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    I just thought I'd give anyone on here a heads up if they are after a smaller Merc, that I reluctantly am selling my beautiful Gertie, after taking a year to come to this decision, (with a few tears and tantrums thrown in for good measure)

    I've had to take reduced hours / substantial pay cut since Feb 2015, and I just cant afford 2 vehicles running / tax / insurance / maintenance costs etc, despite trying

    It is going to be an Auction only listing, as we dont really know what to ask for her,

    She'll be listed next friday the 18th March, as I'll be around for the whole 10 days to show her to people / test drives etc

    The reason I am posting here, is we are Midlands based, so if anyone one is interested but lives far away they can PM me and make arrangements to travel up to see us the weekend of the 19th, I hope that makes sense?

    Here is the origional post I made about buying her on here:…come-say-hello?highlight=

    Shes ever so reliable, approx 107,400 miles, RHD, Turbo, and LEZ compliant as we down plated her to 2.5T (you could change back to a 3.5T if you wanted, I lived in london at the time so had to do it)

    I've had a load of work done on her (lots of new exhaust parts, new clutch (didnt need doing but was just being conservative after our friends got stuck in the middle of no where when theirs went) brakes, and full service in 2015, new glow plugs, and I have all the paperwork of any work done. MOT'd in oct I think it was - but will obviously get all the paperwork out and put all details on the ebay listing.

    As usual with this age, there is some rust, I will show in pics, and have tons more pics if people want me to email them, and obviously recommend people coming to see her / me prior to bidding

    And there is still some improvement that can be made, we removed a cupboard and re-revieted the high top aftr we found a leak, and never got round to replacing the carpet we removed, as I had big plans but these never materialised.....

    For some reason my pictures wont load, if you are intereted, PM me your email address as I know they will send on that, but you can take a look at what she looked like a good few years ago in my previous post, bed is different and shes a bit older

    We had to do this last year,
    we followed the guidance posted on page one, and had fixed a (sofa) bed to the floor and took photos of everything, (and maybe too many)
    as i was expecting a bit of a row, or at least to have an actual inspection as so many people have written about their difficult experiences-

    but about 3 weeks later it was done without a blip :)

    We then had to re-plate her and reduce the weight, and also this was done too without problem (we did have to pay a company to help us £120) as we are in the LEZ (just it ends at the bottom of my road!! )

    so fairy tales do occasionally come true !

    I'm closer than I've ever been before,

    but i wouldnt say I'm there,

    .....and the fact is its probably because I'm still not quite sure what my 'dream' is yet - and I think this maybe what is stopping me

    I have my health, a roof over my head, my van, a great group of people around me, I re-trained in the same area I already worked in last year but different role, (which I believe helps individuals help themselves and the wider society as a whole so I am happier with my wage slave role compared to doing a job I didnt enjoy or believe in just to put food on the table like some of my friends have to do), I have a happy relationship and like to party, and i am more confident in myself than I have ever been - so many be this was my dream? and i have achieved it..?

    Its not from the 60's but I loved this film when it came out early 90's - not had time to rewatch it since my friend sent the link, but its on my to do list,
    I hope I enjoy it as much as i did when it came out


    A gigantic white stallion appears mysteriously to a Traveller grandfather and his two grandsons in an Irish slum. Since, puzzlingly, the younger of the two boys is the only individual who can control the horse, ownership falls to him and his older brother by default. There being no place for the animal, they move him into the apartment of their alcoholic Traveller father. Police remove him and, in a shady deal, he ends up under control of a wealthy, underhanded horse breeder. The boys manage to retrieve him and escape on his back, but the stallion seems to have his own travelling agenda


    Not sure how to resize so apologies if it turns out huge. Had a blast making this mini topper just for the heck of it, though I'm not really sure what to do with it now as it's not exactly an everyday thing!

    thats amazing!!

    Love it!

    I brought a top hat and made a zombie hat, but unfortunately I was ill in bed on halloween :(

    I'm sure I'll find some where to wear it before next year though!! :P


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    Go to your GP

    as for some 'talking therapy' its called IAPT

    (improving access to psychological therapy) and this might help if you are in a plce to put stop the viscious cycle yo are in with your anxiety

    its hard and not a simple answer but helpful if you wann give it a go - better than just taking meds as usually helps with the underlyng problem

    Feeling a little bit lonely...

    I'm not usually bothered about being alone, I can keep my own company well... but I've had a busy week or two and been in contact with friends, helping them out, having fun.... now everything seems quiet. My texts are going unanswered, nobody seems to be about... sometimes I feel people only speak to me when they want something.

    Ah sod it. Going for a hot bath before bed. That usually fixes me up...

    maybe they are busy or got no network?

    enjoy your bath and sleep

    tomorrow is another day ( so I remind myself ;P)

    I am incredibley pissed off,
    went out for my sis 41st
    to be surrounded by 'mothers' who talked about being mothers, and were (I think pretty darn) racist(and I wasnt listended to) and really unfriendly
    so as an adult without children (my choice) and unable to join in to their conversations I was just ignored

    So I am v angry listening to classical music to try and unwind
    as I am shocked at myself for having such a physicaly (tense body) reaction

    Ohh, they look lush, and love the 'army green'
    I wouldnt have space to park one, can only just about squeeze my 208 on the 'drive' and often get stuck trying swing her round with no power steering in a residential street ..... can often end up hot and sweaty!!!

    I wrap mine up in a towel and leave it on my head for about 20 mins to half an hour then use a hair dryer until I can't be bothered doing that anymore (usually about 10 mins) then leave them loose to finish drying. By then they are very close to being totally dry and don't get that horrible damp mould smell. Mine are pretty thin though so don't take as long as big fat dreads would...

    I do pretty much the same

    Oooh see it's stories like that which really worry me! 14 years and you go back, makes it seem like the craving is never over...I had a bad week this week smoking. I seriously think I might have be give up all the fun things that are bad for you to actually successfully give up the cigs..but then whats the point in anything after that eh! ;)

    I thought that - however I have stopped I think 2 or 3 times after reading the alen carr 'stop smoking' book (not the comedian ;P) really really easily,
    no huge withdrawal pangs only thing I noticed was a little difficulty with broken sleep for a few days, I found some of the book a little patronising but wanted to stop so stuck with it,
    and I am able to drink copious amounts of cider, still go to free party's, and still a huge festie head and occasionally naughty (I dont smoke pot - so that is a defo bonus as I know friends struggle with this) and can have people smoke around me and in my van .. I have relapsed on a few occasions but my thing is I tend to pick up when grieving (I know - it doesnt make sense - pick up something that will kill you to cope with death but.....) and this is what happened this year, where I relapsed whilst watching my aunt die, but off them agian and sat here drinking cider...

    Also - i know it may not be a popular answer - but if the dad isnt financially spporting his childrem - has she gone to the CSA for maintenance?

    as I have several female friends who struggle with little or no support financially from the dad (and I am sure it can happen the other way around) and sometimes - you have to use the agencies that are in place - when you have tried the other 'nicely nicely' alternatives - even if he can only afford a little - it may help her with the whole picture even if it pays for a sitter to enable her a few hours a month to herself - unless this is going to cause serious problems for her safety as I know this is why some of my friends haven't pursued it - as they dont want to 'make waves' and would rather struggle on

    gingerbread is support for single parents - they may have local meet ups and have online forums,
    things like mum's net may also have local support and have an online forum that could offer advise / experience,

    surestart defo for little uns, but they may also be able to 'sign post' to more appropriate support networks locally as they 'should' be the ones who know whats around in the local area, or the Citizens advise beuro always a good place to start, as different areas can have different networks availiable

    I've a duvet in the van, and one of those lovely crochet square blankets on top, (and I also have another thick blanket we sleep on top of or underneath if its really cold) but I also have a mummy type sleeping bag (that I'd only got the year before the van so its still in really good nick) that I will use when I'm on my own, or if its really bloody cold

    I too dont have any heating ..planning on removing the fridge as its tiny and I never use it and putting a small burner in there next year :)

    I really guess it depends on why you are on it? whether it is you contraception? whether yo are wanting to concieve? or if you a just wanting to give your body a rest from hormones etc etc

    I was on the pill for about 14 yrs, the reason I was encouraged to go on it in the first place was for irregular, painful periods, the first 2 I had were horrific- one gave me boils on my back and the 2nd I just cried and cried, so I went on a tri-phasic (trinovum) that was meant for women who experience 'PMT', and it suited me. I would very rarely get a little tearful, and emotionally didnt notice any major side effects with this one,

    Unfortunatley I still experienced very painful periods, but it was great as I atleast knew 'when' they were due and organised it so they would come on a sunday.
    My GP told me to carry it over 3+ months at a time - so I woldnt bleed with an aim to reduce my pain (worked to some extent).

    Eventually I was investigated and told I have endometriosis and they wanted to give me the coil with hormones in it but the hormones are localised so shouldnt spread to other parts of the body - so technically you shouldnt get the PMT type symptoms.

    I really didnt want to change - as although I still had painful periods, I knew when I would come on, and they were better than when I wasnt on the pill, I could carry over for things like festivals etc, and I'd been on it so long I was a bit scared.

    But I got the coil fitted whilst I had an operation to treat the endo, and its meant to take 4-6 months to settle down and it hasnt as yet 8 months on (and randomly came on at a festival :( ), and I am still having physical pmt symptoms, and bleeding (usually on this one you stop bleeding), but I am (ever) hopeful it will improve - but mentall I am fine on it - and was on the pill, I've not noticed any physical change (I wondered if my boobs would go smaller as I think they got bigger when I went on the pill all those years ago) and I havent noticed any change in my appetite,

    however a friend of mine only lasted a few weeks on the same coil as me as she stated she felt very depressed on it - whether it be a coincidence - whether she didnt give herself time to get used to it - or she doesnt work well with hormones - I dont know - but I guess everyone is an individual and hormones affect people differently I geuss ..

    there is loads on the net about this sort of stuff as I read and read and read about the coil before making my decision, but I realised generally people do tend to report horror stories rather than pleasant or good experiences - so I decided to give it a go - as I could always go back on the pill.. Re: Thrombosis - my nan and uncle died of this - so that was a consern for me - but the risk of that and the pain I had - I thought it was a risk worth taking, I've not heard much about cancer and the pill - but again - I dye my hair, use deodorant, have smoked - and they all carry risks- so again I thought I'd take it, but I may not have had all the facts

    Great!! wishing you hours of fun converting (I've spent the weekend doing some more 'tarting up' of mine) - and its great to see others progress, so hope to see lots of pics!!
    wishing you and Bertie miles together :)

    the washing-up bowl being left full of stagnant water overnight, and even worse, when dirty dishes are left standing in the stagnant water :panic:

    ohh, thats another of mine

    esp at work, i seem to be one of the very few who empty the bowl, bin or clean the work surfaces......


    Hi one and all. I've not been posting much for the last few years, but this really made me think.
    4 years ago we had a little girl called Chloe. We knew before she was born that she would be special needs, and the last 6 months before she was born were shit. I can't say more than that, other than the fact it was a shit time. Chloe has Mowatt Wilson syndrome, too lengthy to describe, but you can look it up on google I guess.

    just read this (sorry prob didnt read a lot of posts in this thread) as you say = hindsight is a wonderful thing, but we can only deal with what we are given with the 'tools' we have at the time -

    by the sounds of it - you didnt know how to deal with it - so delt with it the 'best you could' at the time (not justifying your behaviour - I'm srue if you were my / a partner of a female friend of mine I'd have been slagging you off to the moon and back! ;P) I can say this as I am not emotionally involved, and I am guessing you have had your own difficulties which have meant you went 'strong' (sorry (had a few strong bows) cant think of the right word) enough emotionally to deal with this,

    and women are usually 'left' (often whether they want to or not - society desnt usually accept mums who leave their kids - so it often isn't seen as a 'choice) carrying the 'baby' - as its better than being totally abandoned by everyone you know if you were to 'walk' out..

    I know its easy for me to sit her - not knowing you or your ex to sound as if I am justifying your behaviour - and I'm not - and I may get 'shot down for it' but I think it is sometimes so easy to blame people when they really dont have the emotional stability to deal with this sort of situation themselves - or had a nurturing enough childhood to give them good role modeling, (making huge assumptions here!) and we all expect to have 'perfect' babys and it all to work out, and some times this just doesnt happen......

    I just think your child was lucky to have a mum who sounds as if she has done a wonderful job, when you wernt able to - and was resourceful and who still allows you to have some part to play in your daughters life - as I guess some mums wouldnt have allowed this

    (sorry if I am distracting from the origional posters topic:o)


    I must admit I've not read all the posts, but 1) I admire you for being honest, i think it takes a lot of guts to be honest with yourself to start with - let alone a 'board full of people'
    2) it sounds a difficult situation for all involved
    3) as others have said - a woman may have been supported alot more than a man..... (......just saying...) and I dont think this is necessarily right - but some times the way it is..

    The only thing I have to contribute is - have you spoken to your Gp as there is a new(ish) service called improving access to psychological services? ( IAPT - and yes wait lists / NHS etc) but they 'may' be helpful - if you think it is something you may benefit from - with the transition of becoming a dad, having a child with disabilities, and the impact this has upon your life, thoughts about your self / your future etc
    and coming up with ways in which you can manage this, cope with the transition of being a parent and practical coping stategies of being a parent of a disabled child - support networks etc

    (I think you need to be 'scoring' in the 'depression / anxiety disorder' remit - but they should offer a range of therapies from CBT, IPT, DIT, EMDR and counselling and if you dont 'meet their criteria - sign post you elsewhere - as there are alot of sport networks for parents out there, - so if its something you are interested and think is something that may help you - if you want help - it may be worth a conversation)

    the other thing I think someone mentioned a bout CP = is meeting adults with it - to give you an understanding of their lives / achievements and not just the negatives.

    Best wished for you and thank you for posting

    Geez, thats a bad experience!

    I had a 'friend of a friend' put in a new bathroom for me recently - (I've lived with a 40+ year old broken bathroom for 8 years - as I just dont trust (sorry!!!) some builders as a woman on my own not to try and take this p*ss as I've had some outrageous quotes !! )

    I choose him especially as he'd done such a good job on my mates, this is his proff, and he sounded a nice chap, he stayed at mine during the whole time (as he lives down south, and thankfully quoted the 'job' as he likes to smoke and took a good few days longer then expected ;P and took money off in the end as I cooked for him ) his drill battery went - and he said - 'oh well its to be expected' and yes they cost a lot but mentioned something like an above poster about claiming tax back and if he brought a new drill it'd be cheaper ( came with 2 batteries) and he'd have 2 drills and a battery for his old one,

    so I do think thats rather cheeky!! and not acceptable - esp as it sounds like you gave him ample opportunity to give you a proper quote - and it helped him out,

    My bro had done a plumbing course and my parents asked why I'd not asked him - and to be honest - it was in case of a problem like this - I know he's a decent chap - but he also works full time in another job, I'd saved the money and wanted a proff to do it - as he'd have to do it in his spare time, and in case my bro did anything wrong or it went wrong - as its much easier to call a proff back rather than your bro !! and family dynamics etc