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    Ive decided to sod xmas this year, im going to Volunteer instead. Give it out to those who have it tougher. There is a Day Centre for the homeless, where i live, im gonna vounteer there.

    Beats bollox and bickering.


    You can come up to Scotland, and celebrate it with me, im either voluteering @ a homless day centre, or im spending it with my dog, up in the hills, far away from the TV, my PC and people. You are most welcome.


    Quote from Stormypagan

    Ghost - why a hanging noose???

    My ex had a similar tattoo, tho, it had many things {tattoo'd} on, shells, rings, feathers, the noose was hidden in the cleft of her elbow. Its all about change, giving stuff up, drinking /smoking/drugs/sex....the noose represents, death of the old, and change for the new........ Its akin to the death card in the Tarot, its about change, rebirth...


    Quote from matthew

    Anybody willing can go protest outside that place every thursday or was that tuesday ? anyhoo one of those days you can go down and protest away [in a specialy designated spot]... with out causing the people who don't share your views any grief.

    Hmmm, i smell a it paranoia, but i DO smell a troll


    Quote from Dapablo

    A person labeling themselves a "Vegetrian" cannot eat flesh.

    At the same time someone can be an ethical consumer to varying degrees, just don't call yourself a vegetarian if you ain't.

    I agree, its becoming almost cool to be veggie now, but still eat fish, but chicken...that i cant understand!!! Chicken is meaty meat....Hmmm maybe im just friend calls me a vegan snob!!! Hmmm maybe i am one.


    Quote from Doktor Atomik

    Earthwhirler's half Jewish, actually. Didn't you notice that?

    Im sorry, no offence was meant, by ANY comment i posted. Im sorry Earthwhirler.


    Hhahahahahahah, Nazi's with intellegence, ahahahahaha, sorry...yes, alot of animals ARE killed, but to say its akin to Genocide..its taking the preverbial....i reckon the Jewish community must get well pissed of, every time something like this is said, it like..."oh its like wot appened to them Jewish people...."

    Sorry, no offence meant, im a bit tiddly...


    Quote from koolaid

    and you know how it is when you get a dog you just wanna show him to everyone...So ladies and Lennon..

    What a handsome boy, aww he's a wee stunner, what cross is he a cross?? Anyhoo.....i hope you both have many wonderfull walks together, if you ned any doggy advice, just ask.


    Quote from Lozi

    :eek: i sure hope sunny doesnt read what you just wrote joel!

    As a yardstick, there was a story recently of a gang of youths who hung a Dalamtion from a tree, THAT caused an OUTBURST and, rightly so..SO, how do we equate each crime? By its merit, or by the outporing of public emotion,,,eg,,Princes Diana V George Best????

    Now they were BOTH a pair of animals...rarrr :D


    "in essence humanity is a poision, relequenshing thier pityfull horrors onto the animal kingdom, this is why we have hell, so the animals have a chance of revenge"

    "ye, i agree, lets give them back...lets watch the humans fly"


    A generous (Glug) of Olive Oil
    2-(400g)Tins:- Kidney Beans (Dry if you prefer)
    2 Chillies (1 Red & 1 Green roughly chopped)
    Soya Mince or Tofu
    3 Carrots (diced)
    1/2 Pint cold water
    Tin Sweetcorn
    Tomato Puree/Paste (1 Tsp)
    250 Grm Soya Mince or Tofu
    Cayenne Pepper (pinch)
    Chilli Powder (pinch)
    Juice of 3 Limes


    In a deep pot, pour in a generous glug of Olive Oil, and slowly fry the diced carrot, put in the 2 tins of tomatoes and the tins of Kindney beans. Pour in the Soya mince or Tofu and the water and fold in the ingredients and let them boil. Stir in the tomato paste, chilli and cayenne pepper and lime juice. Stir occasionally till cooked.

    Serve in deep bowl, with rice or cous cous and VEGAN youghurt, top with corriander and parsley. Enjoy!!!


    Nope, sorry i wont be wearing ANY bands on Dec 10, or anytime....i dont believe it, its huge con, just to get people to buy sh*t and MORE bands. How many starving african children have you seen, saying..."oh, im starving, but hey, i can always wear my "white arm band" NO!!"!"!

    Just my view.


    Police have condemned youths in Glasgow who killed a hamster by tying it to a firework and setting it off.

    Officers believe the incident happened in the Possilpark area of the city recently and it was recorded on a video phone.
    A spokeswoman for Strathclyde Police said it had launched a search for those responsible for the "horrific" attack.
    The Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals said such crimes must be taken seriously. The police spokeswoman said: "We are aware of this horrific crime and inquiries are ongoing to determine the person and persons responsible

    I went for a meal yesterday, with my M8, the script goes like this

    Me: Hi have you got anything vegan on the menu?
    Waiteress: Vegan???
    Me: Ye, means nothing from animals...plant based.
    Waiteress: {Stares blankly at me} Hmmmm...i'll ask....are eggs ok?
    Me: No...i dont eat meat, fish, dairy, egges..i only eat plants!!
    Waitress..{stares again} Be back in a minute.

    10 minutes passed.....tum te tum

    Waiteress: The chef said he'll make you something vegan.
    Me: Thank you.

    20 mins pass...tum te tum

    Waitress: here you go..enjoy.
    Me, sorry i cant eat this
    Waitress: Why not?
    Me: Its got f***ng meat and cheese.
    Waitress: {nearly in tears..bless her} sorry, but our chef is a F***ng twat.
    Me: look its cool, dont worry...
    Waitress: hold on....
    Chef: whats wrong with your food??
    Me, im a vegan, i eat plants
    Chef: Right well im sorry, i cant cook vegan food
    Me {silence}
    Waiteress {silence}
    My M8 {silence}

    We got a refund, left, with the waitress, {she packed her job in}, and went to my M8's flat and ate thier.

    Quote from chef

    sorry i cant cook vegan food


    Ummm sort sure they exist...somehow.....I live in Scotland, there are lots of places where {allegedly} faries live.......

    Ive been told that, if you walk through a circle/hole in a hedge, you will dissapear for 9 are taken to the land of the dont jus believe the hype..they are all really into kinnapping and extortion. :D


    Quote from Doktor Atomik

    Couldn't agree more :thumbup:

    By the way, those "WHITE ARM BANDS" were made in sweat much for making poverty history, more "make history poverty"
    Anyhoo,...pop culture...dont make me laugh, a bunch of sicaphantic whiners, wearing make up, which has presumably been animal tested, doing ads for supermarkets and burger joints.....

    Also i do not condone the mass bombing camaigns, that have tagged the animal rights campaign for years, that, in its infancy, may have had its point..and it did alot to higlight the campaign..i STILL do NOT condone it. Yes...i know there were hardly any, not as many as others...still....!!

    Saying that, Direct Action, has a moral majority backing...tho this brings up a whole other bag of issues.....

    Big Issue anyone......??


    Quote from Dapablo

    Yet another thorny issue.

    Maybe one day, animals will start testing on us!!!! Then WE will be the one's complaining Boo Hoo....

    Neither do i, this i know does make me exactly like that which i hate...wrong convictions are a good reason im sure not to test on humans...but make up, cosmetics....come on.....

    Its not needed. Ghost

    Its ok to grow an ear, per say, onto a rodent, but mention testing on HUMANS and you get blasted....

    If we can find some common ground, a way to stop all tests, whether humans or animals........altogether.


    Quote from Doktor Atomik

    Hitler thought the Jews 'deserved' it. You can't fight evil by becoming evil yourself.

    Ok, point taken, but with the prisons so overcrowded, isint it fair to give "those people" a fair chance, they would be doing thier bit for society. Fairs fair.


    Quote from Dapablo

    Sounds like a sad path you choose to follow sir.
    How did you come to find yourself advocating the abuse of your fellow man? Shout as loud as you can at the injustices in the world but don't abandon your soul to rage.

    I wont, and have'nt, thot we have to shout loud to be heard above all the "injustice". Fellow man??? The one's that hurt and harm.....the scary ones??

    Sorry but what's wrong with testing on humans, Y should it be acceeptable to test on creatures that wont USE the chemicals.

    Quote from Dapablo

    how did you come to find yourself advocating the abuse of your fellow man

    I just feel its fairer to test a product on someone who deserves it, take from that what you will.

    Humans can say no, animals cant, when they do, we dont listen.


    Quote from spyder

    most uni's do have testing facillities, its just part of our culture

    plus theres nothing that will stop the pushing hand of capitolism...

    Hmmm, thats not a defeatest attitude at all eh....

    The fact that Oxford Uni, wont release the name of the new contactors..{for fear of perscution} shows that they are running scared. We have spent many years testing on animals, and yes ok, we may have had success, but it has come to a point now, that we have to stop. Use those f**ng low life scum, test f***ng make up/drugs ect on them. Yes i am aware thats what Hitler thought, and NO im not a nazi, i just believe, that they have done wrong, so we shoud utilise them.

    An eye for an eye, if it burns the rabbit....

    As for the that push ing hand of Capitalism, we have come n leaps and bounds, in the past we have won MANY wars, against "that lot". Yes we still live in a disgracefull state, BUT if ye dont keep knocking, you wont get in"


    Quote from matthew

    You won't get barred or i think those thoughts go through many peoples minds around here [not my mind though].

    I once started a thread about relinquishing you right to treatment tested on animals.. would you consider that ?.

    Yes and no, im an asthmatic, and as such i know that animals have probabaly been tested so i can breathe.

    I know this, so, yes, i have "relinquished" my treatment, as in i have turned down pills that could help. Steroids make me ill.


    Quote from matthew

    So me not thinking [or agreeing] it is controversial IS controversial .. ? wow i like being controversial [if thats what i am being].. :insane:

    You being controversial??? Are ya are ya???

    I'll give you's about using some of those low life's for testing, after all its being used on humans......

    Ooooo this shoud get me either shot or barred......


    Oxford University has resumed building work on its controversial new laboratory complex on South Parks Road.

    Construction work on the biomedical facility had been halted in July 2004 after a sustained campaign of protest from animal rights groups.
    The building contractor, Walter Lilly & Co, said its staff had been subjected to threats and intimidation.
    The university has now engaged a new company and work on the £20m complex began early on Wednesday. Oxford said it was determined to finish the project, which is now well behind schedule.

    Where the f**k, in the veggie bible, doth it state that when thou becometh a veggie, thou shall still eat f***ng MEAT??? :frust:

    " a veggie, like i toooootally care for animals man, but ye like i still eat fish and chicken...but i want HELP animals, ye i feel a total at one with them man.." :mad:


    Arrrrrrrrr, sorry for my rant....f****ng white veggies" aaaarrrr :(


    Hey, get this, they're building a "viewing platform" @ my local recycling centre...:frust: Not sure if this is a GOOD or a BAD idea..."hey kids, lets go down to the recycling centre, and watch people dump thier rubbish...."

    Hmmm, maybe its just me...but.......