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    Quote from Coyote

    The issue is not the practice (of driving cars) but rather the population numbers - but hey thats the kind of issue no body dares address for fear of being called a "nazi".

    No-ones done that now have they ?

    tbh I don't believe population explosion is a problem in the UK, everyone owning a car is though, I fully expect a limit on the number of vehicles allowed to be registered to an address, implemented sometime in the not to distant future.

    Trifle presumptious and sentimentalist of us I'd suggest.
    The reason animals are sold live is because they don't have freezer cabinets, kill it and its useless meat in a few hour.

    Fear and pendatism.

    Obviously every single lifeform on the planet has the concept of fear within it, survival instinct prevails, but please that is vastly different from living in fear of a parent that thinks hitting you is a good idea, if not a requirement for child rearing.

    Some fear of giving powers to authorities seems to prevail, so should we just give money to childline then, continue to treat the affects rather than the cause ?

    Quote from Coyote

    Doesnt the serious assault law already cover this?

    I'd suggest it doesn't, a damaging (bruising) event maybe, but systamatic hitting wouldn't be, some people like to raise their children with fear, I think it should be clearly stated as wrong behaviour and at the moment it is not.

    Quote from Atomik

    Assuming that we feel that it's the role of government to determining morality for us in such a contentious and grey area.

    I'd view it as a response to society rather than government leading.

    I view it as similar to the smoking debate, the majority know its not a good thing to do with some die hards complaining about their right to do as they want regardless of the harm to others.

    The law wouldn't be there for "little smacks" of toddlers nor for "light taps" to stop a child running in the road, these instances are just going to cloud the issue. The law would be used against people (fathers) who systematically hit their children, marking them or not.


    TBH, I think this discussion polarises so quickly that it's fairly unproductive. People tend to have set opinions placing them firmly on one side of the fence or the other, and seldom the twain shall meet.

    Though some have been known to change their opinions.

    A law can give the appropriate signal to society.

    Nothing wrong with curiosity but it does raise my own when a 17 year old male wants to argue the case for the right of adults to hit children.

    Mr Cybw has agreed that I have the right to assault him if I see him, would he care to offer an age limit for when this should cease or is this a lifetime right he has conceded. :)

    They cannot place employees of a business in the position of having to work in a dangerous environment, and working with nicotine smoke has been statistically proven to be hazardous.

    Does one really wish to endanger the health of that young person doing a nights work behind the bar ?

    Do you ladies currently take your drinks to the toilets ?

    Quote from wiggy

    Yup it sure was quite a few times but she didnt get exicted did she!!
    I think it has alot to do with when BB had them 'celebs' on there, they where accused to being racist.
    Sticks and stones people sticks and fucking stones

    The black girl used it after the event and in response to its initial usage so not the same at all. If one feels abused one isn't necessarily going to get excited.

    Accused of, oh so it didn't happen now, a bit revisionist I may suggest.

    One of the worst sayings ever because each and every one of us knows its crap, words can be more hurtful than anything.

    From my observation of the event my conclusion was that the girl was distressed by the use of the word, sure her words denied such but all her behaviour and continual discussion shows she was upset and unsure about how to react.

    Quote from Coyote

    I'm not suggesting that "chavs" have recieved anything like the treatment "blacks" have gained; but if a word is banned because its a term of abuse on the grounds of who you are, rather than what you do, isnt "chav" equally as liable?

    Symantics I'm afraid, one cannot ignore the emotional baggage that some words carry, one can't seperate them from their past.

    Quote from Coyote

    Why does "n*gger" get the attention but terms generally used as "abuse" pass by without mention?

    I would imagine the word Apartheid might answer your question.

    Quote from scarlettdee

    when it comes to vaccinations read up on the subject..has worked for me and mine (am mother to a strapping 6ft3 20 year old and a healthy,bright 11 year old who is growing up and up like a bean pole)

    I find this subjective appraisal of the requirements for vaccination extremely dangerous, anyone consider the fact that the reason their offspring is free of the diseases is precisely because the vast majority of people do vaccinate their children.

    Would you say smoking is okay because you can present an old man alive who has smoked all his life, of course you wouldn't, why then is the same logic being presented to "prove" the safety of non-vaccination.

    Quote from Paul

    I've not done an A level in anything, and I come from a far more diverse area than the NW coast of Scotland.


    I would like to state that I do believe the word is in the process of having its meanings revised by the youth culture, unfortunately it'll take a generation to resolve and until that time everyone should take care where and when it is used, especially on the tele.