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    I hate the idea of waste and I'm pretty sure I heard that it was illegal to take items from bins and skips as it's legally still belonging to the owners :( so I would definitely advise either 1) against it 2) to be very careful, scope out the place for cameras etc first or 3) ask the owners/managers if you could have any first or if it's a small indpependant shop e.g Spar, corner shop; offer to trade with them for something else, be it an item or skill eg carpenty. You probably won't get as much yield from these as you would a large supermarket though. The upside is that you won't have to keep an eye out or worry about police. If I had more nerve I'd definitely go freeganing like this myself but I'm too chicken lol :p

    I'm currently cross stitching a bookmark (freebie kit from a magazine) to give to my Mum for Mother's Day :) haven't got much money at the mo' so I'm gunna make her a card too and buy her a bunch of flowers. She's a wonderful Mum so I'm sure she'll appreciate the thought put into it :) LOVE YOU MUM!!! xxx (Not that she'll read this but it's nice to put it out there anyway :) ) x

    Oh, I also recently made some wrist warmers and an owl hat (dreads make my head too big for most shop bought hats!!) from a fleece nightshirt.
    wrist warmers.jpg

    Hiya, thanks for your reply :) yeah I've given the crochet method a go but I'm not very good at it lol and the loose hair tends to work its way out lol. Was hoping to find something a bit quicker and easier too :p I've loosely wrapped a few of them near the roots with embroidery floss so if all else fails I might just put more in.

    Hi there,
    I'm hoping someone can help me... I've had dreads now for about 4 months and after neglecting them for a couple of weeks whilst on holiday they have congoed really really badly at the back. I'm in the process of splitting them back up again (not easy grrr!) but with all the loose hair coming out I'm really concerned that they'll just play up again and start eating each other up. I'm sure I've seen some kind of wrap for dreads which you put on each individual one a bit like a leg of a tight (but smaller of course) but I can't seem to find them online, or even what they could be called other than dread wraps, dread sleeves but they bring up the usual wraps and peyote type sleeves instead. Any help? Any ideas? I would love to get some of these "sleeves" just to help them along until they behave themselves again.

    Many thanks
    DreadyChica x