the man ready to push the button and nuke the world. I am that man , i am that super villain- so are you! Whats more i embrace and accept those parts of my nature, because they are part of my humanity, part of being alive. But before the 'jurors' out there get ready to lynch me, let me say I live a life full of love and dedicated to helping traunatised children in war zones and in my orphanages. And to reach some of those poor people so damaged by life its necesary to be open about whats inside us- that way ive found i could reach those considered unreachable by many other 'professionals'

    Of course in prison the child molesters were kept seperate because they are the scapegoat for the rest of the prison population so i didnt get to hear their stories or understand them. And because i adore children i too react instinctively with horror and anger to the 'nonces'. Its hard to find compassion for some actions that seem beyond anything we can mentally get any grasp upon. But I try tocurb those instincts to react judgementally. Just because i personally find little inside me to resonate with such behaviors, doesnt mean its not there somewhere undiscovered... in a different life with different family, child experiences etc , there but for the grace ...
    all that said, im a parent too, and i know im most definitely capable of kiling anybody who harmed (or even threatened) my kids or those in my chidrens homes, so i empathise with the 'chop off his balls' brigade too but just ask them to embrace such feelings but also try to rise beyond them to find compassion and love where it may be most needed, for all our sakes

    Hey David - I feel so frustrated with my lack of actual "doing" things, sounds like a you had a really fulfilling time in Romania / India and shows that people are not only resilient but capable of love in such difficult circumstances.

    Me, I try to spread love through little kindnesses and considerations every day and by listening to and appreciating everyone I meet. The joy in my life has cumulated like a tapestry of all the strange and wonderful people I've encountered, the wise and the comedic, at a festival on on the bus.

    As much as doing puts you right in the heart of the energy you refer to - I wouldn't devalue the power of the spoken / written word. After all, this is what inspires people to "do" and I have felt a lot of magic at times when what someone has said is new to me and powerfully resonates. Still agree that the "doing" part is important though!

    Hi Demonax,

    first i concede words can be important- yours certainly were to me! my first reply afer lots of viewings! , many thanks and big hug. Words can certainly be uplifting, but i reckon no wise words, religious texts , inspired philosopherscan ever teach us much we dont already know somewhere deep inside . As you say it resonates, but that means the truth already lies there somewhere inside all of us, and its usually beautifully simple.
    Whereas doing things is more a creative act, its more than rediscovering, its creating new energies , new possibilities, new magic.
    Doesnt have to be anything dramatic, there can be absolute magic in very small things, like just the action of beholding a flowers intricate beauty or offering a warm smile on a souless tube train. All new energy has its ripples into the universe I love the sound of the life tapestry youve been creating, I wonder if you could portray it in a painting, sculpture or with flowers in a garden design? hope i may weave some small thr.ead into its beauty sometime.


    im a relative newbie here and loving ncounters with so many beautiful and sometimes strange people.

    Still it takes me back 30 years ago when i lived amonst a group of hippie friends, getting stoned, tripping, pulling the world apart, putting it back together, armchair philosophy and words of wisdom. Its ridiculously easy to be cynical about the world and decree how things should be. Surely it is precisely what we make it.
    But for me the real magic doesnt really begin until you start putting those thoughts and love into action. ive been extremely fortunate that i dedicated much of my life to helping traumatised children ,both in war zones and in my family orphanages in Romania and India. My kids there are growing up as awesome , simply phenomenal human beings. Its a privelege for me or anyone to be in their presence. Is such a hub of incredible good energy, must be visible from space ! Its only through actually doing good loving things not just talking, that we really create and enjoy that magical energy of the universe, both for ourselves and all those around us, when we are more alive than life, more resoundingly joyous than happy

    I would like to hear what other magical experiences you all have spreading the love. How did they affect you? Even more than hearing about it, id like to be sharing them with you. Lets have more small gatherings, and do stuff:waves:

    Love and hugs, David

    Meh. :shrug: :pp

    I wonder how much we can actually learn without understanding some more basic stuff - like where the personality comes from, what consciousness actually is, how the brain stores memory. We can't really look at whether we survive death until we know what it is that might survive death.

    is 'feeling' a legitimate, perhaps superior form of knowing? I hope so because in that case i feel strongly the spirit survives, Perhaps one day scientists may achieve better understanding of conscciousnes, all the myriad factors relating to personality and memory, perhaps reducing it all down to its biochemical components/ interactions. But what if the spirit is just pure energy, it cant be reduced to anything, it cant die, its beyond space (and maybe time) Its what unites us all together and makes us all one with the universe. I dont know it, but i feel it. Its love too.
    Love to you, Atomik and Midnight star

    hi sensi,
    lots of kind people give me clothes for my orphanages- mostly for Romania as India dont usually need woollies! But flight baggage allowances being so stict and expensive these days, i have bagloads over that i cant take. Usuallly i pass them on to charity shop but if you can tell me how to get such bulky stuff to you, id be chuffed if you could make use of them ,

    Love David

    Y'know, I just can't be arsed with it. There's enough suffering in the world without wishing harm on others - even if they've harmed you. It doesn't achieve anything. It doesn't make your life any better. It just fuels anger, resentment, bitterness and hatred, all of which are destructive emotions. The desire for vengeance is one of the greatest failings of the human character, and I always find it sad to see hippies perpetuating that failing by dressing it up as a desire for "karma" - as though counting on "the universe" to deliver punishment somehow whitewashes their desire for retribution.

    i have a lot of respect for that position, but still i think its natural to seek revenge and retribution, be angry etc. and i think its ok to feel such things- dangerous to be in denial about them, doesnt mean we have to surrender the whole of ourselves to them. I think we need to embrace the dark side to transcend it, not try to just make it disappear (then its just buried) But of course we all have an amazing bright side to call upon too - that also needs more recognition

    no i wouldnt dob anybody in- for what are criminals but manifestations of ourselves. And what are the most henious criminals but expressions of the least palatable dark sides of our nature that we prefer to deny. But wec are all capable of extao-ordinarywonderful things, but also have the potential to horror . The sooner we embrace that with understanding and compassion the sooner as a species we can grow and transcend some of our primal weaknesses.
    and if you dodob someone in- where do they go- isnt it a bit ridiculous that after thousands of years of proof that it just further strips the possibility of the already damaged to play a positive role in our society. How pathetic that we havent come up with something more considered than putting people in a cell for x number of years. Do you really want to collude with such babylonian insanity?

    its what makes us surrender our inner selves to something 'external' or 'greater' for the sake of an easy life, something to take responsibility off our shoulders for our actions, its what psychological purpose god serves rather than what form he takes that is most important and illuminating.
    Still even as a passionate anti theist , i do like morningstars formulation, ' god is love, love is energy.' makes me feel all happy- could it be religious euphoria:o