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    Quote from welshlamb

    Sorry but I believe the vaccination process to be intrusive and also unproven.

    Oh please people informed debate is one thing but mindless nonsense is another, haven't you noticed the almost complete lack of these diseases in this country, perhaps you think they were eradicated by wishful thinking, either that or the fairies at the bottom of the garden I suppose.

    Quote from John


    • Ethnically or culturally discriminatory behavior exhibited by members of the racial, ethnic, or cultural group dominant within a society.
    • The practice of asserting or assuming racially or ethnically defined cultural dominance.
    • The perpetuation of racial, ethnic, or cultural dominance of some groups over others.

    May I suggest that the use of racial language is covered by these points.

    Quote from John

    but... but... it wasn't even rascism... it was just a word

    okay how do you know it wasn't, how does one do rascism then ?

    Seeing middle class white men arguing the right for themselves to use abusive language at whomesoever they want is quite particularly distasteful, and the proclomations of superiority over those who stand up to say they find some language foul and disgusting is not much better.

    They want the right without the responsibility. :)

    I was raised with "due care and consideration", old school values I suppose.

    Quote from psy-kwaai

    People need to lighten up and have a laugh at's all to serious....

    Says the white boy


    it's like alot of people just sit around waiting for a WORD to be said to that they can make an ISSUE.

    or its absolutely nothing like that at all.

    Quote from denhaag

    please, do tell us?

    I did, duh.


    In addition, the N word has been used by more an a few rappers on a COUPLE of releases.
    the word is everywhere in US entertainment,
    thats entertainment (music,films, literature,)
    therefore imported here as cool.

    Now its not going to be everywhere either is it ?

    You may be familiar with this extra content but that doesn't mean the majority will be, I'd even propose that the majority have very little to do with rap culture. Makes no difference if some want to think it cool does it ?

    It appears to me that people don't know what racism is. Be aware that it is not confined to fascists and does not even require hate. All you need to create is an awareness of superiority over other races in your mind, the direspectful language is already in place for you to use, and away you go.
    One used to have to hide racism, unless one was a full-blown bully, but now people will argue your right to display rascist intent as long as you say "I don't really mean it".

    Lets get the proportionality regarding use of the N right. A dozen black american pop-stars using the word on a couple of albums does not mean that the rest of the world is suddenly easy with the white man using it, and it in no way gives us authority to adopt it either. Nor does it's apparent adoption by white trash either give an excuse those who should be better educated.

    Quote from ZZZZZ

    i guess mainly but not exclusively it's girls you have to worry about, although you have to wonder how much the 'dangers' are overstated by media scumbags.

    but personally i'm very glad i had a son as i'm sure i would have worried much more about a daughter (and i was a bit of a worrier about my son anyway).

    To be honest I think boys are more likely to suffer damage from the world purely because they interact with it more physically. If your thinking of the sex angle its not really a problem till they're teens really, but I think thats another topic.

    Up to they start school one needs to be guardian and protector, once they start then train them to be independant individuals without your paranoias.

    Quote from Hydroxic Acid Boy

    I've even taken up gardening.;)

    Always good for the soul. :)

    My mate has just started, I saw him at 3 days yesterday and did feel for the poor sod. Seeing him did make me feel some success though, not a bad thing though never complacent. Rock and Roll. :hippy:

    Quote from dred

    its hard being different in a world thats trying to make everyone the same.

    like what chance is there of difference ? even those that are different are invariably the same

    I'm firmly of the opinion that all of us are fools, some are just better at deluding themselves that they know whats going on.

    It is now as it always has been, the past wasn't better at all, the future might be.

    I'd agree that Grammer Schools can be elitist and so agree with their demise, but I do think the principles regarding streaming for ability should be introduced into all subjects in the Comprehensives.

    Well they got that forecast wrong didn't they, it was all a bit sunny after all. Friday mornings rendition of Dark Star seemed to appear the sunshine, well it would wouldn't it. :)

    Hi again to those met thanks, for the smile. A little boogie with the one or two of you was fun and Gill liked her pendant so thanks again Fleassy.

    Quote from Rincewind

    Just that I've got a two and a half year old at the moment and I had a pretty naff school experience myself. I never had to try very hard and still ended up doing pretty well. I feel like this system would have suited me better. What are your selfish reasons?

    A twelve year old completing her first year and an 11 year old about to step up to Senior school.

    Shannon has been labelled a 5 percenter but also suffers being in the "worst class" in her year group. I have concerns that her interest in learning may be damaged by having to share learning time with a group of children whose parents don't appear to believe in authority.

    I think you'll find streaming occurs in most if not all schools for English and Maths, in all other subjects the take up is a lot more hit and miss.

    Christian thing might be known locally as "Lookout Point", well so the wife suggests.

    Familiar sights there, Crooklets Beach behind you at the Pitch and Putt, a few miles futher north is home for me and mine. If you'd let me know you were down I could of occupied your mum for you couldn't of I ?

    It is a subject that my mind is spending some time evaluating at the moment for my own selfish reasons. I would struggle to come up with a definitive statement as of now but would be interested in others opinions myself. Any particular reasons yourself RW ?

    Quote from Atomik

    Doesn't that kinda lead to a society governed by fear? Just how far do we go to protect children? Do we never let them out of our sight? Do we never let them play out by themselves?

    I agree with you, but a lot of parents, usually mothers (done myself again), wouldn't. Like the discussion over responsibilty of parenting elsewhere shows there is a wide range of opinion on these matters.

    It could be argued that I am irresponsible leaving my childs 10 minute journey to school unobserved. She could be hit by a vehicle she could be kidnapped and it would all be my fault for letting her do it instead of taking her in the car.

    I require her to try freedom.

    Too far for Shannon to anything but bus. Fay does the 1.5 mile trip on her pushbike with a mate, as said they enjoy the independance.

    Schools have to take care regarding the release of children at the end of school hours. It is encumbent upon them to see no child leaves with someone they shouldn't be. In our school the children must stand behind a playground line till their parent presents themselves and receives acknowledgement by a teacher, usualy all conducted with smiles and nods and little conversations. :)