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    Whats the saying.."never forget that a handfull of commited people can change......ect..or summit or nufin"

    Im getting more into the idea of comin...if Firinne is goin..then Plymouth is as far as Scotland.....nearly...

    Ok, im gonna try..jus... ...i get nicked @ demo's, its a knee jerk reaction, i have a weee prob with authority!!!

    All those yellow jackets and hancuffs.... ...ok thats a differnt story...:D

    If i come i'll bring my dog, least it stops me getting nicked :)


    Im using honey right now, to get rid of my cold. Part from that, since becoming *~VEGAN~* iv not strayed, {part from the honey} that is.


    Quote from Earth Whirler

    There's nothing worse than trawling around the internet trying to find somewhere to stay that can provide a decent veggie breakfast, or wandering around a town hungry unable to find something to eat, so hows about some ideas for purely veg*n or veg*n friendly places? And perhaps some 'where to avoid' places too.

    Hey, jus been in Reading. Cafe Iguana, ROCKS, they do SOOO much vegan food, and most veggie meals have a vegan option. Freindly, happy staff, and the best coffe and soya milk iv tasted in ages...:woohoo:

    Also, if you come to Glasgow,

    MONO @ Kings St~ 100% Vegan

    13 Note Kings St~ Veggie / Vegan

    Tchia Ovna~ Otago Lane~ Veggie Vegan~ 100's of teas, from all over the world, plus the best chia T, take along your own soya milk, for a Chia out of this world.

    Many more Places, check online, or watch this space, for more info.

    Edinburgh, has the best Baked Potato take away, on Cockburn St, many vegan/veggie options, yummy and value for money.



    Quote from crap muppet


    Its this Saturday :p

    and we now have an afterparty organised. Arrive early to avoid dissapointment on this one - its not a massive venue + a drinks discount has been organised for the first few hours on top of the bogof entry offer

    Hey, yer night rocked...first time in Reading {for a long time}. Will come again.