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    Quote from Claerie

    Yup, I've gone the whole hog!!!!!!!!

    Have an xmas tree, loads of bucks fizz etc... sweets / treats and tinsle!!!

    Even stayed late at work tonight and put crackers and party poppers on eveyones desks for tomorrow morning !!!!! :D :hippy: :wiggle: :insane:

    Awww're an :angel: much as i dont like xmas, that is a really nice must work with some really sound pepole......


    Quote from wiggy

    This could be fun.............

    personally i dont think they are 'flying rats' if there is such a thing - im sorry but we are worse than them and this poor little one was stuck and if its their tomorrow im gonna go and buy a ladder and save him, i might not be here tomorrow night as i might be in hospital lol but at least iwould have saved one. I may not be a veggie or vegan but to me i care about all animals rights. It doesnt matter if they have 4 legs or 2 i will still give a shit about them. And yes they do reproduce alot but look at people for goodness sake so do we. I kinda get a bit funny when people talk about any animal like that - i dont like it. They havent cause me harm i cause them harm

    I agree, i live in the country,{ish} and we have hunners of wood pidgeons around, they make a really soothing coo'ing noise above my flat....


    Quote from Earth Whirler

    I reckon it'll feel really liberating if you cut them off.....go for it!

    I agree, its losing a whole chunk of your life and starting again. I also agree, don't re'dread for a while...give your head some space.


    Ok doc, i give up....i am completly lost as to the reason why?? I do not know if it was an accident, or what?? The reason i said it was'nt an accident, is the way the "accident" happened. Where were the security..where was the early warning system?? I agree that, terriorism may not really have a major hand in this..Re loss of life ect...} Where we go from here, i do not worried, by this disaster....we have a similar Oil Refinery in Scotland...Grangemouth...if that goes up, there would be loss of life. As for the goverment, i dont feel sorry for them, they chose the job, made thier bed...and so on, i know that Blair and Bush want another war, this cant be blamed on them...nesecerally, WAR OR NOT. Im watching the news, and staying in touch, tho to be honest, i trust this site more.....


    If it was terrorists, it would make sense, sorry dok...but we have been screwing up the oil programme .......this is NOT an accident, i also do not believe it is arson. Where the F**K were the security??? Time for a protest against the Oil companys i think... :vomit:

    Ps...and WHAT may i ask is Tony {sorry i dont give a f**k} Blair doing??? Exactly.....


    Quote from Chegzy

    Its really scary, i wonder if theyll find out how it started?

    Could be arson, could also be terrorism...we have been destroying the Iraq oil programme for years..why shouldnt they get us back. Just a thought...its more likley arson. An "accident" it is NOT.


    Jus listening to the radio, they are scared that the foam they are using to douse the flames, may seep into the water system. This is feckin ourages..i feel for Pabsy, and everyone close to this. My thoughts are with you all. Time to give up smoking i think.....


    Quote from TheFly

    It's also worth noting that I only think it is modern visual art that provokes this kind of reaction from people... when was the last time so saw somebody get up onstage and unplug the amps of some band because you thought what they were playing was a pile of prententious shite (to quote the good Dok)?... when was the last time you saw somebody in a book shop decide to rip up a novel or a book of poetry or whatever because they were offended by the artistic value of the piece of work (not the same as political or religious book burnings, sorry)... when was the last time you saw somebody get onstage during a piece of performance and rearrange the performers into positions which they thought were more in line with their artistic ideals?...


    I agree with you, this was a cowardice act..{some would say}, maybe even a "senseless act of beauty"..but i stand by what i did, who knows, it may have helped him sell the piece. I do not make a habit of wantonly destroying peoples work, this was a one of...maybe i shud av found the artist and showed him my handywork. Art is for the masses, and i dont expect everyone to agree with waht i did, also i am not condoning it. This is something that on one hand i reget, and the other i uphold.


    My boots are really the only leather i own, yes im a hypocrite...but its either that or im shoeless..i was given them for free. Im skint and on a low its not really viable for me to get new ones. When i do, im getting faux leather next time.


    Quote from Stormypagan

    Pabsy is nearby and she has just posted a thread about this!! I used to live nearby and have friends in the vicinty!! NASTY though:( The smog must be horrible :(

    I know, i feel for her, iv added her to my MSN, and will keep in touch. How on earth could this happen??? I read your link about Iraq...this is outrages, just listened to the lying spinner for texaco, saying that thier saftey record is exemplary...B***lx, if it was "exemplary...then...well nuf said.


    Quote from Stormypagan

    I feel for you Pabsy and all those living near by :( I have friends in Hemel and Luton!! Thankfully, no one was hurt but still as you say the smog effect must be disturbing.

    I found this after thinking about the devastation in Iraq, although the scale was much larger I know, it still has relevance!! Just keep in doors with windows etc.. closed where possible for now until you hear further news!!


    Ive just put this thread out, didnt see yours. You take care Pabsy, and everyone.


    Quote from Stormypagan

    Long live Anarchy hehehe!! You should have drawn a diagonal line on the red square, and coloured half of it black hehehe now that would be anarchic hehehe

    Hhahahahaha, nice one..i did sit and look at the canvas for ages, i wanted to do something that would leave a mark, but would look good, not crass. As i suppose was the artist.


    Quote from Doktor Atomik

    Modern art of that nature leaves me cold. I think it's pretentious shite, personally. I'm very dubious about its status as 'art'.

    However, you have no idea what thoughts or feelings the creator attached to that piece. Whatever your personal opinion of the work, and whatever your desire to express yourself artistically, you had no right to violate the artist's thoughts and feelings in that way. Even if a small part of me does find it amusing!

    I suppose its instinct, its territorail pissings. As you said, i have no idea what his "motvation" was, the depth of feeling, he was trying to portray. Im still dubious as to why. Hmmm, ours is not to wonder why....


    This should cause a bit of contreversy, a few years ago in London, i went to an "Art" showing. The range of "art" was incredible, canvas, sculpture, video installations..ect, i was astounded. Anyhoo,,,,, bored of all this i decided to wander, i found a long corridor, at the far end there was a huge white canvas, as i walked towards the canvas, it was not until i was upon it , i realised there was a red square, in one corner, thats all...a red square, on a huge feckin canvas. I would love to be able to afford @ least half of that canvas. Anyhoo, i spent along time looking @ the offending canvas, and after about half an hour, i took my black marker, and wrote on the the middle, so it could be seen from the corridor. What did i write, thats not so important. What did piss me of was that this painting, *cough* {in disbelief}, was deemed suitable to be shown. Look @ the schools, the unemployed, the hard up folk, that cant afford canvas, certianly not as good as this. So...i put it to you, did i do wrong???? Was i well within my rights??

    Go on slam me......

    I wrote.......

    Im not so much proud of what i did, more that..i feel it own artisitc expression.


    This is what i mean, its Scotlands constant pledge of alegance to bigoted claptrap. As much as i dont WANT the Olympics, i welcome ALL nations, race, coulor and creed...its not JUST about Scotland V England, its about EVERYONE. When we accept the world and its culture, then we can be a "sporting" nation/world/global village. Viva La differance.


    I think Renton Quoted it best in Trainspotting, by this quote, i do not mean ANY offence to ANYONE!



    [INDENT]I hate being Scottish. We're the lowest of the fucking low, the scum of the earth, the most wretched, servile, miserable, pathetic trash that was ever shat into civilization..... We can't even pick a decent culture to be colonized by. We are ruled by effete arseholes. It's a shite state of affairs and all the fresh air in the world will not make any fucking difference.[/INDENT]


    Quote from scothippy

    The country, Great Britain... Mabye Scotland and apparently they say it will attract more tourists so we can squeeze all the money we can from them, besides we're underpopulated in Scotland.

    Fair play, but Scotland may not be the Olympics, as with Cymru, yes we can make money out of tourists, but we need a fairer system for "sport" in the UK, not lots of tourists with majic money. Scotland is a powerfull country, with alot of untapped wealth, {im NOT talking about money} people with the skills to teach and enthuse children, not just in football, but in all sports....

    We have to tackle Racism and Bigotry, Poverty, Sexism...all those niggling suits in the pack that the goverment refuse to play, before we try and tackle this ridiculos notion of "one country many nations" {Yaaaawwwwnnn}


    Quote from pabsy

    I found some cute square floating ones the other day.... bought a couple of curved square glass vases from Tesco....filled them with coloured water and the candles just fit :wiggle: .... candle mad here...:insane:

    Hey, like the pic, is Kobi a Black Lab??? He looks a handsome dog.


    Quote from scothippy

    . So we get money and more people coming to the country.

    I agree with you cat, to a point, and i know my last entry was a bit of a vitriolic diatribe, im not in favour of the games, as i stated, im just curious as to what you mean when you say.....{more people coming to the country}

    Maybe im just picking you up wrong.


    Quote from cromlixghost

    Ive decided to sod xmas this year, im going to Volunteer instead. Give it out to those who have it tougher. There is a Day Centre for the homeless, where i live, im gonna vounteer there.

    Beats bollox and bickering.


    I just phoned them up, and they are well pleased that i want to volunteer, woo hoo... they are phoning me back in a bit to confirm. Watch this space


    What do we want NO OLYIMPCS...when do we want it NEVER. :harhar:

    1 2 3 4...we dont want it anymore...... :harhar:


    F**k of with it. Just another blatant excuse for the Labour govement, to create spin, there's feck all facilities for sport in this country, all our land will be gobbled up for pointless crap, jus so a bunch of z list {so called } athleats can swan around "winning medals. F**k of, look @ the poorest schools, then compare it to the eltie....the inner city schools {on the whole} have zero facilities...oh David Beckham has opened a "football" school, ye for 6 months, then it will be closed down, due to lack of funding, just when the inner city kids, get a foothold on SPORT!!!!

    No way, we need chances for everyone, no just a few.

    Sport kills, just look @ Nike

    Jus DONT do it.


    Well, im surrounded by hills, and countryside....and not a single flashY sign in sight.

    I eat vegan food, and thier is a local winery, which does awesome vegan wine....are you vegan???

    Well, you're welcome to come up.....