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    Quote from pixiejanet1

    My mum is doing Lamb....yummy!

    Now, thats something i avent tried for ages. Its hard to get good organic lamb, without goin to the supermarkets. Im waitin for the next farmers market, see my local supplier.

    How will you or yer mum cook the lamb?? I ususally cook it in a jamacian type broth/stew.

    Quote from starpoi

    Pheasant is normally left to hang for a week or two before it is gutted and eaten.

    , its a very aquired taste!

    Ye, i agree starpoi, i love the taste, very gamey...unlike the usual factory meats. Were fonna hopefuilly go out, do the deed, then hang it, before xmas.

    Quote from Roach

    Never tried it but its on my list of things that I want to try!

    Aye, well they rtoam wild in these ere parts. Been looking for a good set up to use as a rudementry spit for the fire, also some good scented wood.

    Now...what bout stuffing?

    Quote from Darkflame

    so its not that veg*nism causes a high IQ merely that people with a high IQ are more likely to be veggies.

    WHY?? Why..(again) i ask should 1 lead to t'other?? S orry, im not being a c**t, im really interested as to HOW they come to this conclusion. I agree that veg*nism, does not contribute to a higher IQ!! Ok, but HOW and WHY should those people go on to be vegetarians??

    It doesnt seem right, also if this was the case, for instance, there would be a higher percentage of veggie/vegan meals available in all schools and colleges. Im an ex veggie, i agree with the veggie principle, even though now i eat everything. That said, i still do not understand thier findings.

    So, what are we haing for Xmas lunch then?? I WAS goin to have turkey, but i fancy pheasent. Im also considering goin out and doin the whole, capture/kill/pluck/gut/cook/eat thing. Me mate's a dab hand with the guttin bit, so he has given me advice.

    So, what bout the rest of ya's??


    As well as being brighter, the vegetarians were better educated and of higher social class

    Is that so?? And WHERE do these findings come from?? A stupid television programme perhaps?? Hmmmm


    Despite their intelligence they were not wealthier and more likely to be working for charities or in education. that so??


    "It may be that ethical considerations determined not just their diet but also their choice of employment," the report said.
    It concludes: "Our finding that children with greater intelligence are more likely to report being vegetarian as adults, coupled with the evidence on the potential health benefits of a vegetarian diet, may help to explain why higher IQ in childhood or adolescence is linked with a reduced risk of coronary heart disease in adult life."

    So the meat eaters are all lower class, low skilled oiks?? Hand me the meat mum, i know my place.

    Quote from stardust

    if you're thieving/dealing/molesting young girls etc you would probably not want to bump into a security guard in a dark corner on your own!!

    I dont know, the security would proberly join you....shady lot!!

    Quote from Perthite

    everyone shoudl go to edinburgh. it rawks. its the most amazing city in britain during the festival.

    Isint that Gleasga?? Glasgow

    Quote from Dan

    yey for the ban! health all the way! :D

    Away wi the ban, ah'm fir wan no awti gither happy wi the ban, no standin in the cauld N' rain tae have a fag.....

    Quote from Barefoot_Surfer

    Most have probably been abused themselves as a child.

    No offence, but im getting sick and tired of that excuse being bandied about!!! Not every {edited for decency} has been abused, lots of them are just sick and twisted!!!

    As for this law, i agree, lots of hot air. If you have a weed in your garden, you pull it out!!


    Quote from Darkflame

    I've no real objections but it might make the christians painfully smug...

    Aye no doubt it would...:rolleyes:, but we could have it on another day, like Monday!!! hahahahaha, now there's, something, id vote for!!!

    Quote from Power_13

    What're the arm measurments? :)

    Just measured...they are 25 inch, or 630 cm...

    Im 6" 2 and it goes just below my knees. I reckon i can fit a good sized pillow tied to my chest, and STILL tie and wear it comfartably.

    Quote from jo_rhymes

    Exedous, although having a shaved head = no combing, doesn't it also mean you have more face to wash?! :harhar:

    Wash...whats this washing you speak of?? :harhar:

    Quote from Milo

    Probably one of the worst reasons for anything.......... Tradition?

    My mum N' dad made a livin on sundays, mostly from the Sunday papers...we would open, well early, long before the 1st supermarket, or any of the other shops, so most folk came by for a paper, or fags/milk...

    I agree though that one day, whichever, with NO trading would be a good enrgy as you say, plus it would save cash...Saying that with the onset of the internet, most folk would buy online instead.

    Quote from AnnieAnne

    It got me thinking. So - people of both genders, how hairy are you? Do you remove any of your body hair? If so, from where, and why?

    Just my tired of its combing. selling this *old railwayman's jacket. It fits me perfectly, its warm for the winter..

    From the front..

    From the back...

    The Railway Buttons...{as proof of...}

    The inside pockets...

    Make me an offer, im looking for round £50, or nearest offer...i will go cheaper, if you really want it. The price will include post and packaging...

    Quote from AnnieAnne

    Ex, I'm not sure what you mean by "....means the same thing" - Are you saying that by wearing a white poppy a person is 'an uneducated twat and a war machine', the same as that squaddie? or that in some respects a white poppy means the same as a red one as it is worn as a mark of repect?

    Personaly, I take the second view, but I was just curious to know what you were saying here.

    Sorry, it means the means that by wearing a white are still remembering the dead, but also striving for peace.

    Spike has been by my side since they started...i HATE staying in, in case i have to kill some twat, for throwing a firework anywhere near Spike.