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    Congrats on your dedication!:thumbup:

    When I do some job like this, it tends to get mackled up so that it works, then notes are made on what really should be day, when there is more time, inclination, money, etc, which means never....

    we intend on never selling old victoria and as i am moving in a self employed doing this stuff direction i can't turn up places in a gaffer tape special anymore

    the scuttle panel (think thats the name for the bit under the windscreen) was replaced by a previous owner and i'm not happy with the way they did it so it all has to come out and be re-done.
    as much as i am not looking forward to taking the window out i see no option. its too old for that there fancy bondage window, it's a washing line job and its going to be a real pain with only two of us to do it
    i too hope it does not get cracked

    i had a headlamp out and next month i have my mot so thought i better fix it.
    however i found some dodgy wiring, so thought i would take the heater out to make fixing it the wiring easier
    then i found some previous additional wiring so thought i would remove it (always feel if a wire is not doing something it should be removed makes future diagnostics easier)
    then i found a bit of rust and decided fuck it, i'm going to shell the cab and build it back up.
    in the last two day it has gone from complete...
    to this.....
    still some more to go, not looking forward to taking the windscreen out and re-fitting it

    thanks for the replies so far. my current thought is am i better off making out i am single and "selling" the truck to my partner (not much of a paper trail there) or putting down it is a joint ownership thing (can easily create a paper trail to back it up)
    also i have found out in england its £1000 for a vehicle and scotland £3000 could i move there to go bankrupt?

    it needs to be bankruptcy, read myself and spoke to stepchange. no other way. i intend to deal with it if i can i just need angles to gurantee i keep the truck safe

    anyone know which countries that speak english that i can move to where debt collectors can't chase me. i have officially had enough.
    today i did a statement and they would not take £1 a month as i have more on paper going out than comming in and i don't have £800 to go bankrupt.
    anyone gone bankrupt? how did it go with a live in? it is all i have, and i will hapily do time if anyone so much as touches it, if i have to live fulltime in a rented room it might aswell be in holloway

    It's happening already. Councils banning soup kitchens, moving on the homeless, shipping the poor out of London to already deprived areas like Birmingham and Stoke where rents are cheaper...because there's no fucking jobs to be had, and then IDS attacking the unemployed and painting them as workshy scroungers. Sick making.

    like this from 2011 julian?…inster-soup-run-ban-anger

    it got dropped, but it shows what they really think…ter-council-homeless-soup

    i know pinto's hate running without coolant :( lol never saw many xr4x4 though) my fave was the rs500. totally agree the only real way to increase mpg is to lose the old engines

    main thing to watch on veg oil is the pump used, i have run di transit engines on veg oil before no problem (not in my truck though, not until i have a spare pump to hand).
    the other thing to be careful about is the seals the old rubber ones rot with veg oil

    the earlier in the piework the viscosity is lowered the less it will resist flow plate heaters are a way aways often.
    an aside thought i had was to have a smaller "reserve tank between the main and the lift pump ( big bore pipe link (before the heating method of your choice) and connect the tank return from the injector return to the second tank (this reduces the amount of heat required after the initial "reserve tank" volume is heated.
    problem of starting and ending on veg oil is when cold it will thicken up in the injection system

    the first one, yes solar panels are light and if formed the roof it would probably work out to a similar weight. that knocks out the drag

    unless you use a fuel cell to convert the hho to electricity then it would be of no use to an electric vehicle.

    heating the oil is just done to reduce viscosity the energy used to do this is on par with using headlights at night, i.e. you need to do it on pure veg oil just like driving without haelights might save mpg but it increases the risk of long term damage (as puptoaster said diesel/wvo mix avoids this to a degree but the fuel filtre still clogs faster, although i would question starting on diesel and switching to pure veg oil once the engine is running. yes it starts easier but i feel it misses the point).

    i would propose the reason milk floats stayed electric for so long was practicality. because the alternative was a noisy diesel (i would not buy milk from some noisy bastard that woke me up a 6am with a noisy old diesel float) which would require a lot of maintenance as opossed to a quiet pratically maintenance free electric motor. also the constant stop/start of the diesel will mean a lot of new engines (or spank fuel leaving it running).
    at best the way things are electric cars are pollution movement, at worst it just allows some smug git to think they are better than others as they have an electric car and means they then stop thinking of their impact on the planet.
    a hybrid may be better for mpg but i would like to see a real report (not funded by one side or the other) on the environmental impact of a hybrid to build and run (including battery replacement) vs a car built 30 years ago maintained on secondhand parts.

    there is a forum for this stuff here they discuss the energy required…to-split-1-litre-of-water

    assuming the calculation on there is accurate (tbh i have not really looked at it to check) you would need 20A to run it. my question would be will i gain much after i take into account the drag of the solar panels and the weight of the batteries being carried round.

    the only fridge to go for in my opinion is 12v compressor. preferably custom built into the floor (the most efficient) but a normal internal one will do.
    yes it's expensive as an initial cost but there is no gas to deal with so;
    better (will still freeze stuff in the middle of summer),
    safer (no gas leaks or associated gas risks)
    cheaper (add up the cost of gas for a year in addition to the extra cost of getting the gas work done and cutting holes in the van wall),
    a gas fridge outlet means i know all the 'stealth' vans in my area who have them
    and a compressor works when not level ground unlike gas fridges.

    on that subject i have a 3 way for sale (£20? cant remember what i paid for it) as i bought one ages ago and was going to use it as a temporary measure but decided they are so shit i would not bother and went straight for a waeco unit built into a custom floor fridge.…-over-traditional-3-ways/

    Would it also be worth painting the roof white, that will reflect some of the heat that might otherwise be absorbed.

    silver would be even better, but yes a white vehicle is considerably cooler than black in the summer hence why you rarely see a black pre built camper. my truck was cooler without roof insulation painted white than it was when it was painted black (roof sealant) with insulation in the summer
    i'm with the air vents in the floor method (coolest part of the vehicle as its in shade) and a vent high up is good. a couple of years back when i had no insulation i found a vent in the floor and the horse ramp tied so it was open a bit was more than enough to keep cool mid day in august

    shouldn't be too difficult through a club. the point is, at the extreme end you could have a car with this years number plate on it (think barn find classic never registered as an example) and if it was manufactured 40 years ago its tax free. i think 40 years road tax is a good saving.
    i know this is an extreme, but the point is "a few quid" starts at a few hundred per year, multiplied by the years you still need to wait for the 40 year roll round to when it was registered, more cars than you might think have been know to sit for a few years before being registered.
    even when it rolls round it's not automatic you still need to get the tax class changed when it does come round. so either way you have to do something.

    You won't get any amps until you put a load on them. Volts is pressure, amps is flow. Unless something is using the electricity there isn't any flow. Try hooking them to the charge controller then powering something from the charge controller. Then put the ammeter is series. You don't need a battery hooked up to do that. What you can also do is add load, and you should see the amps rise. Are you sure you didn't put the ampere meter across the terminals like you do for volts? Because if so, zero is what you'd get, or 0.001 at a push. Hope that helps.

    i would advise a bit of caution on the load used though. when welding up the truck obviously i disconnect the battery/alternator. but once i didn't bother disconnecting the load from the solar charge controller (i just remove the ground lead from the chassis). it was an auto volt sensing one (does either 12 or 24 depending on what is connected) although the only thing on was an led controller that worked both on 12 and 24v it fried the circuit (never had a problem with this type of led controller before or since so i assume it was because the batteries were not connected to the charge controller)
    it's easy enough to see if solar is working with the batteries connected by looking at current going in/out of the battery if there is a positive flow to the battery even when a load is applied then it is charging, even if the load exceeds the solar charge. the amount from the battery would be reduced if there was charge applied. and the reduction should be proportionate to the amount of charge being gererated.
    not saying the lack of batteries on the charge controller was the absolute cause, but it was the only time i have fried one of these controllers in 4 years and in 2 different vehicles.

    yes aparently one company in america making it for use in mexico/israel as a rodenticide and a couple of other countries for other things. as we are both in the uk on a uk forum...............

    i can think of thousands of compounds which are toxic in high enough doses. i can think of hundreds of "poisons" that are used in medicine in low doses.

    apparently so...

    btw i never realized that fluridated water was in england. oh, its the main ingriedient in rat posion too!

    main ingredient in rat poison is warfarin. it kills by inhibiting clotting, the process by which veins and arteries repair themselves.
    from memory it is to do with the vitamin k pathway in the clotting process.
    in high doses given to rats it effectively gives them drug induced haemophillia (the condition where you can bleed to death from a cut as you wont clot). as the rat squeezes through holes and stuff any minor cuts or internal bleeding (a bruise is damage and an internal bleed by definition, so we are not talking organ damage) causes the rat to bleed to death (a fairly peaceful non-suffering death in comparison to the stuff used to kill flies).

    as a note warfarin is also used medically for blood clot problems which makes the advert warning people about fake drugs amusing. the one where it says "that fake medicing may contain rat poison" well if i am ever prescribed warfarin i would really hope it does have rat poison in it.

    granted night vision is often poor, however there is nothing to say you cannot have it on permanently though.
    yes, you are not allowed to watch video when driving, however this is different if it is being used as a mirror. all the busses round my way have live cameras on in the cab and as psv rules are so much stricter......

    Its almost like some uk politicians spoke to some us politicians, and it went something like this: "Hmm, your minions,they pay taxes AND pay for health care,i wonder if we can do that?"

    indeed, especially when some of them want to change the name of National Insurance contributions to "Earnings Tax". while i get the point of what he is saying, the change of name i think will really change the attitude to social care, for me changing the name would signify the end of beleif in social care (even if that beleif is not bourne by reality).…al-insurance-9150159.html

    I was reading the thread about "choice" and thinking about how to reply but, my response was more to do with the problems of "excess", which is similar in some ways but, quite different.

    Today, I saw this in my FB newsfeed (full of mistakes, I know!) and it relates to my current concerns about society. I'm beginning to dislike possessions, particularly those that are unnecessary. All I see when I look at certain objects is a waste of resources, slave labour, death and damage to the environment. We have so much crap that we simply do not need. We throw things away that are perfectly fine and in working order. I got thinking about this when I was in Harrods last week, in particular - 80" tv screens, flashy pens that cost £100s? Some people in the world are starving and others are buying watches for £50k?! However, I also went to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at the West End and I love the themes in the story - greed, selfishness and obsession. The happiest and most loving child in the story is Charlie, who is also the poorest and most selfless.

    The best things in life are free, surely?? Why do we need such excess and extravegance? Does it really make us happy? - I don't think so.

    totally with you on the waste of resources one.
    i remember when i was a kid getting a card that made a noise when it opened (i think it was a tune). i appreciated the card and the sentiment behind it.
    however, i recall at the same time thinking, the card had a battery and some electronics in it to play the tune maybe once or twice before going in the bin.
    i thought i hope we don't run out of electronics producing this stuff and have none left for useful things (i didn't know where batteries came from, just that there might only be so many in the world).

    it seemed then and still now, a waste of electronics. and just like food if we waste it, will there be enough to go round?
    at the moment it's easy its mostly in big reserves in the ground. so it's all fairly cheap as the stuff is fairly easy to get in large quantities.
    as demand increases and the number of things requiring the resources increases will we look back at those cards in the same way we look at food wastage now. are we doing the electronics equivalent of playing with food in front of a hungry man?