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    It's a weird thing. I'm not old, but I feel pretty ancient mind wise, although it is still young and can make slight mistakes. Taking care of responsibilities is what I've gained finally, but I still go to raves n wear baggies and party kiddies under the table :p

    My joints have started to crack and I hurt a bit, but I feel young and fresh. Just lose a bit of weight and I'll be looking as fresh as an, um, baby's arse?

    Ha! That review is class!

    About the body hair - If I'm just me in the house I grow natural everywhere, not unless my pits start to smell. If I socialise then the pits go too, and legs if it's leg bearing weather. The foof gets a proper shave up if I plan a session with the significant other, but usually it's just neatened up. Wouldn't mind getting a proper beard trimmer to do some mad designs in it.

    They look grrrrrreat!

    I always seem to have problems keeping mine alive, so just have a herb garden much to my dismay. Peppers, toms, lettuce and carrots all struggled with growth and died last year. :curse:

    Same here.

    When I say, 'over--exaggerated', I mean the type of kids that, 'OMG I HATE MY PARENTS AND MY LIFE', but have no problem shopping on their mothers' credit card and socialising with their mates.

    Basically, not depressed ones. I must suck at the internet or something.

    Cheers... yeah, I've done a bit of searching, just wondered if anyone had any personal favourite sites with tons of variety and cheapest really.

    Need a good selection of herbs and small veg plants, indoors or out, as I'm pretty limited on space at the moment :(

    I'm new to growing from seed.

    OK.... I think I made a wrong heading.

    I was mislead by someone saying that if you bought seeds from (example) ASDA or Tesco, that they were horror seeds. Someone else has disagreed with that statement and told me all is fine, but to look for heirloom seeds.

    SO, instead, if anyone reads this again... could you just recommend me reliable sources with lots of choice etc?

    Don't get me wrong - I didn't mean it be malicious.... I meant it more for examples like over exaggerating teens (yes, there are exceptions), or people that can't cope with smallest of things.

    I swear they've just been chucking pellets at everyone for everything. It's more of a blanket case of shutting everybody up as people (like myself) would have been given a different treatment route if handing out free tablets wasn't so easy. Most of the people I know are on the same medication for completely different things.

    IMO, it's just easier for them and less hassle on the system.

    It all depends on what your original self is like I think.

    I've certainly got something wrong with my wiring, finally decided to go for CBT, but opted for meds for extra help while I wait (I'm preeeeeeeetty bi-polar, but I've gotten to 27 without any help/mis diagnosed and it's ruined my life). I was on Citalopram for three months before it started waring off. I've been on Prozac (Fluxotine) for a month and it feels like I'm not on anything. My behaviour has reverted back to it's self and I'm receiving all the massively negative implications I had before my decision to get help.

    I say assess what you are like as a person (ie: how you react to things and whatnot). If you're pretty sound/normal then I'm guessing any SSRI will work fine and you will be ok in a few months (also remember Prozac is mainly flouride). Get your doctor to talk through how each SSRI works and suggest the applicable. Also read up online.

    I'm only posting this as I can see me on a bit of a merry-go-round in regards to medications.... but I wouldn't suggest taking them if you really don't need to. Take a break, excersize, eat healthily - these should all help us anyways.

    Docs wouldn't hand these out so freely if they didn't dumb us down.

    Has anyone got any reliable seed sources online? (mainly herbs, small veg, that kind of thing)

    Don't have much room to grow, but wanting it to be non gmo non the less.