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    Im slowly gettin annoyed with all these N.I.M.B.Y'S* harking on about...{oh it'l spoil a nice view...} Ye??? and a N.P.P* WONT???

    We have 50 years MAX till all of our Non Renewable resources are depleted, after that we will have NO choice!! Wind/Wave/Solar and Biomass are our ONLY solutions.

    If we continue down this namby pamby route, we are heading straight for a {Loss of power armageddon}

    Get yer heads out the sand and wake up.

    Sorry, im studying this @ college, jus had a 3 hour lectuare this morning on this very subject.

    Not In My Back Yard's

    Nuclear Power Plant

    Quote from Coyote

    Is it endemic in society today, this desperate need to be the centre of attention? So many folks seem driven to do pretty much anything for a generation of hollow children....

    Thoughts n Comments... :cool:

    This website for instance...Its endemic..we all want our 15mins of fame...we all want to rise above...

    Quote from Jule9

    Vari has been looking after her own hair for the past wee while, and as a result it was becoming a bit of a tangled mess. I'm all for dreads, but not at age 9....

    Can i ask WHY , not at age 9??? By that time most kids are of the age, where they can make judgements, bout what the like, or dislike...within reason.....

    I get it thing to do is get up early early early and see the light come in...DONT stay under the covers, and miss the light, its precious, we need it. As for sunbeds, nooooo, not a good idea in my book..the dawn chorus and the coming up of the sun is my humble op!!

    Quote from HALES

    are you sure they are bites and its not ex-ma i know that is totally the wrong spelling lol!

    Ye, we thought bout that, but there are no marks on her arms, one of the main places to look for [SIZE=-1]eczema.[/SIZE]

    Quote from HALES

    have you any pets? could be fleas if you have dog or cat? they sound horrid but are easily treated. or has she been out in the garden cos im always being bitten by little midges if i stay in the garden too long

    We av a dog, but that would mean id be bitten too....

    Blu's got a load of small bites on her, they are on her legs, ankles, backs of knees, chest, and in her ear...:eek: There are none on her arms.

    We share a bed, but i have NO BITES!!!

    Anyone know what could be causing this?? Its confusing as i have NO Bites??!!??

    All advice will be met with thanks, and a slight itch.

    Thank you.....

    Blu and Ex

    Couldnt agree more...everything's edible once..BE CAREFULL

    By the way kids, if you are reading this and thinking of going picking mushrooms for the first time,





    Quote from Golaf

    going up a bit arnt they?

    Agreed...but thats the price we pay for not being more eco friendly i guess...see we can blame the goverment/utility companies, but we USE the energy...then complain.....

    Quote from Dapablo

    Reduce greenhouse gas emissions,

    surely a good thing ?

    Quote from exedous

    What is Quinoa!!??????

    Quote from Earth Whirler

    You could always read the thread.......


    As it's a grain it isn't highly flavoured in itself but can be used in the same way rice is, it's just a lot finer with a nuttier taste/texture.

    Ah....NOW i know...

    Buy this book, its a bible for the hunter gatherer...good luck, and take time to learn bout what to and what NOT to eat.....

    Quote from DreadyGeordie

    How do you feel about the Student loans system?

    See me...A need wan ae those loans man...the missus is skint the am bringin in the bacon, so tae speak. Wan ae thae loans wid sort us oot nae end man.

    Aye...ken its above £15.000 a year ye have tae earn afore ye pay back....Um A ever gonnae earn over £ dinnae think so...

    Loan...LOAN... aye nae bother, loan us the cash man, oan the never never aye.......a wish....hahahahaha

    Quote from azzywazzy

    hi, i m very interested in what you all think really happend that day,who was responsible and what you think of the years following that day politially speaking.
    dave xx

    Not really bothered, sorry...many many folk hve been murdered by this *superpower*.......if bush DID do it..then he's more stupid than we thought him to be, if it was terrorists, then its not a surprise, look how have shat on the rest of the world, its only a matter of was only a matter of time....

    Me mate asked me a question bout Hitler, that got me thinking..if Hitler had dreads, and had invented reggea, would he be admired or loathed, talking everything into account?????

    My answer was....

    Jus thought id share this...