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    Yes I know he's from Luton, and it says on your location that you're from Luton.......

    There are many people who can't walk through many places in many parts of many towns in the UK!

    It's wrong.

    Really? I'd love to know where these no-go zones are. I've lived in the multicultural areas of Nottingham, Bradford, and Southampton. I've even had a wander around one of the most "notorious" areas of Malmö. Was laughing my head off watching a video of Peter Sweden being shit scared of walking around an area in Oslo. What a wuss.

    I've never had any bother, ever. But then again it is probably because I'm friendly to, and respectful of others unless they prove that I should be otherwise... and don't go round being an antagonising twat like Yaxley-Lennon or the Britain First lot.

    Already happens in Sweden - the cost to see your GP is about £10, but once you reach a cap of around £100 in a year for your visits, treatment and prescriptions, it's free. Considering it's a high tax country, it may seem strange, but the service is a league above the UK, noticeably so in dentistry as I've witnessed.

    Weeds out the timewasters, but doesn't penalise the chronically sick. Personally they should make it a £20+ charge for those who don't bother turning up to appointments. Might actually mean I can get to see a doctor without waiting a month.

    Loved Rowntree sweets and Yorks chocolate as a kid but when they moved out of the UK i stopped eating any of their stuff.

    I presume youre referring to the chocolate 'factory' that was once in Aysgarth and now in Leyburn?

    I bought a lot from them in Aysgarth but Ive heard a lot of derogatory comments about the new factory and new ownership,they seem more interested in running a bespoke eatery than making chocolate.

    Shame but as with many businesses large or small, its the money theyre after and not much to do with building a quality brand and custom.

    Yes, that's the one - so it isn't just us that noticed! It was a rare treat to get a tenners worth and see how long we could make it last. Not too sure we will bother if they lose their edge as a quality brand.

    As an unrelated point, as you mentioned Aysgarth (I've got connections in Redmire village nearby), apparently the railway society recently sold the railway station there under odd circumstances. Could well be that they'll never extend the line now, particularly if Lord Bolton at the Castle loses his patience and removes permission to reinstate the line on his land. Seems like they're doing their best to kill off tourism in that part of the dale!

    Anyway, I digress... someone mentioned coffee! :D Very glad to be able to get my ground coffee from a decent shop in Lincoln. Pretty awesome stuff now I'm becoming very much ingrained in continental coffee culture - the Swedes drink the third most coffee per capita, after the Dutch and the Finns I believe.

    I originally came from the big chocolate city of York. When I lived there, growing up, we used to have Rowntree Mackintosh and Terry's. Also had the Cravens sweet factory near the sugar beet works. Virtually my whole family has worked in chocolate at some point - my mother used to stick the chocolate oranges together around the time I was born, and my dad still hates fruit gums and smarties* from working with them as a student!

    Now, Cravens and the sugar factory are long gone. Terry's got took over by Kraft at the turn of the century, moved all production abroad (I mean, YORK Fruits are now made in Poland I think!), and shut the historic factory, which is still in a state of dereliction. Rowntrees ended up under the Nestle brand, and that place is a shadow of its former self... think they still make KitKats, Aero etc. there.

    Regrettably all the chocolate that is mass produced is pretty awful stuff now. Even the smaller places are losing their way. We always visit a chocolate factory/shop in Wensleydale when we are up with family. It has always been really good stuff, if quite dear. However last year we all commented that it seemed to be lacking a bit - turns out there are new owners, and I believe the recipe has changed. Shame really.

    *Apparently, the Smarties had different recipes for different markets. The ones destined for the middle east were a lot brighter as that's what they wanted, whereas Norwegian smarties had lighter colouring, as artificial colourings are banned there. I used to quite enjoy the lemon and orange polo mints destined for the Italian market... surprised I wasn't a fat kid given the access family had to the "waste" shop in the factories.

    Interesting, was talking about this earlier. The Swedes aren't exactly know for being master chocolatiers, but their typical fare is far better than UK offerings. Their big brands are Cloetta (who make the amusingly named "Plopp" bar) and Marabou (who make Diam bars), and is more than edible, particularly the big bars of salt liquorice chocolate.

    Sadly Marabou are now owned by Mondalez (ex-Kraft, and same owners as Cadbury) - so I expect the quality will go to pot over the next few years. Kraft/Mondalez also use palm oil sourced from dodgy, non-ethical suppliers...

    I'm sure it was about 70p a litre when I passed in late 2000, but things were very up and down as that was the times of the fuel protests. Trying to blag a pool car to go and do a job around then was fun, especially as we knew there wasn't enough to do the round trip. We got lucky and found an out of the way petrol station near the Severn Bridge that allowed 10 litres per customer at an unheard of £1.50 a litre - double the usual price! Joining everyone in doing 45mph down a near empty M4 east of Bristol was very surreal...

    I do recall the prices hitting the £1 mark proper in late 2005 as that was around the time I switched to the diesel Volvo.

    Hi Muninn, glad your back amongst us. Guessing will take you in directions unknown. My stepson had more luck when he was younger. He said “ Steve, you know when you lived in a cave.”

    However, good idea for using a maiden name. Unless they arrest your mother for chemical welfare importation and want to scan for related mules.

    Ha thanks, I'm still alive and kicking somehow... probably too stubborn ;)

    I think I'll be quite safe with my mother... as far as I know anyway, they're the mad half of the family. Only chemicals issues were found when clearing our her father's cupboards when he passed away n the 80s. He was a GP, and some of the meds were sufficiently dodgy as to require the bomb squad to make a visit to remove them...

    I think the point is once someone else owns your data its no longer yours and its free to be shared around.

    Actually getting compensation might be actually quite difficult if the company declares itself bankrupt and opens up somewhere else under different name and law jurisdiction.

    Try sueing the government for disclosing your NHS data (good luck with that).

    Curiously, Ancestry sends the DNA sample to the US for testing in labs there. They say so when trying to justify the crazy P&P. Now given the UK's prowess in biotechnology, surely there's somewhere in the UK that could do the job? Are the US's data protection laws more lax?

    Regrettably, certain factions of the Far Left can be as nasty as those on the Far Right, and I've had dealings with both. Conversely I know a few decent people on the right too.

    I got called out not long back for daring to criticise the Great God Corbyn - now I actually agree with a lot of his stuff and have no major gripe with him, apart from his Euro-sceptic stance, and just by mentioning this, I nearly had my throat ripped out by some of my Momentum/Corbynista "friends". Funny thing is, I'm probably more left (but far less authoritarian) than they are.

    British politics is very right wing as stands right now, and increasingly becoming a two party system. Coalitions are bad, apparently. Not as bad as the USA, but we're heading that way.

    I was talking about where the left/right axis stands with my Swedish friends - and whereas the MSM considers people like Corbyn to be hard left, he would fit in as quite an average left MP in their Social Democrats (their Labour Party). Their Moderaterna (Tories) are a fairly lightweight for right wingers. Then to the extremes they have the Left Party (which was the Communist Party until the 70s), and the Sweden Democrats (a nasty mixture of UKIP and Britain First). But - with 7 main parties they generally accept a coalition as a normal thing - currently the Social Democrats and the Greens are the ruling coalition, with three other parties as the opposition coalition.

    Co-operation on the left is the only way things are going to change in the next decade. Sadly I can't see it happening.

    Nearly caved into the idea of trying this, even though most people can have a good punt at where my ancestors came from. Only recently worked out some stuff about my paternal side (there was some skeletons in the closet that were covered up by most of the family until person involved dropped dead - and I was strongly discouraged from looking up family history in case I came across certain official records...). Strong connections to the East Riding of Yorkshire, and doesn't take a genius to work out where most of those people came from a thousand years back.

    On the privacy front, not that interested in tracing any long lost family, can do that myself. So I'd be tempted to use an alias, or a maternal maiden name or something instead.

    The stupidest thing put me off last time. They had a Black Friday offer that was pretty good, but they didn't reveal the steep P&P costs until you got to the payment page... so I binned them off in disgust!

    Sadly my local garage is closing down this year. The two owners are in their 70s now, and have been a very good part of the local community, but regrettably they're knackered out from 55 years of heavy work, and technology has long overtaken them.

    They're one of the last of the "old school" type of mechanics - can just about fix anything, and if a part is difficult to come by, they'll find an alternative or even make something to fit. My old Volvo needed a part for the fuel system a few years back, said it'd be £90 for the Volvo part, or he could get a Ford part to fit for £35 with minor adjustments. It needed a new gearbox not long after, which was a sod to find (it needed to connect Volvo parts with a Renault diesel engine and a Mitsubishi(?) powertrain!). Annoyingly we didn't get quite the right one as the mounting holes were in the wrong place... so he machined new ones in! The campervan needed a new exhaust. No chance of one off the shelf for a 30+ year old rarity. So £350 for a custom build... no way. So he made one up by welding a load of spare exhausts that were lurking in the store. Cost: £30 labour.

    I have my campervan finally booked in to get her on the road next month. Unfortunately I'm being made redundant so will lose the company car. He's got a list of stuff to do, and he'll crack on with it when he isn't on other jobs (fair enough). Engine needs tuning, couple of minor mechanicals to attend to, and the dreaded tin worm on the sills and the bottom part of the sliding door. I don't expect a quote from him, just said "make it roadworthy so I can use it to move to Sweden in", and I trust him entirely to do a good job and not rip me off in the process. A true rarity, considering that two mobile mechanics that I was talking to wouldn't even return my calls when I told them what needed doing...

    Up my end of the country, Hebden Bridge is surprisingly alternative and open minded. You wouldn't immediately think a former mill town in the hills would be, but there's a history of hippies and artist communities up there. Decent independent high street to wander down too.

    Been a while since I've been on this thread, but been having a bit of a rediscovery with some of the music of my past. A lot I have forgotten unfortunately, but when I found this, I just sat there with my headphones on, and went "wow!" I think I drifted off into another world for a few minutes.

    Global Communication - 07 - 8:07

    I've just splashed out on a copy of their "Pentamerous Metamorphosis" album, which is rare as hen's teeth, but found a copy in Japan!

    Certain places in Sweden trialled 4 day weeks for a while - the old people's homes in Gothenburg tried it, plus a few private companies. Not sure how well the trial went. The employees kept the same salary as the 5 day week, but slightly longer hours and less generous breaks - the got rid of the seriously traditional Fika break (morning coffee and cake) - must have taken some interesting bargaining with the worker's collectives to do that!

    If you can get your hands (well feet ;)) on some bamboo socks, I recommend them. I get through socks at an alarming rate - mainly due to a long big toe and my preference for wearing steelies.

    I've actually been weaving woollen socks on a circle loom, the last pairs I made seen pretty indestructible, and have no annoying seams. Need to source some softer wool though.

    See this is what i dont get. What is the point? You have to get off your arse to fill it, and when its boiled you still have to put your own teabag in a mug and pour the water in so what are you actually achieving?

    You've reminded me of a review of a DVD?VHS player that I looked at some years ago, and some American guy was ranting about how the remote control didn't have an eject button. I pointed out that you still have to get off your arse to change the DVD, so what difference does it make? :D

    I can almost see a use for the remote central heating thing. If I'm working away and the weather turns cold, I can adjust the heating so my cat and snake don't get too cold. But then again having the old thermostat on the wall set right does the same thing anyway.

    The problem with today's society is that everything and everyone needs to have a label. Gay, straight, trans, left, right, white, black.... whatever. What matters is that we are HUMANS. I really can't be bothered with people who try to pigeon hole me, and I'll resist it anyway. I could label myself as being part a large number of minority groups... but in general I don't shout it out to the world. I'm just "Muninn" (A difficult character - thanks Alice W, that's about the only label that's ever stuck :D ).

    I don't complain about it when someone goes against my beliefs or lifestyles. People are too easily "OUTRAGED!!!!1!!" about things nowadays. Just get on with it. If it isn't harming people, then crack on.

    My only exception is to people who spread hate. I come down on them like a tonne of bricks. I'm quite active elsewhere trying to take down some of the bile that certain Far-right nationalist types broadcast to the masses. That's a completely different matter to the silly little things that people with rant about, like boys wearing pink, or using gender neutral words - there was a huge outcry when the Swedish language accepted the word "hen" to work alongside "han" (he) and "hon" (she) as a way to address someone of unknown or non-binary gender. It's a good idea, more than anything to get rid of the irritating he/she in documents and letters.

    Great idea tech wise, but really don't like the privacy issues. My laptop doesn't have a webcam, and is generally linked up via a VPN - so I can be in Finland, Germany, wherever I want. Really screws with the adverts on YouTube!

    However, has anyone noticed how all of these applications/devices have feminine 'names' - alexa, siri, cortana

    OK the name isn't strongly feminine but the 'a' ending etc., the emphasis is assuredly more on the female than the male.

    Can I ask what is the default voice? I assume it is female.

    I don't think it's by accident. Female voices are seen to be more calming and trusting. Probably a throwback to 2001 Space Odyssey with that crazy HAL computer...

    Though if I *had* to have a robot thing, I'd want the voice and attitude of Holly off Red Dwarf :D

    Hmm, this is something that might be worth trying to get a job out in Sweden, but trouble is everyone speaks English perfectly, and my grammar skills are crap!

    Look out for a load of Thai people talking English with a Belfast accent :P

    I still fondly remember a room neighbour of mine when I temporarily lived in halls in Southampton some years back. I took notice as she was a lovely looking redhead speaking on her phone in Italian, but when she spoke to me in English, it was with a broad Tyneside accent! :D

    See now I'll be honest, I CBA to read this whole thread.
    And this is the crux of it. I love UKH but I dont say much any more because it's either dull or clicky. I have the friends I want on FB and have made many real friends from here who I see in Real Life.. I check in and I read posts but I rarely reply any more.
    Something has changed, and it may well be me, but it ain't the same as it used to be.
    I was sad to see TL go and would be sad to see UKH go, but, for Paul, what does he get out of it, is it worth it? It's still a great resource for info on live ins, but other than that it's become a chat room.

    Kind of see it the same way. I check in from time to time, and when I look at the "recent activity" all I see is random conversation, in jokes, and stuff you'd see in a chatroom almost anywhere (or even Farcebook, bleh...). I haven't really seen anything in the last few months that wants to make me engage. Some of the old members who seem to have drifted off somewhere, which is sad because they had some very good topics and a wealth of information.

    That said, I'm willing to support the site as finances allow. I'd be fine with a quid or two a month, and perhaps contribute to a pot that'd help those genuinely skint. But I'd certainly restrict what no-payers or the "guests" can see. Make it so you must register to view anything, and make a subscription service to access various forums - keep the vary basic sub-fora free, but pay for say, Nomadic Living, Veggie Section, and the Relationships, Altered States type of sections. Though I'd actually find a way of getting people out of Chatter Box and posting something more interesting to the community as a whole!

    I really like the idea of a skill swap if people want to do that. For example I'm really trying to get my van restored and back on the road. So I'd rather pay someone (either/and/or cash, firewood, subs for UKH on here etc.) to do a good job, than pay a random mobile mechanic and welder.

    It'd be sad to UKH die, as it has got me through some very troublesome times, and I've met some lovely people too. But I guess in the end, if Paul decides it is time to close, I respect that. He's done a hell of a lot for this place, and it is going to be up to the members to dig deep, and to post good stuff. I should probably get more involved too, but real life and head state often get in the way (although the Old Guard will be pleased to know life is much better for me than a few years back!). Much as I use FB to keep tabs on family and friends all over Europe, it drives me nuts with how it works and what it does, and I really wouldn't want to see UKH reduced to some closed group there.

    My employer has messed around with the system to make it "fairer" - I work 4 days a week instead of 5 (Fridays off), and historically I would get 7 out of 8 bank holidays off without needing to use annual leave - I let them have Good Friday as a goodwill thing.

    However since the changes, they've now added the Bank Holidays onto our allowance, but we must log a Bank Holiday down as annual leave on the timesheet. Trouble is, the BH entitlement is 4/5 of the full time people i.e. 6.4 days - I reckon they're on the fiddle there, especially as they asked me to sign something to agree to it, and I refused...

    Very Happy... I've set up a group on Facebook called the Anxious Gig Goer Club after reading so many posts from people who struggle to get to gigs or festivals due to anxiety and panic attacks. Nearly 100 people have joined in two days, and people are being helped out already :)
    I've struggled for years, but I'm much better than I was due to all the people who have helped me, and so I wanted to do something to help others. Seems to be well received!

    I turned vegan at 17 and stayed a vegan for 7 years, then at age 24 my mother in law offered me some Baileys at Christmas (milk in it) and I just didn't feel like saying no that day, and decided on the spot to become a vegetarian. I was then remaining a vegetarian for approx 4 years.

    You might be interested to know that Baileys do a vegan version made with almond milk now!

    To the OP, do as you feel you want to do - contrary to popular belief most veggies/vegans aren't judgemental. I'm halfway to being vegan, I don't use much dairy but still eat eggs, and I don't get hung up about reading every label on food packaging. So long as you're happy with what you're doing, so be it :)

    Being born in York, I'd say that anything below Selby is south - after all, Sheffield is in SOUTH Yorkshire! :D I was most annoyed as a kid when one of the staff at Beamish (county Durham) called our school group Southerners!

    I've heard before that the boundary historically was the river Trent, you can tell in a way of you're south of the river, accents change, things get a bit "different", difficult to put a finger on it. Not sure where the boundary is in the west though. Cheshire is north, but Stoke?

    I can't stand it either. Why is it treated like news? Sorry, they seem to have confused me with somebody that cares....

    Ever thought that the EU Referendum was deliberately timed to coincide with the football? Keep the masses distracted with something unimportant.

    I'll admit that I do watch a bit of club football, I follow a team both in the UK and Sweden, (and they're not big top flight teams either, so they're not overpaid acrobats) but I'm not someone who goes to every game, buys the shirt etc.

    I really don't get international football though. Couldn't give a toss about what Engerlund are doing. I was quite happy they were playing last night, because Sainbury's was near deserted when I went food shopping :D