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    try putting ads up in your local post office, corner shop or supermarket,
    in fact anywhere that does small ads, it costs pennies per week

    the trick is to ask for unwanted caravan for "project"
    very cheap or free to take away !

    when you get calls you do a BBC type report, ie spin bull & humm lies

    last time we did it we wanted to strip the fittings for a truck conversion,
    but we didnt tell them that !!!

    we got offered 3 different ones all free within a week...
    picked the best one & jobs a gooden,

    good luck

    if somehow i gained a million quid the first thing i would do would be,
    stick 20k in my pocket (so to speak ) & fook off somewhere out of the way & warm, to Think about it for a couple of months...

    as far as i can see its the instant hit of *loads of moneeeey !!!* that does for lotto winners etc

    the rest of the dosh in a high interest a/c will cover the 20k
    & the novelty of all that money should of worn off a tad !?!

    i can think of loads of things i would like to do with it
    but i know myself well enough to slow myself down a bit,
    rash i can do no problem [panic]

    you cannot ignore the behavior & legitimacy of the ukranian government so as to paint russia as the big bad bear,
    i suspect as whitepoppy says this has a lot to do with the *petrodollar.*
    Also the usa military industrial people & problems
    with the whole western system causing divide & rule by the few.

    its all interconnected but a little research shows who the real bad guys are
    & lets be honest, have any of the western backed regime changes actually worked
    i think not
    failed states & war zones seem to occur

    try removing the battery completely,
    plugging it into the mains & press power on button
    i will probably start normally.
    if it behaves oddly tap the F8 button as its booting up,
    that should let you into various options
    i would suggest *start in last good configuration*

    good luck bloody computers drive me nuts !

    yes Sarah but i bet you can only cash in whole months when u sell a car,
    but when the buyer re taxes it, they will have to pay for the whole month they are in, even if its 29th of the month,
    that way they in fact get 1 months double bubble every time a car is sold !!!

    that adds up to millions of £ over a year


    no you dont need a passport on the ferry,
    if you really want to play up.... have no proof of your existence what so ever,
    its called the reciprocal agreement, goes back to Independence
    english can go to Eire & irish can come here & when they want no questions

    planes are a different story, i need a passport to fly from dorset 2 scotland WTF FFS !

    as for hitching in ireland fookin go for it mate,
    you will get lifts, meet people, find the best pubs,herb,sites
    its one of the best ways to see the country,

    rebels meet rebels :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

    enjoy yourself ... ps if near cork visit Dunmanaway .. sound as a punt !

    very tidy, have you thought of creating a page on the dreaded facebook,
    linking it to your site, so people click through to it,
    then posting / commenting in the pages name any local groups pages etc
    loads of well targeted traffic for free

    good luck


    Basically, if someone buys something from ebay via any link in a post, it'll earn a small percentage from the sale through their referral system. It's been here since the start of June and thus far earned the site £12.89.

    ok thats a subtle start,
    but personally i buy a fair amount of non hippy related stuff each month off ebay
    & i guess between the lot of us its a fair amount of all kinds of things

    personally to login to ebay via a link here would be little hassle
    & im sure the little percentages would mount up if people knew about it

    you get the money or ebay,
    i know which id prefer .. but hay hoo :D

    Ts, i think that plan is called squatting
    if you own the land its a different matter
    heres a link from yesterdays indi about a current attempt in devon…g-permission-9624696.html

    once you have read it you will understand they are exploiting a standing rule
    basically you can live on the land without planning if your business you are running from it demands your 24 hr presence
    you then have to provide 3 years worth of accounts showing the business is viable.
    then retro planning permission is granted if they still agree u need to be there 24 hr

    all this couple have done is "forget to ask" before they started :whistle:
    getting permission to start is usually the hard bit

    this is a rough explanation, but you get the idea

    in the past it was done with "new garden centres"
    & currently Alpaca wool production is a favorite excuse,

    hope this helps
    good luck

    p.s have u thought of breeding pit ponies :insane:

    there called captain seats / chairs
    google them & youll prob find how they work
    but i suspect they would come under your MOT checks
    so youd have to build it right

    good luck

    i knew a chap who had a mini / mobile forge in a van
    it was apparently one of a type that were parachuted & navy convoyed to the russians in ww2
    & packed up really small
    apparently there was a warehouse full of them somewhere in the uk

    prob not a lot left these days.....
    sorry i'll get my coat :rolleyes:

    hi, im not sure ALL insurance companies wont insure vans with unsigned off 240v electrics.
    the couple we did the conversion concerned for, were determined to declare their woodburner,
    once they found a company that would cover them with it, they then asked for 240v sign off certificate

    it might of been cos of the woodburner highlighting a preconceived idea of what type of van it was
    that caused the problem. then again ive never had an mot station query the burner in ANY of the vehicles ive taken

    the only other thing i can recall is taking a newly converted 35 seater coach for its 1st mot
    & being told it had to have a drivers seatbelt, even though as a psv coach it didnt need one
    now it was reclassified as a camper it did !

    i personally think its a case of common sense, if what u plan to do feels slightly dodgy,
    it probably is !!

    then its down to research
    & finding a co operative mot station

    good luck