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    Quote from moonpup

    What are these domes, are those the huge Eden Project bubble things they have in the ID Spiral pictures. What goes on in them????

    I will keep an eye out for the GD shirt...........

    Nope the smaller canvas covered ones. More like an expansion of the main dome, more area to protect from the elements I suppose.

    Captured last year, thanks to Atomik. :)

    Quote from moonpup

    Just got my ticket, looking forward to the ID spiral chill out which i have been wanting to check out for years!!!!

    My mates will have their Geodesic domes alongside again, was a nice part of the last festival, well I would say that wouldn't I. :)

    Probably see you there then, find the GD shirt and give us a boogie. :wiggle:

    Quote from stuoolong

    Walked a few miles up and down the coast from Newquay and went to Scarlett's house in Camborne. By the way, was it you who sent me a strange anonymous text message? If so I'm sorry I didn't reply, I don't tend to unless it's very clear who the sender is, I've had evil spam before.
    Whereabouts are you based?

    Twas me. And my little abode is in the first cornish parish on the north coast 12miles from Bude, as I said you were miles away. How did I put it, as close as me visiting you by going to Manchester. :)

    Quote from scarlettdee

    is there a link with behaviour problems in children and drink and weed during pregnancy ?
    anybody know of any scientific research on the subject ?

    I'd be suprised to see a medical connection, more likely an emotional one.

    You won't get any data on the use of illicit drugs, and with the drink you won't find many mothers who drank through pregnancy then gave up afterwards so it would be impossible to tell when any harm, if so, was done.

    Quote from tekno slave

    She identifies three key areas for improvement:
    1) Early - teach children in primary schools - not sex, but relationship education - which helps teenagers make the right choices and gets kids used to taking such issues seriously.

    My two girls had sex education classes in the last year of junior school. This seemed about the right sort of time for them. Relationship issues are fraught with problems though, a loving couple for a baby would alienate single parents.


    2) Consistent - SRE needs to be taught repetitiously. Not just a couple of lessons a year - it needs to be repetitive so that it goes in and stays in.

    Sounds fair and reasonable and may dispell the giggle factor.


    3) Compulsory - We can't depend on parents to teach kids - the only place where all children go is school.

    Again I agree though I am also aware there are plenty who wouldn't.

    With regard to the STD's, too much casual sex is the reason for the rise.
    It would appear to be the done thing nowadays.

    Quote from elfqueenofrohan

    i dunno - if the child is unhappy and ends up in the gutter (metaphor! i have nothing against gutters :) ) or is psychologically damaged.. then there has been a case of bad parenting. right? :rolleyes:

    I would go even further and say murdering your child is bad parenting. The extremes are easy peasy its the bits near the middle which are tricky. :)

    Quote from stardust

    in the past, my only way of coping with that situation would have been to chain smoke until it was resolved. i had a pouch of herbal stuff that i looked at, but when i thought of actually rolling one i didn't want it.


    gives me a smile, sorted the eh. :)

    Quote from magicmonkey

    I actually consider myself a non-smoker now rather than someone trying to quit though which is good :D

    groovy tunes, pleased for you :)

    and Hi scarlett weren't aware you were on the boat, shame about that then, give em a slap from me :)

    Quote from Coyote

    Do professionals know best? Does the state/institutions know best on how we should live our lives, or (abuse notwithstanding) do people generally not need such to tell them how to do things?

    Note: Professionals are counted as party to institutions as their authority comes from being part of such and being examined and awarded their status by such.

    Yes. :)

    The hardest job in the world.

    Most of your parents struggle with love because they have lost the ability. They are usually stuck with partners they no longer love "for the sake of the children". In those circumstances hard hearts develop and life is dealt with on the material level only. They probably need to know they can still be loved themselves. Okay they're supposed to be the ones in charge and that is the way life teaches us to percieve things but honestly they don't no shit and are trying to make the best of a bad deal. Most of you are only 9 months away from being parents yourselves and there is no instruction manual. You perceive their failure try to perceive their success and love them anyway.

    I am able to love and hug and tell my offspring it is so, I think I'm lucky in haveing the awareness.

    Quote from magicmonkey

    HAHAAAAAAA 48 hours!!! My god I need a fag!!!

    I've found that giving myself something else I might occasionally crave when I'm having nicotine cravings is working quite well, it also means that I'm getting fat and drunk a lot which is fun :D

    A pat on the back from me, keep going sir. :)

    Ow, sorry to hear about your distress sir. Chin up and all that and all strength to you and your endeavours. See you soon.

    Quote from magicmonkey

    Well, I've just hit 24 hours without a fag, I have resorted to having a pot noodle though as I need something trashy in my mouth :eek:

    Hopefully I'll have 48 hours tomorrow...

    Respect sir, and good will. Keep the baby rolling now. :)

    Quote from the gardener

    Yeah, you're right I'm still trying tho, gonna give it another go this week, was my dark side having its say.

    Bad boy, c'mon then join the program declare your choice and join the gang. We can help. :)

    Quote from magicmonkey

    Ahh well, looks liek the quitting hasn't worked for me so far! Down from 30-40 ish to about 5 though which is quite a big leap, have given my housemate the baccy and strict instructions not to leave ant lying around the house so I'll give it another go tomorrow. I think that having baccy available was a very bad idea so that's all gone in the bin/been given away and I only have one lighter (was a present) and not rizla left...

    Well done sir, I didn't want to intrude with negativity at the start but getting rid of all the tobacco and papers is a must imho.

    Take a deep breath and deal with it, so life might be a little twitchy for a while, worse things happen at sea, keep reminding oneself who is the master of that precious body, you or nick.

    No luck required. Be safe. :)