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    Not being techy or anything like it last I knew this site was dead in the water and a new one started called classified something or other? Is that still going or all morphed into this one. Sod it I am going to bed before I get all dizzy and fall over. [panic]

    I wish I had done was things when I was younger 20 yrs ago instead of pissing it up against the wall till I was mid 40's. So now in me early 60's I have to put limitations on a few things in life or suffer. So take your time and choose wisely. I feel I am doing ok now but do now and again look back on the what if's.

    Gotta Quechua 2 man tent, stick on Violet the Vespaclone. Been used all over the place from Snowdon at the Dragon Rally to various festivals for yrs now. Tends to get loaned out to Kay who works with me at events as I have gone posh and bought a bargain in Lampyland from the hardware shops vile pile. twas reduced to £20 and its a 4 man one. Be like a palace and it held out in torrential rain so used that last year. The Quechua is deff better quality and it only cost me £20 off ebay with a free sleeping bag of Fleabay. Its funny like Wizz was saying never liked tents as always had vans but aint got the finance over the last few years to justify van and car so tent it be. Anyhow now I back on two wheels of throbbing 150cc power tent is fine.

    Doing a mate's flood damaged scooter, getting someone to do my barrel change on another scooter and sticking a new tubeless valve and tyre on the rat scooter. Thats after I had a long kip after a 60 detour on way home tonight due to a road closure following accident and Sunday um...........................

    I went into my static shed tonight and realised the wheel barrow is the only thing that keeps the door shut. Must fix the catch sometime only been like it for 3 yrs. I then hunted for a tin of black gloss and paint brush. Lo and behold I found both, I have now painted my other shed an old chinese scooter that I built for an off road race with 70cc set up and it is being mot'ed as a rat scooter sometime this week hopefully after a couple of cable ties have been put in place. :)

    Don't know if this be the right section but tried everything other than a new stator, pick up sensor and pulse coil.

    Last week scooter felt not right so assumed water in carb.

    Problem was had to keep to low throttle to make it home about mile away. Cleaned carb

    Took out revved fine, mile up the road same problem. In both cases I had also changed the plug to a known working one

    Had this happen a previous bike was combined coil/cdi unit. So changed that.

    Next start up open throttle and you can hear what it was like in the video.

    I have done all the electronic test procedure's to check ac voltage and ohms reading.

    Don't want to go no further yet

    Bring back points, condensors and normal coils I say, could sort them out a lot easier. :eek:

    Plenty of times seen and heard, no time to explain now though. Just about to sell a motorbike

    Just upgraded my engine to a 70cc for charity race so I have a Brand new Carb, spare Barrel, Head, Piston, Crankshaft, Cam Chain, Oil Pump, Cam Chain Guides all good from a low mileage engine. Will Post.

    Make a donation to UK Hippy. I reckon postage will cost me about a tenner

    I am leaving after much thought, I have made some good friends on here and had a laugh and found lots of useful info,I knew some of you on TL, but I do not have to tolerate the selfish smallminded troll which I remember someone on here saying it was like a rash spreading all over the forum. I don't feel happy about contributing money to keep the troll going, Bridlington is welcome to said troll.
    If anyone wants to keep in touch pm me your email.

    Take care all


    I have friends john and Linda who have been mediums for 5 or more decades and john was saying it really mad that people do a two week course these days and call themselves mediums and charge extorted fee,s where as he prefers donation to cover fuel costs. Another thing that astounds him and Linda that some mediums believe there is no negative or evil forces. He says some medium's have not only raised if that's the word, negative forces but also those of evil as well. Its not a word I hear him use very often about the spirit world.
    Whitepoppy if its any help will pm you there number once spoken to Linda and john.

    I think you could be right Danann, I have just aquired more 2 wheeled shiney things. So must be ruthless and get rid of slightly less shiney 2 wheeled things EEEKKK need, dont need,need,dont [panic]

    Its a great feeling when you "Grow Space" and make more room and very surprising too how much we collect like the magpies that we see things and get things that makes our eyes sparkle and our eyes smile ...then we forget about all the sparkles as we collect more and then "we have no room space" so we then give our sparkles away to others so there eyes smile and sparkle then we go off to scrap yards or refuse yards etc to give it to them we have more space/room for ourselves ....BUT then we end up getting more sparkles when we see something and our eyes begin to Smile again hehehe...

    Well thats what i end up always doing hahahaha :)))

    I really enjoy it out on your own and left to organise it yourself. May not be same other areas but is here in the county. You have to take a course to become an instuctor. Its a National Standards Instructor course, when I did it in 2007 they did not do it in Wales only England so had to go to Wiltshire, I think theres a bursary now now to pay most of it.
    Heres a link BrynH…2w&bvm=bv.141320020,d.d24

    How does one become qualified as a cycle instructor anyway? It sounds like a great job.

    Today I av been mainly buyin a scooter. OOps, maybe I better tell Yolanda.
    At least it is Japanese and not the chinese ones I keep having problems with.
    Hmmm better think now how to justify the unjustifiable.