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    thanks for all your advice guys! its much appreciated

    wow star dust your dreads are curly too, like mine! i used the same anti brushing approach and my hair naturally started to knot up.
    your dreads look really cool! :)

    lol darkflame, what is the rule on wax? is it a good idea or not? at the moment, my head feels like an oil slick with the amount that is on them! but im not sure if its infact inhibiting the dreading process

    thanks atomic :o
    thanks starpoi, i've looked at that sight before and it had some good tips and advice, infact thats how i learnt about doing the dreads.
    im hoping they start to take shape soon, the top parts of the dreads (near my scalp are quite knotted up, but the ends keep unravelling, im puting lots of wax on them at the moment, which is quite embarrasing coz i keep leaving black marks everywhere! lol oh well ho hum:)

    Quote from dragonz

    most of those fruits would need shipped from abroad aswell, if you where only eating fruit, your diet in this country over the winder months would be quite limited unless you got stuff that was flown in. surely the polution caused by that would be worse for you than eating a balance diet of locally sourced food

    oh man, that thought had not crossed my mind. i wouldnt say im a strict fruitarian, as i do eat potatoes and carrots. hmmm i will go to my local farm shop and see what the have to offer that way i will try to limit the amount of harm i cause by following this diet. thankyou dragonz for bringing that to my attention, man im so dumb! :o

    Quote from Dark Scout

    How do you get enough fruit to fall of its own accord all year round to feed a fruitarian :confused:

    to be honest im not so strict with it that i only eat certain fruit and veg, e.g- where the plant is not killed in order for me to eat the fruit, but i guess if i were a strict fruitarian i would. its a bit experiemntal at the moment, seeing what does and doesnt work for me

    Quote from Sthenno

    I did this for a couple of weeks while at uni for a detox and felt fantastic. I was, however, a fairly lazy student at the time. I tried it again last year but it didn’t work at all; instead of having more energy I felt totally drained. I presumed that this had something to do with my being much more active now, getting up a lot earlier etc, and thus my body needing to get a lot more out of my diet, if that makes sense? That’s just speculation though really.

    to be honest i feel quite good at the moment, i have a lot more energy and feel really revitalised, but i've only been doing it for about 7 days so i will let you know how i get on :p

    Quote from sensamelia

    does any body remember that programme a few years back about a woman in her late 20s and her young son
    they were fruitarians and had been for years
    docs tested them and said they were perfectly healthy
    they certainly looked healthy
    i remember watching it and thinking im gonna do that i did for about a week but just felt hungry and down to be honest
    id be careful wednesday hun and get some good advice from a doc or some nutritionalist

    thanks sensi, im a uni at the moment, so im gonna go to occupational health and speak to them, see if they can give me some advice. im currently taking suppliments, and trying to get a good balance of veg that will provide a lot of the nutrients i need, although i understand that some nutrients will have to be taken from other sources like suppliments

    Quote from Hedgewitch

    so does that mean you can eat tomatoes wednesday?

    lol no, not just tomoatoes, i eat fruit and veg only, although i was told by a certain other forumer that some fruitarians only eat fruit and veg where the plant can continue growing, once the fruit has been removed, for example strawberries and raspberries. so potatoes and carrots are out as the plant dies as a result of you eating it (hmm, i havent explained this too well.. i know what i mean lol) :o

    Quote from stardust

    i met a lady in thailand who was a fruitarian some times but veggie the rest. she was very healthy, but i think it was coz she used the fruitarian diet as a detox for short periods of time, then ate a very belanced veggie diet the rest of the time.

    have you considered that as an option? i would imagine that an extreme change in diet (from processed crap to fruitarian) would leave your body reeling in shock. my body prefers me to make changes more gradually. maybe you could just start by cutting out processed stuff and introducing a higher fruit intake gradually.

    hope this helps, and good luck with whatever you choose.

    hi stardust, thanks for the reply. what you suggeszted seems really sensible actually. i have only been on a fruitarian diet for about 7 days and my body is feeling a lot better, more clean and i dont feel as slugish i i did do. i will let you know how im feeling in a few weeks time, perhaps i will start to feel the effects as i understand it is quite a strict diet to maintain.
    i will perhaps use it a a form of detox, and do perhaps two weeks as a fruitarian and then two weeks as a vegan, or something a long those lines.
    thankyou for your advice and i'll keep ou posted as to how it is going.
    peace and love x

    i was just wondering if there were any fellow fruitarians on the forum? i decided to become a fruitarian....hmmm... well for many reasons really, but mostly as i want to cleanse my body, as it feels really polluted at the moment by all the processed food i eat. anyway.... ho hum! i shall get to the point! i was wondering if any fellow fruitarians could share their experiences with me, for example do you feel better for it? any side effects (for example the old loose bowels?) :whistle: do you get cravings for food? (at the moment im struggling with cheese cravings) also has anyone got any recipies, or websites that offer information for fruitarians. i tried doing a google search but nothing really came up!

    earthwhirler, i get hot flushes too and im only 22! when i told my older friends they laughed and said im too young for the menopause! :p

    thankyou for all the information. i bought the asda own brand soya milk (blue carton, and it does taste beter than the branded stuff and i find it doesn't curdle in tea, which is cool! :)

    can anyone help. i am trying to go vegan, i went to ASDA yesterday (i know, im sorry, but it is the only supermarket around here that sells a wide variety of food and is cheap enough for this student to afford!) anyway, i managed to get soya milk but i was struggling to find soya butter and cheese, so i want to ask any fellow vegans, if siya butter and cheese exists (im pretty sure soya cheese is available as i bought some years ago, but a big supermarket like ASDA didn't have any. any ideas where else i could get it, that isn't extortionally priced?:)

    also is quorn suitable for vegans?

    Quote from greentree

    I'm really sorry to hear that happened to you. Things like that crop up all the time, don't they?

    I ordered a pitta with veg the other day from a restaurant and talked to the waitress for ages making 100% sure it would be vegan - she even showed me a checklist - no milk, no eggs, etc. It came to the table, I took a bite, thought it tasted funny. I then saw it was filled with cheese :(

    I suppose it's a sacrifice you make for following an alternative lifestyle, but you really wouldn't expect beef gelatine in cereal :(

    well, it's taught me to be more careful and check labels on everything:)

    Quote from Lychgate

    Flora Diet has pork gelatin in, which makes no sense to me. I stick with Vitalite!

    shit that's not fair, i use flora, i thought it would be healthier- i'll bloody have to throw it out now :mad:

    Quote from Coyote

    I thought the courts had told you to stop sending those!! :whistle:

    Wednesday; introductory courses are available at a reasonable fee :D

    ooh matron!!!! :D

    yeah, im really careful to check labels now, only just realised about gelatine in yoghurts (muller yoghurts contain gelatine and i love yoghurts) I ATE FROSTED WHEATS TODAY shit i never checked the packaging, i usually check everything i buy.

    i do find that a lot of packaging is NOT labelled vegetarian friendly, so i have to check ingredients list BUT all food which contains nuts is labelled, even if the product itself is a bag of nuts, it says may contain traces of nuts, like duh! :mad:

    thanks guys for all your advice, you have made me look at it from a different perspective, i'am going to follow my heart, as i know it will make me happy in the end! thankyou all

    im really sorry, i know i always seem to be "banging on about something" but i feel so self concious at the moment, and i don't know who i want to be. Im really drawn to the "alternative lifestyle" and i would love to get dreads. But i worry about what people will think of me, and will it put people off talking to me, and also would how i look put potential partners off me? i went to london yeasterday, and while on the tube i saw this very pretty looking lady- she was a "fashionista"- perfect hair, perfect make-up, very slim etc. I felt like my boyfriend was looking at her, wanting to be with her, coz she was so pretty, i bet she's really popular. i really don't want to sound superficial, i know there are more important things to worry about in life but i feel so down about it, i dunno where i fit into life. Even when i dress like a "fashionista" (sorry to use this word, i can't think of any other) i never feel like im pretty enough to carry it off. everytime im out im always looking at pretty women thinking i wish i could look that pretty-i know it's sad, but it's just how i feel. im always asking for reassurance from my boyfriend, coz i don't feel good enough for him. what do you think i should do, follow my heart and be "alternative" or dress to "fit into society" sorry to go on but any advice would be very much appreciated :(

    me thick... so... all you do is wrap the wool into strands of hair, and it gives the affect of dreads? please don't laugh at me for asking, im naive:angel: