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    I heard about engines becoming addicted to easy start over 30 years ago. BIG F-OFF Battery, small paraffin greenhouse heater(or similar) under sump, always depress clutch hot or cold. Going to make a little thermal jacket out of silver Mylar bubble wrap for my battery and if you really think you're going to have probs in the mornings, park at the top of a long, steep hill, let off the handbrake and keep everything crossed! :D . It's all about getting that fuel/air mix up to flash point with the least resistance possible. If the worst comes to to the worst, disconnect the alternator, hook up your jump leads from your leisure battery in series and give it a quick kick up the arse at 24v *** This may invalidate any warranty you have on said vehicle but by the gods it'll crank it over at warp factor 5, beam me up Scottie!!! I'd recommend wearing a crash helmet, sturdy rubber boots and re-writing your will should you follow this path though. I also have a big bag of marshmallows and pointy sticks so should it go boom we''ll have some toastie, tasty treats to chow doon on while it burns, ......possibly not the best technical advice out there but I served my apprenticeship in a ford garage where the mantra was... the bigger the problem, the bigger the hammer, the bigger hammer the bigger the problem! :D

    German Car Dealers sell cheese? Oh Aldi! Will have to check them out next time I'm passing...

    Big pot of veggie soup, one of those "chuck everything in and see what happens" jobs, adjust seasoning at end, not bad, hot, filling, lots of bread to bulk it up. I think there's carrots, onions, cellery, neeps, tatties, cabbage, lentils, tomato puree, peas, rice, marigold veg stock powder, salt, pepper, bay leaf, clove, a few remaining bits of chopped red and yellow peppers, almost a minestrone without the pasta ans beans. Tastes ok though.

    Van looks really nice! It'll keep nice and cosy in that back section having the divider in. Looking forward to more updates!! :)

    If I didn't have a big extended family to cart about I'd definitely go down the route you've taken, small is beautiful. Einstein said "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler", he was quite a clever bloke. If it was me on my lonesome I really like the new Citroen Dispatch/Pug Expert/Scudo. Nice van, great fuel economy.

    I love the idea of living on a boat but I got sea sick fishing on Loch Earn on a calm day, that tells you everything you need to know, only one cure for sea-sickness, stand under a tree! Thought about flea-bay but the fact is the few things I have to sell are all pretty crap so when the time comes I'm car booting it, however I have a stealth weapon, a very pretty 17 year old daughter who has experience working in a call center, she could sell snow to Eskimos so I'm employing that very underhand tactic. Well I am paying for her driving lessons, fairs fair.....right? :whistle:

    So is the plan that in spring you'll move into it full time? :)

    That's the plan Azza, When I haven't got the Tribe(extended family in there's a lot of storage space in the middle seat section. My sleeper cab will be in the rear section that will double up as the storage space for when I do have the tribe in. Still unsure about heating but I've been living in my flat for the last 2 years without a fridge and the oven packed up years ago so been cooking on a simple gas camping stove so well used to that no probs. My internet is all PAYG mobile dongle so that's sorted too, treated myself to a Kobo e-reader for books and(I cannot stress this enough) a Roberts DAB solar/rechargeable radio, brilliant bit of kit.

    I'm not a woman but I'm 6' tall weigh 15 stone and lovely and cuddly when I'm in a good mood and give off a lot of heat, if you don't tell I won't!!! Full PJs at all times though :D . I'm a good cook too, make you a lovely brekky.

    I cheated by using the hallumi instead of making paneer. however I do make my own sometimes, I prefer to use un homogenised milk as I think it makes better quality paneer.

    I love hallumi but it's not quite so easy to make(understatement) and twice as expensive as even store bought paneer. Treats only.
    Jesse from the fast show will now describe what I 'ave been mostly eating today.. Today I 'ave been mostly eating banana, peanut butter and honey sarnies, but sinz about four oh clock I 'ave been mostly eating cider, some rum, cheese crackers and mustard, more cider and more rum, oi think oim a bit pissed, back to the potting shed....:insane:

    I had a kind twist on muttar paneer made with hallumi and quorn and served with chana masala, rice and flat bread.

    Paneer is so easy to make but even at cheap supermarket prices for milk there's not a lot of difference between the amount you get making it vs buying it ready made. I make it when I find milk in the reduced section, and as it's not far off turning that's even better, you're half way there already :D

    Very nice, and BIG, you could have a game of 5-a-side in the back of that. I was looking at Masters too, good engines, galv body panels, nice to drive but went for the Relay because of the 6' internal width, plus although I know it's a Sevell van Citroen had some input and my old Picasso was brilliant, magic carpet ride, great engine(2.0 HDI with 163,000 on the clock and still pulled like a train) great motor, before that a tiny wee AX 1.5 diesel. You would think a diesel in a tiny car like that would be a noisy buzzbox but no. Comfort for such a small car was outstanding, quiet, comfortable although very little room to move around and I could squeeze 80mpg out of that thing because was so small and light, plastic boot. Yes, I like my Citroens, they have "character" i'e bits tend to fall of when you're not looking but it's usually bits of trim, easy to glue back on :D .

    My French Cooks knives, one 12" for serious choppage and one 6" for general tasks. Top quality Sabatier licensed brands, had the BIG chopper(No Carry On jokes plz) for 30 years, the little chopper (stop sniggering, what did I say about Carry On jokes) for nearly 20 years. Keep them razor sharp on a wet-stone and honed on a steel, again top quality(Victorinox, Swiss and had for over 20 years). I did a bit of cheffing many moons ago but I'm not a chef, the pressure of a commercial kitchen was too much. I 'm a cook not a chef, I'll cook you a lovely meal, but in my own time. But those knives I'll be handing down in my will to my daughter and I have no doubt my grandchildren....and their children. If you like cooking investing in a couple of really good knives and looking after them is an investment that will last more than 2 lifetimes.

    Feeling AWAKE! and I shouldn't be because I have a long drive to see my daughter tomorrow/today! I'm a shit sleeper anyway, have been ever since a small child so well used to it but don't want to be sitting across a table having a nice meal constantly yawning.