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    OK early hours but the drug is inside me - I really hope it works. while waiting a prescribed hour I started with tummy upset and then diarrhoea. It was a butt clenching trip home as I really didn't want to spend the night in the ward. As it was midnight the only place on the route home that was open was Asda - so stopped there to let go and made it home with no stains. I have slept for four hours and will have to go in early to the day ward but still have a grumbling guts - I am worried that I will need lots of bedpans during the four hour hook up to the centrifuge.

    I didn't mention above but this will be the third attempt - the first two having been failures which is scary and the harvest is the easy part there is an extended chemo which comes next. I am extremely grateful to all those who have got me this far.

    After four days of GCSF jabs - two in one arm and one in the other (each day) - I spent all today going through a harvest which we now know was a failure. It took an uncomfortable and extended five hours to harvest and my veins are hiding from the number of jabs and canulas. I am now wearing arm accessories of gauze bandages - one for the inside of the elbow and one for the wrist of my broken arm and plasters on my hands!

    So now I am to get further GCSF and a £5000 wonder drug tonight which will have gastric side effects. Wish me luck for tomorrow, please, as I don't fancy the alternative if this doesn't work. Thanks

    It's fun to grow flowers but most bulbs by their nature are an annual show and won't do the all summer long stuff. Lots of bulbs with early mid and late flowering times might work instead with the variety giving you what you want. Otherwise plants like pansy and the ir family are the obvious hard to kill non slug tender choices. Petunia give early and late colour and last a year or two. Perennials which flower each year give show and then seed which can be attractive too. Annuals are more what you are looking for and will give longer displays. Patio pots are great for islands of colour or can be grouped for effect. Water retaining gel will help keep the plants going otherwise you will need to water the pots regularly. Good luck

    If you do go for a limited liability company there are requirements for proper accounts and at least one other person to act as company secretary to your director position. Limited used to go for around £100 already set up - some accountants have batches set up and ready. An accountant is a must and will expect certain standards to be maintained - it is a requirement that he will insist on as it is his profession and would otherwise refuse to help. An accountants fees can be modest and it Is best to ask others who are doing similar work who they use. Dividends would be paid to the directors in place or with a salary - national insurance can be lower when done through a company with a low salary. Corporation tax would then be paid instead of income tax. As it is limited liability then if the company fails your only liability is to the extent of shareholding. For a sole trader you will have complete liability for all debts.

    £6g would buy you a static caravan at some northern camping type site - but that may be a desparate measure. E.g Salutation Inn near Berwick upon Tweed.

    I have looked for a better way most of my life and have had quite a lot and often worked hard to get it. I left school for the money from a job and after seven years gave it up because it didn't satisfy.

    So returned to studying and did my degree through one of the last local authority grants and then did a post grad well worth the time spent although I was much older than the rest of the students. I got some work and was made redundant but went freelance and spent the next ten years working my way around the UK.

    Initially my wife went with me but later I commuted weekly. I have since returned to employed status and again had a redundancy setback but later getting re-employed!

    But then our world crashed again when I was first diagnosed with spondylosis and then multiple myeloma as the cause.

    I am now in remission and although I have worn a neck collar for the last four months and have had a broken ulna for eight weeks I am looking forward again with the support of my wife.

    Two months ago my wife bought a Merc bus which we are converting and we are planning a lot of travelling in the new year.

    Life has its ups and downs but I think I have been lucky and I am sure you guess why