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    Hi and welcome back!Chickens are really great are'nt they?We don't have any now,we used to though,and loved having them.Do you pick yours up and carry them around?lol I used to all the time!^^

    No I do not, nor do I treat them like pets or stroke them in the morning whilst they leave the coop say hello to them. Neither do I thank them every time they lay an egg or give them a tickle under their beak which they like before I say goodnight to them. And I definitely don't talk to them like humans while I'm on the plot, none of that rubbish going on here ;)^^

    Welcome back! Chickens are great aren't they...mine used to beat the crap out of my cats heh. Used to make me laugh too when I called them cause they'd run up the field full speed flapping their wings to make them go faster ^^

    Thank you. Best thing I've ever done getting the chickens, most nosey, stupid, funny animals I've ever had. Only the other week I hung some greens up for them to peck at, they came out the coop went to their food and water as usual then they turned and saw the greens. Mass panic, two of them tried to squeeze between the fence and food bucket, the other two were climbing over them they must have thought it was an hawk and wouldn't come from under the coop till I'd cut the greens down :D

    hello, what breed of chickens do you keep?

    At the moment 4 novo browns, I'm looking at another plot with 6 ex baits and another 6 mixed not sure which breed yet but cream beggars will be amongst them. Thinking of maybe adding my 4 ladies to them and the coop and run I have now using it for some bantams.

    Been awhile since I was on the site, not sure how much as changed. Still living in bricks and mortar, not working as much as I'm semi retired got my live in van up and running but don't get out in her as much as along with my plot the big change as been chickens! Didn't realise how much I love the little buggers, maybe only chickens but been a big life change as before I got them my bp was heart attack level, now it's as close to normal as its been for years. Also the depression isn't nearly as bad as it used to be, used to get really bad in winter but the chickens are helping in that department as well, so much so I'm thinking of getting more, oh also got round to building a pallet shed however not sure how much of this is old or new news. Anyway thought I'd just pop by and say hi and see how people are doing

    Finally got round to building my shed, sadly its a P in the A trying to post pics on here, however I have pics on my Facebook page so your welcome to drop by anytime Neil Flanagan the one with the beard. Thank You Keith for the inspiration.

    Today I wombled a roller blind. Realised it was complete and had all its packaging, so returned it to the place it came from for store credit. Got me a few quid to put towards something else! :)

    Theres a lad stateside who skip dives or dumpster diving think they call it, anyway he sends his son in the skip and anything like your blinds he returns for money. Last one I saw he returned some video games, the guys face behind the counter was a picture when the youtuber said "I'll be honest with you before you hand the money over, I got them from your dumpster". It was only pennies and if he said no he'd have been splashed all over youtube as a villain but he gave him the money.

    I have never used nematodes , but I would if I had a problem with slugs , the chickens take care for me , but I know of people that have used them very successfully , It is really easy to breed your own >

    Dead slugs, Yes?

    Probably a stand alone subject when you really look at it but just wondering as anyone used the nematodes range for pest control, plus what kind of results did you get? I don't want to go into depth as I believe it's a stand alone thread but usually I deal with the slug problem with a torch at night but don't want to be going down to the allotment everynight, also there's a few cats about so don't want anything poisonous so was thinking nematodes range.

    Grass clippings :o dropped nephew of at college and they were cutting the grass and took the box of the mower and were about to throw them in a skip, so I told theem I'd have them which brought a puzzled look and a "what you want them for and how you getting them home?" Compost and bin bags, quick check to see if they didn't use chemicals on the grass was a reply of no and out came the bin bags and away I went with two said bin bags full. One tip, never leave home without a bin bag even if I'm out walking I put one in my pocket.

    Could be a plan Keith, I had a storage box from a neighbour whose back yard I cleared last year for them but didn't have the room so sold it to someone at work, would have been ideal for your idea.

    Another update :o went seeing plot 2 this morning, nice plot not too many weeds as it was only given up at the end of last year. According to the allotment bloke from the council he'd had it 20 years and won some awards for his produce, usually take pics on the camera or kindle but took them with my phone, so you'll have to wait until I figure out how to get them on here or take some more tomorrow.

    The plot as running water but also a few water butts full which as erased my worries on that subject, there's a few bits and bobs that will save a few pennies, even a wheelbarrow, bit rusty and a flat tyre but if the tyre will inflate then it'll do. £60 for the year but I'm on probation for 3 months and you don't pay for those months, nothing really growing on it apart from a very nice rhubarb plant. No idea what he's grown but I'm thinking maybe raspberries or maybe asparagus as there's a trench at the top which as been lined round it with some sturdy black tiles. I knew before I went I couldn't put a greenhouse or shed up but one disappointment was you can only have one plot from now on due to the waiting lists being so long, so had to decide to take plot 2 or wait for plot 3, so decide to take plot 2. Advantages to this were larger plot, running water, not as many on the site, overlooked by houses so no vandals by all accounts. Disadvantages are no structures allowed and couple miles further away, so felt the advantages outweighed the disadvantages, plus got an idea in my head for the greenhouse and shed problem.

    I actually never knew until recently my Grandad had an allotment about 200 yards from where I live, I remember as a kid heing in his garden alot but when I got to an age that I wanted to learn things he'd spend more time in the bookies and pub. I can remember what his gardens were like, also remember like it was yesterday him putting the ashes from the fire round the bottom of his roses. I'm not a big flower person part from lavender and I also let some chives flower so maybe have a rose either in a pot at home or on one of the plots.

    I'm a bit worried about water to be honest, more on the plot I'm seeing tomorrow as no idea what water supply there is if any or if the last plot holder had a water butt. The new plot next month, I'm not so worried about as there's a small fishing lake about 50-60 yards away so at a push I can make a few trips there to fill a water butt up if need be.

    When you sit down and really think, you realise how small you really are least I do. Just a pity all these idiots running or should that be ruining the world don't sit down and think for 5 minutes.

    That's what I miss about vehicles of the past, beautiful and different. Not like today when something goes past and they look so similar that you have no idea which make they are, my scudo is a prime example, it's a Fiat but Citroen and Peugeot do the exact same body. Thinking of it did makers in the past ever use the exact same body on multiple makes?

    I've heard a lot of stuff during the years, either from old gardeners, on tv, books, internet etc but saw a new one today. Aspirin tablet in a gallon of water, supposedly does the plants good specially the tomatoes.

    My Grandad was a good gardener, maybe were I get it from, maybe not the good part :pp but the growing bug. His was mainly roses, used to look after them like kids. Roses in the front garden with an immaculate privet hedge and a gooseberry bush on oneside of the back garden and blackberry on the other side, again both immaculate and never looked like getting out of control and always laden with fruit. No idea if I got the growing bug from him but did get my love of gooseberries from that gooseberry bush.