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    Mornin Wafflers
    Keep your eye on the birdie MrAtl Good Luck
    Angio enjoy your Monday Monday, sending wolfie ear rubs
    Off to water babies and stuff
    Keep the waffle moving till clockwork nap time

    Hey up fellow Wafflers
    Gawd is Alf S still on the H&A ship I remember him on the soap with brown doors, Sons and Daughters ;whoa the waffle is random
    I find my self awake at this confusing hour #clockwork, due to the odious nature of the pup, tis the new style alarm clock, pup alarm by smell. Well I is alarmed pup does sleep.
    Thanks you all for keeping the waffle warm

    Morning just
    The waffle is bright and blue
    A wombling we must go a pair of pink wellies will be worn.
    Hope the hospital visit is helpful MrAtl
    Think today's gonna be a good one for worldwide wafflers ENJOY
    Now dont forget the GB Sewing Bee tonight unmissable I swear.

    Angio you know the way to a girl's heart, you must be so proud, golden moment. I remember buying my first pair of converse type pumps from kwiksave for 99p they were denim blue, the plain black were only 50p, but hell temptation, think this was 1973. Mind I am a little green after seeing the cornetto, are they real, thinking North wales is behind the sweetie curtain, only 20 choc ices for a £1 round this way. Dare I ask has the great moult of 14 subsided yet.
    Avebury dreaming how fab esp now the weather has pulled it's self together.
    Monday is for mooching for sure, I've spent all day moochin around me babies, the green shoots are there.
    Eek has anyone read Zee's mind yet, if so can it be told.
    Waffle is better slightly warmed

    Wow just landed thought it was the lickle kite but it was the pterodactyl one. Doh
    Angio breezy here ever hopeful of a sunny afternoon.
    The weekend waffle begins
    Have a fun one

    Rainbow glitter velcro it must exsist
    I will wander off to search for the ultimate velcro
    Good Luck MrAtl hope your fitting goes well and proves fruitful
    Angio I am arranging for big winds at 3pm so just velcro the pup to the line, then all the fluff will fly free and the nose will no longer be tickled.
    Release the million fluffies.
    Lat if the cold is still causing sniffles take a hot toddy tincture, but hopefully you are feeling on the mend.
    Right out and about being a cross between taxi driver and womble, needs must.

    Velcro could it work
    That wolfie pup must have been hit by the fluff fairy twice, making him all gorgeous, yet a drama king.
    Brush up lass, surely cant be much longer.
    Etherea woman on the go.
    Boxvan be amazed by the power of the waffle it is wide.

    Mornin Wafflers
    Well the waffle is on a wave (not to worry only a small un)
    Sending good health vibes to all that require a pep up.
    Also rainbows beaming over to all those who need a pot.
    Gwad gonna send unicorns to everyone for a ride into your fantasy fun.
    Angio hope you've got a bottle brush and some zoflora down that transmogrifier tube. #SpringCleantheFangledContraptions
    Have a golden day you alls, pin the waffle proud.

    MrAtl the masked crusader, will he be able to fix the app store, Of course he will he's the Masked Crusader flying to the aid of Angio.
    Enjoy the first waffle of spring you all.

    Evenin All
    Hope the moult is comming to an end and wolfie is once more a swan without fluffage.
    Tomorrow is spring for sure, how time flies.
    Bus pass to the world brilliant.

    Lol the wolfie sheepie, maybe thats the answer a giant poodle type coat, no think I will have to ring animal protection on myself just for the thought.
    Angio keep the faith and cover the duerr, the fluff must be nearly at the end of the tunnel.
    Sunny day to you all it's gonna be golden

    LOL Angio
    Poor wolfie it must be nearly over, all fluffy nosed and fidgety, sending calming feverfew and a big sucky vac whilst you and the pup are out walkies.

    Morningish Wafflers
    Well the waffle has sprung, spring is in the air. All praise daylight at teatime.
    Angio Queen of the waffle I am rating my multicoloured waterproofness but am now wondering if I go the whole hog will sunny weather be assured.
    Bookish 1930 wedding what fun, MrAtl total recycling cool.
    Think Ethereal is on a buying spree, oh joy.
    More babies to make so off to waffle to them, poor babes.
    Wind the waffle in and let it go again.

    Fun in the big city, hey MrAtl, have you thought of giving your utter rubbish books to an art/craft groups to remake as something else, if you google there are lots of different stuff you can make using books, maybe they could resell them too.

    Lol the rare word, lovin the hat and bins, now lookin for waders with galvanised seams, I will be stylish yet dry.
    Well mornin all
    Just been for a wander with the pup, slightly breezy, praises be for the string.
    Pub essentials No9. Clean Glasses
    Now Angio dont you drink out of all six glasses at the same time, whilst celebration your brood, oh no bossybaggage on the loose.
    Have a lovely day you all

    Aftnernoon All
    Angio soiree queen, what fun, glad to hear DJ Frog is still bouncing and wolfee is being wolflike
    Lat that pub sounds cool books, Juke box and the writing on the wall, there is hope.
    MrA wow april is a fair way away shame they cant offer cancellations, suppose at least you are booked in.
    Off to tidy up my over-wintering babies may have to wear sunglasses and a fluffy hat, pup will assist lawdy knows how.

    Sunday Indeed
    Ssssh tread quietly now think Lat has been on a pubtastic testing mission
    Angio you are rockin sunday all these birthdays, are you working the purple stars, hope so. Keep mean to ask how DJ Frog is esp after his birthday. Is wolfie comming home from russia tonight, give him a welcome back pat from me.
    MrAtl sounds like your havin a fun weekend, and so may it continue.
    Important pub features No7. The juke box must excist and must have Lola- Kinks or God Save the Queen-Sex Pistols.
    Right off to make babies
    Sundays is a waffle winner