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    everyone shoudl go to edinburgh. it rawks. its the most amazing city in britain during the festival.

    Isint that Gleasga?? Glasgow

    No, some oh yis might see thit some ay us speak the scots, round here thiers offy many dialects, frae the lowland scots, to the coothy twang ay the Northern Doric!!
    Say whit i wis wunerin, wis...whits yer ain tounge....whits yer ain, patter, n' why is it nae langer used??
    If we dinnae keep wair ain heritage alive, we'll aw soond the same ken!!
    Right, um awa!!

    My oanly wan is tae git oot ay the tattie factory and stairt livin ma life again.....ah hate tatties....
    Part fae that, try and give up the tailor mades, an go back oan the rollys....

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    I hope there Lincolnshire Tattys as we grow the best tattys in the world in Lincolnshire

    Hahahaha, guess what, thier Scottish tatties that we pack and send down to there......its Greenvale that pack scottish Tatties and send them out....
    Branston, send ALL thier tatties south.....
    Go figure...:rolleyes:

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    this little girl running from her bombed village in the Vietnam war was one of the first images I remember. :mad:


    For me, it has to be the the Battle of the beanfield, seeing that on TV had a profound effect on me, also the miners strike. I grew up bout 5/10 miles away from an ex mining community, the devistation it had....
    The Hillsborough disaster, i remember watching that, again oan the royal, all those folk dead and injured....mental.

    Quote from Dan

    yey for the ban! health all the way! :D

    Away wi the ban, ah'm fir wan no awti gither happy wi the ban, no standin in the cauld N' rain tae have a fag.....

    Quote from Exedous

    Nice one and you all....Hey weecab, was GRAND to see ya last time....yer a wee gem, glad to see you gettin back out there....

    Well the jobs going well, though its mighty repetitive.....repetitive......repetitive......repetitive.....
    Ye ye, but all in all its not bad....
    We pack sacks of potato's ALL day into MU's,, they are the green plastic boxes you see in supermarkets, the ones on wheels....
    So, the next time you think you're job is boring....spare a thought for us!!!
    Part from that, im glad to have the job....

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    I went on a school trip to a PILLOW FACTORY once :eek:

    Hahahahahaa:worthy: :worthy: Im no longer worthy...

    Quote from Ma-Crap

    Good on ya Ex :thumbup: I thought for a moment I could pester you for free samples of sandwich pickle and then I clicked ya link :lol:
    All the very best with it mate :D
    Hows you n blu doin with the housin troubles if you don't mind me askin? everythin ok for now ?
    Loadsa Love to ya both anyhoo
    Sarah xxxxxxxx

    We not in the flat yet, but soon i hope....this job should pay alright, means next year were sorted.
    Nice one...thanks...
    Blu's doin alright, tho she hates her job, its with a sports shop....think its got a J and maybe a B in the name....Anyway she's doin good mate....

    Well i got another job...Im starting thursday, 8am...its working for Branston
    Its packing potatoes ready for a well known {un} supermarket.
    Wish me luck...and fingers crossed, i keep the job for longer than a day!!!

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    Dirty chavs! Sorry but when I was in school I was always looked down upon by these people, they are the ones who like to single themselves out from other people because they think that they are different and better to everybody else and that they have some sort of power and intimidation over us. I think some of them can be really horrible and want to make you feel different to them, why cant everybody get along!!??

    After reading this i wonder also:rolleyes: 
    Look through this thread, the facisim and crud being labled on society, and then ask yourself, why cant we all get along!!! :mad:

    Quote from Coyote

    Its not. It may be misleading (not all aggressive people are chavs)


    Not all skins are nazi's, not all nazi's are skins!!!! And not all "chavs" are aggrressive!!! Iv see plenty hippy lot that are well up for a bit of violence, plenty that shouth thier mouths off!! Yet i dont call them hippys, im not wanting to label anyone!!

    Well said mate...!!! :clap:

    Subhumans said it best.....

    Quote from weecab

    I am still a little confused about this, there seems to be a very definative line between judging through dress code and on actual actions. , there are lots of people dress to be part of a sub culture,

    Yep...just look at a lot of folk on this site....we would all get mighty pissed off with being targeted, {smelly dreadlocked, dole blodging, soap dodging so and so's}
    But then were all cool...arent we?? "Chav's" or "neds" are violent, aggresive, oiks...all of them....arent they?? FFS!!

    Quote from weecab

    Ex, you shocked me, just because a certain group of people are willing to join you in some authority bashing does not mean that they are sorted or cool or any other term you wish to use to justify this. I have a real issue with using aggressive behaviour no matter what the cause, do you really think they gave a monkeys about you political point, or is it just a case of fight for the sake of fighting and to hell with the principle.....????

    No...yer right, they MAY not aggree wqith the political point...BUT...least thier willing to come to a site, do some well hard graft, and muck in, with NO crap...alot more than alot of others iv seen!!!
    Ye...maybe alot of "chavs and neds ARE out of order....but to tarnish every ONE...who's the facists now???

    What, like all black men are drug pushers and crack heads?? Like ALL hippy's are crystal loving, yoghurt weavers??
    Not ALL stereotypes fit!!!
    No wonder there IS a bit of violence?? Look at how they're treated?? And by concious aware hippys?? :rolleyes: