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    Quote from scarlettdee

    I never wanted babies..both mine were accidents..planning to get preggers at 19 wasn't a lifestyle choice:eek:

    Personalising a generalisation I think maybe.

    Zeusta, sounds like you need to chill a bit with your kid man, don,t drag your kids to the shops if they don't want to go, it aint an adventure I can assure you, they usually find it a bore.

    Quote from Hedgewitch

    i have 1 plus 1 in the oven plus 2 cats and the husband's doin some diy as we speak, so you were way off the mark.:p

    Not that far off, you've only got one so far, and the man, well that might be a help but not necessarily. I reckon you'll ease off on the first when the second arrives, but none can really forsee that. :)

    whats cats got to do with it ? :)

    Quote from Firinne

    I'd disagree, most of the single parents I know channel their energy into educating their child rather than being overprotective.

    May I be so bold as to suggest the two things are not mutualy exclusive, one could educate and also be overprotective or just as easily be underprotective (?)

    Quote from Hedgewitch

    Why does overprotective = single parent and single child to you?

    Because I observe a prevelance for single mums with an only child to be so.

    I'm not too sure of the reasoning but I think sometimes because there is just the two the relationship can be more intense, as a parent with a partner the ability to share responsibility lessons that intensity.

    Its a difficult enough job with two people, on ones own and with society observing with a critical eye its more so, the easiest way to keep ones own mind secure is to be more involved in a childs development than is strictly necessary, perceived failure would be too much too handle on ones own.

    I think even with two children instead of one you are more relaxed in ones parenting approach, basically because you have to realise with two that you can't be everything to everybody so are forced to relax things a little more.

    Trying hard to put over observations or reality rather than judgementality.

    Quote from scarlettdee

    not really...better safe than know your child better than anyone else...and for all the ''oh Tarquin always does as he's told..he's so sensible..''...that would be the first child who ever did;)

    when she wants her independence,she'll tell you :) better the way you are hun, than to be a parent that doesn't give a shit....

    I don't believe most children do ask for their independence, especially if they're males with a protective mother, its far to easy to sit back and let her get on with it.

    Not pregnant are you ?

    Gill lost most of her hair when she fell for Shannon, the body went like "What the hell's going on here ?".

    and I'm not being flippant either, I do understand how big a thing this is.

    I'd want to wish well with this and send you to your doctor as well as the advice above.

    Quote from Hedgewitch

    I would never ever leave Finn alone, not even in the house, not even for 5 minutes. That prolly has more to do with my nightmare childhood which has made me uber overprotective tho, which ain't wrong in my eyes. So what if she isn't self sufficient at 10, 12, 13. At least she's alive and well and able to learn.

    That sounds overprotective to me. Single parent with a single child ?

    Quote from scarlettdee

    and why does the queen invite someone to be PM ?


    come the revolution brother.....

    She's alright really, kind of reminds me of me mum. :)

    Quote from Cybw

    and I actually rather hope that Cameron does become PM. He might be a more of the same and only marginally better but at least with a new party in power the complacent attitude and generally jaded approach that comes with a long time in power is swept aside.... for a bit.

    Good idea lets put the tories back in power so they can rob us all again, then when everyone realises they've been conned by the wealthy once more we can all feel better when we get rid of them again. :)

    Quote from Atomik

    Not technically correct. Technically, the queen invites someone to become prime minister and form a government based on their ability to command a majority of votes in the house of commons. In practice, this is usually the leader of the largest party.

    C'mon I was talking to Dan and that was hard enough. :D But yeah thats right.

    Quote from mithra

    Did I miss something, or did Blair fly from London up to his constituency to make the announcement, and then fly back to London? And did someone say something about minding out carbon footprint?

    OMG, he's not turning into a hypocrite all of a sudden is he?:rolleyes:

    One would assume he is duty bound to inform his ward of his decision to no longer represent them at Westminster. I think it used to be called manners. :)

    Voters elect a representative for their area not for a prime minister.

    Whomever has the most seats chooses a member of their party to lead them and therefore the country.

    Blair steps down the above still stands.