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    Hi hippies, any among you free between the 25th and 29th of this month. Tea and Empathy festival welfare need a driver, we already have a van hired. All you would need to do is liaise with the head of Tea and Empathy in London, drive to the festival, help un pack. Then when the festival is over help repack and drive back. In return you will get a festival ticket, free meals (x2) and all the fun of the festival without having to work during it.

    Anyone who is interested please email


    Hello hippies. :D

    Tea and Empathy are looking for a volunteer to work with us at Beautiful Days, we have had a last minute drop out!

    If you are interested in making tea, providing empathy, comfort and even at times, advice to random strangers, who may or may not be very inebriated. Please PM me.

    Further info'

    15th-20th Aug (open at 9 am on thurs 16th close 12 mon 20th)
    Escot Estate
    Ottery St Mary
    EX11 1LU
    Train to Honiton or Feniton

    What you will get

    Secure camping
    1 meal per shift

    What you will be expected to do

    Approx 4 1/2 hrs shift in 24
    Arrive on time
    Attend crew meeting (training) ( kids as well)
    Be fit and able to do their shift, arrive 10 min early for shifts
    Follow procedures as outlined in the training session
    Camp in crew camping

    What you should tell us asap

    How you are travelling (we need to know how many car park spaces we need)
    When you will arrive
    When you will leave
    If they are a live in vehicle or tent/s

    What you should bring:

    Fully functioning tent
    Proper wet gear
    Proper sun protection
    Very warm clothes for the night
    Adequate bedding (a sleeping bag not enough)

    Welfare wet gear and bedding WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE TO STAFF

    A good friend said this about the riots - 'In Egypt when the youth started kicking off, everyone went out and joined them. The older people were able to reign in the youth'...

    Ah. Yes. Well done. I was wondering who'd be the first to spot that one. The death penality is still on the books for 'sabotage in a naval dockyard' and being 'a traitor to the state.' I have a feeling there's a couple more like that but can't remember what they are.

    There are no crime in the UK that are punishable by death; the last ones were abolished in 1998.. even within the military, except of during times of war where hanging would be used (instead of beheading!! :eek:) for treason. But in 2003, this was also abolished.…ent_in_the_United_Kingdom

    I'm glad that as a nation we do not murder people for committing crimes; but saying that we have a long way to go when it come to rehabilitation and the way we treat those who do commit crimes... We do not have a 'prefect' (or even functional) system for identifying criminals, eye witness testimonies have been shown time and time again to be highly flawed, DNA identification is also not as fool proof as some people like to think. As a result we are *still* seeing innocent people being jailed for years... If we were *still* hanging people these people would have already lost the chance to regain their lives. In my mind there is not one single crime that should be punished by death, we need to have a justice not revenge system.

    Self righteous, selfish, lazy, sponging hippies who turn violent when asked to leave your best friends home (his sister), threaten your best friend with violence, scream obscenities and call us both junkies... all in front of his own niece and my daughter.... fooking nice eh!!!

    Its a talk shop with limited real world power

    It is a talk shop that will affected ministers decisions on matters of sexual health, education and family planning services. Are you saying that the Independent Advisory Group on Sexual Health and HIV had 'limited real world power'? Because I have to disagree that advisory group did have real world power, and their work seemed to be having a positive affect. This forum is replacing IAGSH... so I imagine it will have the same 'real world power'.

    and BPAS were invited to join,

    Source? So far The New Statesman, Daily Mail and Guardian mention they BPAS were not been invited in their own right but to share their place with Marie Stopes. Life are not a sexual advisory group unlike every other group invited; they are a pressure group, so why were they even invited to join.

    Brooks and Terrence Higgins etc are still there and a lone pro-life voice isnt going to have a huge influence.

    No they may not have a huge influence within the group itself... but I wonder how many ministers will be more eager to listen to their findings over those of the Terrence Higgins Trust, for example. :shrug:

    Promoting abstinence is not of itself a bad thing and neither is telling teens that condoms arent a magic fail safe device that let you shag around without consequences.And if we get more restrictions on abortion or contraception it'll be because of the inherent views of the polititians in power not because one place on an advisory group is taken up by a pro-lifer.

    No it isn't; but alongside with teaching children about consent, their rights over their body, periods, all the emotional stuff that comes with having (or not sex), as well as where to find and how to use contraception. I think what is worrying me is that by inviting Life to be a part of this forum that ministers are ensuring that there is at least one group that they can rely on to give the result they want... and that is what is really fucking worrying me. do we really want certain ministers to have this option..? :eek:

    Maybe I should have included a link to the article; people tend to explain things better than I can. :)

    If this was just a forum I could maybe see your point. Likewise if the British Pregnancy Advisory Service had been invited to join. But this forum is replacing the Independent Advisory Group on Sexual Health and HIV. And as such I feel that a group that has been accused for teaching young people that condoms only protect against some types of STI, who promote teaching abstinence as sex education, and also who bullying women and girls into keeping unwanted children should not be part of this forum. Groups that base their thinking on factual, scientific information, who have a proven track record of providing an unbiased service to thousands of women, girls and families should be. This forum is not like UK Hippy, it's not a discussion forum, this forum will have the power to decide about how we educate children/teenagers about sex, what services are going to be available in regards to family planning (contraception and abortion), what public information is published, what areas of research get funding etc., etc. We need a forum (or advisory body) that is guaranteed to continue the trend we have been seeing in the UK of rates of teenage pregnancy dropping. I feel strongly that allowing Life's voice to be heard in such a forum is going to complicate things and also give them a chance to try and force their own religious based, morally restrictive views on thousands and thousands of girls/women. We need an advisory body who works with facts and evidence. And most importantly is progressive.

    Today it was announced in the Guardian that this 'government' has set up a new forum to deal with sexual health in our 'fair' country. You would expect that in a developed nation such as ours that organisations like the Terrence Higgins Trust, Brooke Advisory Centre and also the British Pregnancy Advisory Service would ALL be on board. And also, that pro-life groups such as Life would not.

    Because as we all know in many situations abortion is the only option for some women. Women who are raped or are the victims of incestuous abuse should never be forced into carrying a child that is a by product of violence committed against them. Contraception fails, why should a woman who took measures not to get pregnant have to carry a child to term? As a mother I am very glad to have been given the CHOICE to become a mother, it is to my mind an important part of living in fair, democratic society.

    We all know for sex education to be affective children need to be educated about sex from an early age; it works in many other European countries who can boast low rates of teenage pregnancy and sti transmission. Teaching children (in an age appropriate fashion) also help stops the process of grooming as children who are educated know about concepts such as having the right to say no when someone touches you, and the basics of sexual contact. Education not teaching abstinence helps young people become healthy sexual adults, who understand the responsibilities that come with having sex from an early age.

    As a woman, mother, voter I find it disgusting that Life were even considered to be a member of this panel... we need forward thinking not dogma! According to the latest statistics teenage pregnancy's were decreasing! Do we really want to see another generation of children raised by children! Inviting Life to be a member of such an important forum seriously puts into doubt how affective this forum will able to be. And to make matter worse a very well respected, effective organisation has not been invited to join this forum... really I would feel more confident if Life had not been invited to join in favour of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service being invited to join. I am sure I am not alone in this thinking.

    It seems like yet another fine example of mysoginsim shown by this Conservative led 'government'. :curse:

    Hopefully, it'll help them remember that they are there to protect people.

    Very true :thumbup:

    It may have an unintended consequence too, at least as far as governments are concerned, as if succesful, they'll never again be able to use the police to bust people's heads. Imagine that.

    Fook... :eek:... that would be fantastic! I bet there are many Met officers crying into their cereal bowels today! ;)

    I hope they do that idiot pathologist while they're at it.

    Same here, he should not be practising and should also face prosecution for his part in this case and others he has been involved in.
    But like everyone else I do think that this sentence is a step in the right direction; hopefully now more police people will realise that wearing a uniform does not make them 'above the law'.

    I also worked in a piercing studio; and we wouldn't pierce anyone (anywhere) when they were under 14. My girl who is 9 and a half has asked if she can have her ears pierced... and I said no. She is not old enough to look after her piercings, her body is preparing for puberty and because of this I have told her she has to wait until she is 12 at least. Piercing babies is foul and really should be banned... I'm surprised that any studio who wanted to gain a 'good' reputation would do it...

    I asked what news they had and was treated to total disdain. I'm beyond belief at those students. Words fail ...

    How are you certain that they had news? It is rather a big assumption and even if they did have news why should they share it with you? Japanese culture is very different from our own... maybe you should think on that instead of passing judgement.

    I started my first word press blog thing a couple of days ago. It was huge fun to do; and so far has had over 1,000 views... a mate tweeted a link to the blog and has just found out that Eddie-fooking-Izzard has re tweeted it!

    I know this is probably a stoopid reason to smile but atm I look like the Cheshire Cat! :D

    Looks like things are actually getting worse for Japan... this morning I read that there has been a blast at the Fukushima nuclear plant; the plant had already been damaged during the 'quake/tsunami... :(