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    I'm not sure that having anything at all in common is important although it is nice if you enjoy some of the same things, as long as you both have the ability to accept what the other likes and feels it should all work out just fine.

    I'm very strange and while it'd be nice for a partner to enjoy that she only really has to accept that's just how i am and we could get on with life just fine i reckon. :D:reddevil:

    most modern vans built to take 8x4 sheets flat on the floor only a few have an extra two feet internally over the wheel arches, i think my ambulance bodied Sprinter was just over 6' inside, it was wider than a box van but the sides were over 2" thick.

    My 2004 sprinter only had 20000 miles on it, it sat about doing nothing for a few years and then seized up when i started using it, old vans with low mileage that may have been in stop start traffic all day not guaranteed to be any better than high mileage ones that have had an easy life on the motorway and more services because of the mileage.

    There is no difference between old vans, people have favourites and different owners will have different opinions of them depending on how lucky they have been with them in the past.

    You need to do the same basic checks on all of them really, buy the best van you can afford, nothing irritates more than having to spend time and money fixing the van up before you can start the conversion and have some money budgeted for repairs over time, don't buy a rusty van and most other stuff can be fixed pretty easy.

    I just bought a small coastal trawler from the 60's, probably wont move much this year or maybe next while i finish the conversion but she's sea worthy, made the 90mile trip down from Yarmouth no bother, well, other than total failure of the charging system, but nothing connected to that anyway other than the starter batteries so wasn't a great loss. :D

    I think it depends what you consider average, I can saturate our fiber connection quite easily by myself let alone being in a house hold with two or more kids in it.

    If you have stuff recording on a Skybox, happen to be streaming a movie (especially if its 4k) while one kid is gaming online and the other is uploading photos, streaming music and chatting you'll soon see the limits of even a fairly beefy connection.

    it's not always about what you need right now either, if it does take ten years to get 5g nationwide it'll be having to cope with a lot more data than we use today, 4k movies can be getting on for 100gb and many games are 50gb plus already.

    This stuff isn't really aimed at the hippy browsing the net in his home on wheels, so it may seem pointless to many on here but its certainly going to be useful to many.

    Satellite broadband has much higher latency though which makes it useless to gamers, I believe i read somewhere that after business users gamers were the second biggest consumers of high speed internet connections, I did look into satellite myself but it's limited speeds, cost and high ping put me off.

    I think 5g will arrive pretty quick, there have been several tech articles saying many companies are gearing up for 2020 for 75% coverage, Vodaphone have been deploying dual purpose 5g and 4G masts since the 5G standard was finally agreed upon a while back.

    Heard a news report about a village that had clubbed together to dig out and lay their own cable a few days ago, bet they would have been happier to put up a mast instead. :D

    5G should be rolling out over the next couple of years as well, no info on pricing as yet though. In theory its should be cheaper as it can handle way more data MUCH faster than 4G (or even many home cable connections) but the operators will be wanting to get the money back for the new masts and equipment so it is likely to take a while to get down to 4G prices.

    If you must have a contract i'd stick to a yearly one and then maybe let it run on so you have the option to cancel if 5g suddenly appears in your area at a sensible price.

    4g coverage is apparently a bit patchy at my home marina so when the boat arrives there i'll be fitting an antenna up on the mast in the hopes that helps.

    Some photos of the insides as she is at the moment, i'll be pulling most of the galley out and redoing it but it's all got to come out so i can get some insulation in there first job.

    That’s different, where do you intend going in it? Is it your live a board to be? What is the draft? Good luck with the adventure.

    not far to begin with, i'll be living on board in Essex mostly, she's to big for the canal network and draws about 4 1/2 ft. I'll be sticking to coastal waters and rivers for a bit but when i am a bit more confident and have updated the nav gear I may head off to Europe for holidays, she's not fast but can carry enough fuel to reach the Med.

    Wow, that looks like quite a project - but it's got a nice charm to it. I like the shape and the porch bits.

    You'll have to show more pics when you have done up the inside.

    Are you going to stick with the name?

    Might rename her when she's done, haven't decided yet. She's not as bad as she may appear as it happens, needs painting and could be used as is with the addition of a decent shower and toilet room but I have some improvements planned anyway.

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    I guess we are being judged on our post count as well now then?

    THAT is fucking childish, if you not interested in what knobs look like what the fuck are you reading that post for, the clue is in the title?

    If you are trying to make me feel bad for making a post "trying to get men to demonstrate what their penis 's look like", you're shit out of luck.

    I'm bi and i LIKE looking at knobs, i'm not ashamed of it and it's been made clear in other posts on the forum, you'r living in the dark ages if attempting to insult people based on their sexual preferences is one of your go to come backs.

    An adult shaved fanny looks as much like a childs fanny as a short bald bloke in a nappy looks like a baby, if you don't know that you need to get out more instead of reading posts you don't care about just so you can have a dig at mr billy no mates pedo here.

    Grow up.

    Why would anyone want to make your down below look like that of a pre pubesant child ?

    Isnt there a joke .... whats the difference between a greyhound and Bill Wyman? The greyhound waits for the hare .

    Has nothing to do with prepubescent kids, hear that all the time and frankly it's pretty offensive, does the same go for guys who like short women? What about women who like guys without beards or not much body hair?

    You like what you like for many reasons usually and accusing people of being pedos 'cos they like a bald cunt isn't funny these days.

    I prefer a lady shaven but it's not that important to me to make any real difference, I've had my own pubes shaved off many times as it happens, had several girlfriends who preferred it and once you get over the strange feeling and are keeping it all off it feels great i thought.

    in my case only needed shaving once every three days or so and only became a mild irritation if I was a day late for some reason. Lots of ladies like a guy to keep his pubes at least trimmed a bit tidy, makes your cock look bigger as well. ;)

    I was warned it had sat in a farm yard for nearly two years, my own fault for not changing the oil and filters before driving it for over 200 miles. £10k seriously isn't a lot for one of these, i have the receipt of purchase he got when he bought it from the MOD for over £14k in 2014, it would have cost the MOD about £45k as a bare chassis cab. :S

    Had i thought the seller was at fault I would have been after him, and lets face it, it's the engine that let go, not any of the more modern parts, it's the old Jeep engine, you can get them in 4 and 6 cylinder versions so if anything it's one of the oldest designed parts that failed and as i said earlier it'll be close to worth the same in parts which is why I was demoralised when it blew but not massively pissed off about losing lots of money.

    Get your money back.. 10g is a hella lotta money!

    You don't get to ask for your money back from private sellers unless you can prove in court they knew there was a problem before they sold it to you. £10k for this was cheap, had spent months looking at £12k+ panel vans that were going rotten and had more miles on them. I could part this out and get most of my money back if I wanted to, 4x4 Sprinters hold their money really well, I don't want my money back it'll just take a year to find another one. :S

    I did think about an engine swap, but my ECU runs loads of the van, including the diff locks and selectable 4x4. its not an insurmountable problem, but its more effort than finding the right engine when its actually a pretty good engine to have, can be chipped up to 190bhp and plenty of extra torque if i want more power so again negates the engine swap idea.

    I have been thinking for several months :D

    Your totally right about new vans having more recycled materials in them than older ones, I'm not convinced about lasting longer, I'm not convinced a newer transit doesn't rust as bad as the older ones. Time will tell on that one. As for using less fuel, don't agree. Parkers used van guide states the new transit does 40.9mpg empty. My old smiley bus did 33.9mpg going to Lancaster last month, mine weighs 3.8t, load a new transit to its max and it won't be any better than mine. Ok mine also used 3ish litres of oil but I need new rings. As for how long the engines last, mines done about 450,000 but that is the highest anyone has heard off.

    Mercedes run a million mile challenge from what I can see none of the vehicles were built after 2000. And yes I understand time has a lot to do with miles covered. I would be surprised if a 2016 Mercedes had done that many miles

    Haven't seen the figures for a loaded van so i dunno, i bet it goes faster for the same fuel use though, how did you measure your mileage? The trip counter will be well out in an old transit, often set high to avoid lawsuits for speeding and increasing apparent MPG, legally allowed to be 10% out by law.

    Mercs stopped being super reliable when the bean counters made the engineers calm down a bit anything from the mid 90's onwards is built down to a price, you only have to look at the throttle linkage on a w114 to see why those things could do starship miles!!! My ol man still gets 200000+ out of his Merc estate cabs before he moves them on though.

    See that bar running across the head by the third cam cover bolt from the front? That's what they put in rather than using a cable, that linkage goes from the pedal through joints and hinges that isolate it from engine movement all the way to the throttle body, engineers built old mercs to last, they still went rotten though, I know had several. :D


    My 2004 Audi A3 does 50mpg without me trying, has leather, climate, dash computer etc etc, has 167000 on it, still on original clutch! Needs new front brakes about every four years and new rears about every three (they seize up as i never have any weight in the back) always starts, has some dents in it as i don't really care much for it but its' galvanised, no rot on it at all.

    Used to just drive old 300 quid bangers and was always having trouble, this thing just keeps on plodding along, passes MOTs with no advisories most years, its not new any more of course but i dare say it'll last a lot longer as a "nice" car than most of my older cars did which weren't that nice to start with! :D

    There's alot to be said for older stuff, i own a '65 Rover P6 so i dont hate old cars and vans.

    fair enough, I was only thinking any engine is better than no engine. You could always put the original engine back in once rebuilt and sell the lesser spec engine on once your finished with it

    I dont think its worth the effort, i dont NEED the van i have other vehicles so easier to wait and get the right engine I reckon, especially as the ECU would need recoding.

    That comparison is only if the new van and the old van are like for like, or have I got the wrong end of the stick?

    New vans have lots more technology in them which has a larger environmental impact in the build phase, leccy Windows, traction control, ABS, heated windscreen to name a few all have a greater environmental cost than the older vans did. There was less cooper mined as well as all the other precious and semi precious metals involved in making of the older vans, so surely even with older manufacturing processes new vans would produce a higher carbon footprint from manufacturing?

    Yeah to some degree you are right, they do contain far more recycled materials than something from 20 years ago though and on average they also last longer and use less fuel so it balances out, modern engines can hit much higher mileages with less maintenance and stay in tune longer, most vehicles also have far better rust proofing so the higher build cost can be offset by less emissions and longer life on top of the other benefits.

    I know we all know of new vans that died at 50,000 miles but most don't or firms wouldn't buy them, and we can see on here vans that have survived decades but don't forget those are the survivors, the rest are all gone.

    I don't want a smaller engine, i specifically chose one with the 160bhp 5 pot in it, its better on fuel when loaded and has the oomph to drive the 4x4 through the mud or pull a car trailer without struggling on hills. :)

    it's not ecologically sound to choose a brand new vehicle over one that's years old. The manufacture of vehicles adds more pollution to the planet than driving an old vehicle a modest mileage per year.

    Mile for mile newer vehicles aren't always better for the environment either. There's a lot of examples of the modern Transit Custom being far worse on MPG than my smiley.

    Only up to a certain point though, eventually an old vehicle will catch up to the environmental cost of building a new one with its use of fuel and fluids and spares and disposal of old spares etc, especially as newer vehicles have a higher proportion of recyclable parts and the factories that build them are greener. It's also relevant that often older daily driven cars are not maintained quite so well if the owners are running an old car for financial reasons.

    Even if they were built in the same factory to the old designs they would be greener these days simply because the steel would have more recycled material in it, the electricity powering the factories is greener than it was, there are less humans travelling to work in the factories etc etc.

    I know we all like to think the old ways are best but often they are only best for those of us who miss them. I think I read that on average once a vehicle hits 25 years old it starts to cost more, environmentally, than buying a new one does?

    It obviously varies by vehicle and by use, but its about 25-28% of a cars lifetime carbon footprint is it's manufacture so YOUR old vehicle only has that 25-28% to play with as a saving, the other 70 odd percent yours has already made once it gets past its average.

    As a rough example if you took the average life span to be 15 years and say the cars use remained constant over that 15 years you could split your eco cost "percentage" into quarters, one quarter was its build cost the other quarters were in 5 years chunks, which means you only get an extra 5 years of use from an old car before it costs more than buying a new one, even if that new one is identical and hasn't been improved in any way.

    even if you doubled it and said the average lifespan of a car in the uk was 30 years, you'd still only get an extra ten years use before it caught up.