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    I did a class C about 8 years ago. It was about £1200 for a weeks worth of lessons and all test. C1 would not be much if any price difference to C. Even if you're failure with driving large lorries I'd say a few lesions would be worth it just to get an idea of what is in the test.

    Hazard perception test is a bitch BTW, you can easily fail by clicking too early.

    E.g. Two I failed on which stuck in my mind.

    Video of driving along a dual carriage way. Lorry in petrol station ahead pulls of a approaches slip road, you're net meant to react and click until the lorry start to pull into lane 1. Which in reality is too late.

    Driving along urban road. Child playing foot ball in park with no fence next to road. Child is chasing ball that is rolling towards the road, ball crossed pavement with child still chasing. Not meant to react and click until the ball rolles onto the road. Again in reality, if you leave it that late you're leaving reacting too late, IMO.


    There on all H.G.V.s to Stop the Engine, supposed to also slow you down on Hills to choke the Engine ,but never was practical with 40 Ton ,, but also was the main Cut Off when stopped .

    You should hear full on jake brakes that they have in North America. Awesome sound.

    Keep up the walking and cycling were you can well done.

    2nd a small van. My second vehicle (at about 19 -20ish) was an old fiat car derived van. About the size of a ford escort estate. Removed the bulkhead and with the front seats flipped forward there was easily enough space to sleep (I'm 6' 2"). Curtain over the rear window and one over the front. Slept two many times on trips down to the south west.

    Modern equivalent would be a astra van, or for a bit more room a citron berlingo / Peugot partner.

    God ideas here.

    It does seem a bit low on the mpg, would guess at 15mpg (not from any particular experience of owning a lorry that big, more finger in air guess!) but I guess it is a big lorry with a high top so a large amount of wind resistance.


    If you're very dedicated (or completely nuts) you could buy this lovely thing!

    Wow full time project I think. I like the quote.


    no brakes, rolls ok

    I think the seating thing is more do to with hire or reward, i.e, if you're not driving the bus for hire or reward you can drive it on a hgv / 7.5 ton licence depending on its weight.

    Any voltage regulator will result in a voltage drop of 1 - 2 volts so be aware that you should only really be running your tv when fully charged.


    nobody can deny the police went well above and beyond 'reasonable force'. That was police brutality on a MASSIVE scale, no question.

    Indeed, although travellers where not the only victims of this at that time, from my understanding miners on strike also suffered some brutal police treatment too.


    Like the mid size toyota's or vauxhall. I've often thought these would make a great size weekend camper without the silly vw prices!

    The hi ace vans have a good reliability reputation, plus as you say no vw tax.

    Take whatever I say with the knowledge that I am captain negative.

    Have plans for what happens if someone want to leave? They will want their money back.

    Whatever head of population you calculate the island can sustain, knock 30% off as there will be variance in your yield, disease will effect a crop. You will have to do some form of crop rotation to stop the land getting sick or over farmed.

    You will also need to somehow trade for different seed so as not to keep using the same line.

    Also think about security.

    Ok I've just drawn up a few designs / ideas and would like some feed back. These are not to scale or anything, just ideas.

    These stoves would all be about 300 mm or so wide (depending on the design oven ones I would probably go a bit bigger), 500 mm ish deep and all on leg which I have not drawn. All inlet vents would be adjustable to control airflow into fire to control burn. Doors sealed with fire rope. Height would depend on if it was a oven design or not. The stove would be installed in a van.

    Stove N.o. 1.

    Basic stove. Exhaust gases routed to encourage more complete burn and better transfer of heat energy by allowing gas not to shoot up and out quite so quick, fairly common design.

    Stove N.o. 2.
    Basic stove with but oven on top, would this work?

    Stove N.o 3.
    Stove with oven on top but using exhaust gas routing to produce a more even heat in the oven and allow the top to gain more heat. Possible problems that this may make the stove very tall. Maybe the top will still not get hot enough to heat water? The oven should defiantly heat better though I think.

    Stove N.o 4.
    Not so much a completely diffrent design more of a feature I could fit to any other stove. Rather than having aid being drawn in though a vent on the door have pipe run though the floor of the van (or wall if it was installed in a house / workshop). This means air that is already warmed is not drawn in from the space we are trying to heat causing cold air to be drawn in from outside though round all the doors / windows e.t.c.

    I forgot to draw a butterfly valve on the inlet tube to reduce air inflow but you get the idea.

    Stupid ideas, possible problems anyone can envisage?

    Yep I worried about LEZ too, I've asked for some quotes today for a DPF, we will see what they say some say from £1300 + vat which would be doable if it's not too much more given west London rents (still alot of money), but it may come back infeasible and I will be stuck in a expensive studio flat again. That didn't end well last time, really got me down.

    I just thought this afternoon it would be a good idea to fit a pressure release valve and vent to floor for the water acting as a thermal mass in the barrel too. Don't want to mess with hot water under pressure!