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    Quote from Badger

    Yeah, just heared it myself Skully...... methinks the shit will now hit the fan.

    Aye...might as well close down now, its ALL gonna kick off....:shitfan:

    Oh ISINT pres Bush such a fucking IDIOT!!!

    So, does that now mean we can kill off bush and blair, for torture and war crimes??? No..:violin: more.:handbags: :duel: :death: Me im more on the side of...:surrender

    Ah good the FG mate...always looked good, but were a bugger if you ever wanted to get anywhere fast...the call of "fuck the FG's gone again..." the whole convoy saying no more.

    Quote from Mav

    Venison Stew, with homemade rye bread!

    Take 2lb of Rowan Berries, and a 1lb of sugar, plus two apples, chuck it all in a boiling/jam making pot, and boil slowly for bout an hour. You're making a jelly, rather than a jam.


    You can also use the juice of 1 lemon, to every 2lb of fruit.(Food For Free)

    The fruit does no need any care, part from de'stalking and a good was in COLD water,


    {preferably a fast runnin burn/brook}(Food For Free)

    Once done, strain through a jeely bag, or muslin. This jelly goes very well with Vension and other Game. It has a tart flavour, and is best served as an acopanayment, rather than a preserve. Mix with cream of creme fraice, in the same pan as you cook the Game. Enjoy..

    Rowan Berries------>>>

    Excuse the bad lighting, but i was in a dress...i was a bad fairy ok...hahahahaha.....

    And as me mate says...."if ye dont like it...fuck ye"{with a Derry accent}

    Quote from Aunty Al

    That first pic is SO scary! Liked the second one though and reckon it suits you

    Hahahahaha, me mate says i look like a bald Shane Mcgowan....Hmmmmm, yep good choice i think, jus need to get meself a beenie hat.

    Quote from Darkflame

    Leek and potato soup goes down very well :) lots of heavy lentil-based food :) squash based stuff is good too. Carrots and parnsips are good :) I like to make a sosmix casserole type thing too - I guess that wouldn't appeal so much to you though.

    Dont know WHAT you mean...:harhar:

    Na, i still like sosmix, and ye heavy lentil foods are excellent, to keep you warm.

    Whats your favourite winter fayre?? For me, its lots of soups and stews, dumplings and lots of root veg.

    Im looking through my recpie books for good wholesome recpie's, foods that will stick to the insides, and keep me healthy??

    Sooo, any ideas, whats your favourite??

    Quote from HappyHippy

    Well you better get a woolly hat then - me thinks it's going to get chilly in Dundee for the next few months :harhar:

    Oh know something i dont?? {Weather aside} :harhar:

    Quote from Elliott

    My soul to the highest bidder :p

    £2000 for your soul Elliot, but i get to keep DONT get it back....still need that cash...:reddevil: ???????????????????????????????????????

    Quote from Atomik

    This shit just keeps getting scarier. In Yeovil, you need to have your thumb swiped if you want a pint now. Only a matter of time before this goes nationwide.....

    Hhahahahaha, hence why if i drink, i'll get it from an off licence or the supermarket. That is well scary likes....and feckin usless, what do they think a thumbprint is gonna make any diffrence??

    Quote from Dan

    writing to anybody who has power pressuring them

    Waste of paper Dan...

    Saw a report which said, we are using up 3 planets worth of resources in the UK alone.

    Its all set for doom.

    *sticks up hand and waves it about*

    Iv been arrested countless times, for giving oral direction to those less fortunate, if those stupid lost so called Christians, bother me...rant rant...

    If you need me to Ahem...Bother them...:whistle:

    Quote from campertess

    Yes i think it does need controlling..this stuff is all to readily available for anyone(inc your Granny/or child) to accsess!

    As are all the differing views that are contained on this and EVERY site on the net. Controlling the net, saying what is and isint, you are drifiting towards the fine line between, censorship and the end of free speach. What gives any of us the right to say that just because we dont agree with some thing, it should be banned???

    I for one am not a fan of this filth, but to ban it, or try to stop it...???

    Quote from Chazz

    Doesn't sound like a bunch of stoneheads to me.
    After reading your post I checked up a bit on the Scripps Research Institute.
    It has a turnover of $500 million per year and quite an impressive list of scientific achievements. Also it publishes it's board of Directors, credible 'names' with other directorships that can be checked.
    This wasn't from some campaigning group saying that 'pot solves everything'.

    My father has alzheimers, which means I should watch for similar problems myself. Not a subject I take lightly. Strikes me that this research is very good news.

    Sorry Chazz, i wasnt having a go at you. Proberly not the best day to post on this thread for me. Will look at the info later.

    I get really ticked off with these articles. I watched my dad die from Alzhimers/Dementia, its a depressing and exhsausting ilness, for the sufferer AND the family. Iv smoked dope for years, till i stopped, now im getting forgetfull, i stop in the middle of sentences and i get fuddled. Now this may be because of the drink, (im now a dry(ish) EX alcoholic), it may be the pot, but to say...(im not having a go at YOU chazz) that pot will help an ilness tht SCREWS UP and PLAYS with the mind, well im stunned. Obviously the article was written by :stoner: :mad: :mad: