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    Been doing tarot readings on the circut over 10 years now, i love it. I get a buzz just doing tarot for folk. My two rules are, No PHONE OR E.MAIL READINGS!!! also you MUST BE SOBER!!! Part from that, im quite happy, i do most of the festies, plus i dont charge, its always donations.

    I know what you mean starpoi, bout, having bad experncies with using tarot. Iv had similar but im not printing them.

    Quote from Owl Knees

    Does anyone here ever get actively involved with animal welfare issues? Such as protests, campaigns, handing out leaflets, stickering?

    What are your views on animal activism?

    Ahem...this might be :topic: but....

    ANGLERS ARRIVING at a popular Fife fishery yesterday were horrified to find hundreds of large brown and rainbow trout lying dead and others gasping for oxygen after the loch was poisoned.

    Owner John Nicol, whose father started Golden Loch Fishery near Newburgh in 1982, said that by the evening more than 1000 trout, half rainbow half brown, had been removed dead from the water.

    Im all up for folks campaining on behalf of animals, but taking it to extremes, is barbaric.

    Quote from Coyote

    I dont vote.

    Neither me mate, IMHO its a waste of time. I also dont agree with this whole, if you DONT vote you CANT have a say, well sunshine..i didnt VOTE for the idiots, if mistakes are made, then i wasnt a part of it.

    this maybe :topic: but alot of native islanders cant afford housing themselves, they , as uma pointed out, get angry at blow'ins* buying up the land.

    Not meant as a derogatory comment.

    Woo hoo, glad to know you and Bella are both doin well. You take care out there, and we chat soon.

    By the way...Ahem..."Cheerios" Nestle????

    Not sure where you billited, and it what particular force...BUT?? werte you present at the London boming?? Iv heard some scary stories and some AMAZING acts of bravery by the members of the public AND the police.

    I wasnt there, for the simple reason, i would have proberly spent a period in a casulty ward. Im not so good with Authority as it goes, speshly those with aggressive attitudes and large sticks...hahahahaha {No Atomik, jus leave it man..:o :D

    I did see two coppers laughing and joking at the Blockade at Faslane, while dressed up to the 9's..{without the riot gear}

    All in, youre correct, no'one likes to be wound up!!

    Quote from James

    Great question, TSG or TRG or CC or OSD are all the names for public order teams in parts of forces. They are brought in to control a situation that either IS or looks like will get out of hand and there for dispersal and arrests if required. What is down in text book and what happens in a field is not always the same thing. I can only say on what I have been part of and I am part of TRG (Tactical Responce Group) but that is more for the likes of when bombs go off and things. The TSG is placed as 'backup' in the vans and was out of view, once the Officer ic felt that the situation was not able to be controlled he/she gives the order for the crowd to be moved. This can be done by a show of force and banging the baton on the shield. Then if nothing the order to move in can be given. It depends on what is going on, bricks, petrol bombs or bats and it is done on a case by case and that order has to justifed later in a debrief.

    Thank James, nice one...Doesnt help the {T.S.G} when me and others wind them up. Sayin that ive seen footage of the {T.S.G} at the G8 at Gleneagles, that may have been crowd control, but i reckon alot of them were out to beat protestors.

    I can see your point james, in as much as iv done crowd control @ Beltane festival. Standing there in the middle of a sea of people, with a small stick, {it was on fire previously} and a thousand or so pissed up punters trying to move you.....need i say more.

    I have a question...?? Whats your view on the T.S.G

    Tactical Support Group....>>

    Iv been on the wrong side of them, and yes its been my fault, so so...After my post, i can understand why they are so animated, but to be violent towards folk, i still dont and CANt justify. Im NOT having a go...just curious. By the way, whatever your answer, i wont have a go!!

    Quote from James

    Yes really, am a................where'd he go?

    Sorry mate, no offence intended...jus not so good with the old law..::plod:

    Sounds a good idea James, just remember you cant squat in /Scotland. Its getting more and more expensive to croft nowadays, but if youre up for a challenge, then go for it.

    Quote from velvet

    I wonder how they would react if I'd stink up the whole place with some heavy smelling incense.. heheh :D


    Had it...still smoke...:D

    Quote from shorny

    I smoke and I am not a f ing racist....

    Im a smoker, i jus want to be left alone and not have my freedom infringed upon!!!!!

    I agree on having a 50 50 ban, where pubs selling food, should ban smoking, but ALL pubs...dont be daft!!!!!

    Why persecute us????

    What happened to human rights....
    Im not racist, im not up for harming anyone, i dont push my "addiction" on anyone...


    Also, your nice smoke free pubs, with thier "so called familys" that are supposed to keep up the revenue, the "nicer-more friendly" clientel, that are supoposed to come into the pubs to bolster buisness...

    If THEY dont come...yer nice friendly local will close down and a CHAIN will take over!!!!"

    Smokers may be disgusting and wrong, but at least we kept the wee {little} pubs from closing!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ahem....but its our right to smoke where we want. I take it your NOT in Scotland where we have this draconian law...{ye ye my spelling is bad...AND}

    I agree smoking might not be for everyone, but persacuting smokers again and again, is not on. We have jus s much right, if you dont like the smoke, move ELSEWHERE!!!

    Sorry, but im a smoker, do we get on to you bout YOUR bad HABITS!!??!!

    I reckon its bad,though its not surprising. Time we used more renewable resources.

    Quote from Exedous

    We have 50 years MAX till all of our Non Renewable resources are depleted, after that we will have NO choice!! Wind/Wave/Solar and Biomass are our ONLY solutions.

    Quote from newkygirl

    So you should it really suits you sir lol

    Funny, iv gone into shops, and waited in the que, and been served quicker..before not a que jumper, but its all a laugh. I got the hat and the tail coat, in the same week, all for under £40. Its all the proper gear....

    Quote from newkygirl

    You remind me of the guys from Madness in the early days.

    Ah nice one..

    .....its better than the goin for a job as an undertaker..:rolleyes:

    Im not really into dressing up, but i LOVE this outfit...i feel well grand in it.