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    Probly not much use, but i know they're are places in the south of Ireland, that rent out bet would be to get in touch with them, and ask, good luck...once iv got a bit of cash, and im not up to me eyes in it, its the life i want to lead, was going to build one once...ah, the dreams...


    Quote from stardust

    is it just me, or does it seem like all the measures are slowly coming into force to make 1984 a reality?

    I thought it already was...:eek:


    Quote from Blue Mango

    I know we are part of the EU, but I do think that British citizens should get priority of work

    I AGREE to a point Blue Mango, but thier is a LARGE majority of wasters in this country who would rather complain that some johnny forgiener is "taking all their jobs", while THEY sit on thier overfed arses, lazyly complaining...FECK OFF!!


    (Im NOT having a go at you) just SICK of the "moral majority" thinking THEY should have it all, when thier to LAZY to go out and do the work, by the way, stats show, that a large percentage of the Uk population, wont DO the shitty work that the migrant workers do, because its....*Ahem..."BELOW them" :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:



    Me mate works for a fruit/veg packing/processing factory, few months ago, they laid of a load of locals and a load of migrant workers. NOW they have taken on a load of NEW migrant workers...thier is a lot of unhealthy resentment in the local area....i understand both sides, but im still equally happy for all to work who WANT to work!!

    As for RACISTS, they dont have a point, thier just lazy...hahahahaha


    Blu wonders why they are called guinea pigs, do they come from Guinea?

    Like the Guinea Pig Ghetto...:D

    Also do Guinea fowl come from Guinea? Do they all cost a Guinea? I think i need sleep...its late and my feet are on fire, they told me the medication would work, its starting to wear of, now the cabbages are attacking me and all Blu can do is paint pictures of seaweed playing a violin....


    Quote from Rook

    It takes guts to kill yourself but it takes more guts to live and get it sorted. It all comes down to how much you have to loose and if you have to balls to fight back. Hard but I think fair.

    It takes alot to admit defeat Dan, i really hope that you find your space and life perks up for you. Iv often looked into the abyss, im not going to show my scars here, but iv got back and im still here today. Love is ALWAYS a tough call, it can pull at so many emotions.

    Simply Dan, you're still going, and it seems alot happier...i wish you luck, and continuied happiness, as for Hannarchist's idea of firewalking, im 100% for it...:D....iv not done it, but it has so many advantages....

    Good luck


    Cottage cheese and marmalade..

    Me mams home made strawberry jam and warm fresh bread..

    i cant post nay others as this is the veg*n section...


    Love's an easy word, we use it all the time, its becoming like "need & want"...try talking for one day, without saying, Need or Want....i agree we dont use "love" in its purest sense, to say love is all we need, i disagree. Its almost like the whole hugging thing, people hug you, say oh i love you..." Its a false youre love, rather than vocalising it, if you do truly love, then it should be quiet..tangible (sp!) not outspoken...

    Just my humble opinion.....


    Quote from Atomik

    I'm a little bit pissed. Been chatting to a mate down the pub, and just realised how much I miss the free festival scene, the squat scene, and the anarcho-activist scene from the late 80s and early 90s. However much the years roll by, it still feels like there's been this big chunk of my soul just ripped out and I'll never get it back. I still remember walking into a free festie back in the day, and every time, it just felt like I'd come home. Home's not there any more and it's a really weird feeling.

    I know what you mean Atomik...just back from a steam fair..(pics to follow soon) with the missus...ok a bit different to free festies, but walkin round all day, talkin to mateys bout there wagons, lookin at old engines, rakin bout in old tat...takes me back..i was well sad to leave...

    Quote from Atomik

    Ha! I get this all the time! I can't pass a nice field without thinking "Hmmmmm..... wangon's would fit nicely into that little nook......"

    All the time mate...ahahaha

    Its all bollox now mate..anyone thats lived it knows, its all far to commercial now..but there's still little gems there, the smell of oil, woodsmoke..can in hand talkin to some bloke bout his wagon.....ahhh the memories...


    Quote from Dapablo

    Sure you'd agree that none are trustworthy, goes with the job description, but its starting to look like they are trying to take the ground of the Left which I believe to be currently underpopulated, they are even talking compassion for the youth !

    Getting me greatly confused :insane:

    Of course they are...they will do ANYTHING for a us out...go to the left?? They are lying poloticians...end of story...They still agree with A.S.B.O's...they still agree with the asylum orders..all the crap racist rubbish they have based thier party on...i cant see anything that will make them change, they are a chamelion party, as are ALL the main parties..they move and change with whats popular...

    Dont trust them....never..

    Quote from Irish Hippy

    Couldnt the Conservatives and Lib Dems maybe try out a coalition?

    Hahahahahaha...dont make me laugh....give it a few months to a year...they'll change..its a smoke screen...


    I agree with you IS now behind closed doors, the worst place..

    The worst scenario iv witnessed was a couple of years ago...mother and child in a cafe..child is a model citizen, sitting colouring in and quietly singing to itself. Mother gets up, and leaves the little boy...he's quite happy..

    10 Mins later mum returns, smacks the kid acroos the head, and tells it fuck off..everyone in the cafe witnessed this event, i was the only one who stepped in, i not only got abuse but a black eye...the child sat in his chair, rocking back and g/f at the time sat with the little boy..calming him down, seemingly this happend alot..That to me WAS abuse...because SHE was having hard time..she took it out on the child. That child is now in care...good thing you may say...but the child and the mum had a special bond, YES thier was a sh*t load of abuse in the "relationship" but they have a very close bond...the boy had saved mums life before, by clling the police and the ambulance...the child will probably never see the mum again...

    Im NOT saying she was correct in her actions, far from it...and yes maybe the child will now lead a better life...



    Quote from Dapablo

    On a case by case basis it would be an impossible task. The society as a whole has to decide where the line needs to be drawn, and state it.

    In Scotland it is now illegal to smack your child..laws begat punishment, begat closed doors, begat abuse. Im not advocating a change in the law, it just moves the problem, it switches...

    Dapablo, i agree with your statement in the other thread, "jimmy and the cliff episode, thier is a need for physical intervention, but this only comes through an instict to save. Admonishing a child, then EXPLAINING why the punishment was meeted out, will go along way in teaching the child. :topic: i know...

    I have seemn PLENTY of instances where i wished i had stepped in, where i had done something...

    Quote from Zim

    i think it depends on whether you are in control of yourself and how old the child is.

    I agree Zim... though age has nothing to do with it...


    I agree...iv seen mum and dad hitting thier little angels, the kid going of and crying, then the parent hitting the kid again for being that abuse?? Which smack constitues chastisement?? We could argue that either one of the end, i belive smacking is abuse, and as sensi pointed out, alot of the time its bourne of the parents frustration. Now while i am NOT trying to berate paents, (im not one by the way) this is just my view.


    Quote from Atomik

    I also wonder if it wouldn't be better to have a couple of threads to discuss different aspects of smacking rather than lumping it all into one thread, coz there seems to be a lot of confusion between the extremes

    Ok in light of the smaking V NOT argument, iv deciced to open a new thread, not so much on the above but the latter.

    The question i am putting to the floor, so to speak, is this...

    When does smacking, become abuse?? Where is the line crossed, when do we step in, we've all seen the parents, smacking thier little darlings, sometimes for good, sometimes bad...but when do we accept it as the norm, and when is it abusive treatment. Im in a relationship where my partner was beaten..and abused, physicially, if i had been there when it was occuring, i would have stepped in to change it.

    So folks...when is a smack NOT a smack, and when does it become an issue.


    Well folks, we won...allegedly..Now we can all sit back and watch the capitaist convoy come forth and destroy and smash everything. Meanwhile in Glasgow a commited group are trying to save thier local football pitch, thats used by the local kids, from a housing development....Once again they tell us that its SPORT... and the olympic bid will bring more money, more infastrucure for sport.

    I for one am sickened and iv had enough...The goverment must be wringing thier hands in glee, they have the perfect excuse to bring in the whole ID card argument..and after 7/7 the London bid will bolster thier argument. Im scared for the future, i see alot of dark, sinister undertones because of this, that have nothing, whatsoever to do with...SPORT!!


    Smackin kids teaches one thing..disrespect!!! Teachin a child WHY it cant do what its meant to teaches them soooo much...

    Hitting kids is NOT the last shouldnt even happen... almost in tears reading your post....i cant understand WHY your dad would do this..all the stuff you've told me..

    Smacking is NEVER justified...


    I miss my im finally gettin my life back on track...reckon he's up/down/middle somewhere..itchin to give me a kick up the ass. Thier aint a day goes by when i dont think about him,

    Naeni, i know how you not gonna give you all the adult patronising the youth crap. Suffice to say...give him time..let him see YOU are living YOUR life and doing it best...he may still be unreasonable and stubborn, but deep down he will understand....

    If not BBQ him...hahahaha :D

    Good luck and **HUGS**


    Im not a pagan as such, but i rejected christianity, because of its judjemental, finger pointing...nazi throwback. I believe in trees, they dont judge you..they help us can see a can touch a tree...

    I rest my case...