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    Yes, pent up indignation with no right to effectively express turns me into someone I don't want to be, makes me intolerant, aggressive and more "extreme" in the steps I'd take to make a difference. I become just as intolerant and bigotted as them.

    I'm veggie but don't like mushrooms or peppers, which limits me a great deal too, so I can relate to you on the cheese thing (but I love cheese!)

    I remember Terence McKenna about how all natural drugs are safe (some used more sporadically) and useful, and that drugs only became a problem when we started to manufacture/intensify them. People always say what about heroin, opium is natural, but opium wasn't a problem for China however many thousands of years they were smoking it, it only became a problem when Westerners make their "super-opium" in heroin. Same goes for alcohol, wasn't really a problem - even a book as strict as the bible just says that it will make you loud and foolish and doesn't prohibit its use at all, it just wasn't a problem until we realised we could make canned distilled, stock up and market it. Even applies to sugar.

    I would warn caution before skipping at supermarkets though, some have been known to deliberately spoil their rubbish (i've heard rumours of washing up liquid and bleach being used). But if you do find a reliable source, I'd say that supermarkets are a rich vein...

    Yes I had a friend that used to go skipping and she said certain supermarkets would essentially poison the stuff they were throwing out (I think they used obvious/brightly coloured bleach).

    My issue still is that it covers "esoteric" as something adult. I'm guessing this will mean they censor stuff relating to occult, paganism, conspiracy, maybe even new age. And the average person or parent isn't going to untick that.

    Go about 6 months before trying quorn or imitation meat. Your standards for what qualifies for "real tasting meat" will drop quite a lot. I didn't eat quorn chicken til about 7 months after being veggie and they just taste like normal chicken fillets to me, but meat eater friends feel they lack flavour etc.

    Also you can't eat pesto (and parmesan which is in it) by the way, no one told me :P

    I think a factor to consider is also psychological. How many of you that reported feeling sick or stomache pains are repulsed at the thought of eating animals? The taste of meat (imitation meat but same taste still) could well trigger this reaction in you.

    When I was a christian during my teen years, I used to feel physically nauseous (and I mean literally nauseous, not nauseated) if a friend played a "satanic" metal band around me. But that was purely psychological/associative.

    I had IBS before I went vegetarian and found no change in my conditions after eating quorn. I spent 4-5 months as a veggie without quorn, then picked it up. I cannot stand mushrooms, near enough the only food I cannot stand, so needless to say my system wasn't very used to fungus before I started eating quorn. But it just tastes and goes through my system like processed meat, nothing unusual to report.

    The mother claimed she was sitting on the toilet as the baby was born and it slipped down the pan. She has now been reunited with the baby.

    What!? How can this be true? The baby was lodged their for two days - is she claiming she deserted him deliberately or was unaware that she gave birth to a baby? How can see be allowed to go near this baby again? If she is trusted alone with that baby then thats really, really messed up.

    Well its your home so its your call.

    But I allow friends to eat meat in my home. I don't see what difference I'd be making denying them the right - other than to inspire a little frustration towards vegetarians in them.

    Of course I wouldn't provide meat if I was serving for a party or something. But if a friend turned up at my door holding a kebab I wouldn't make him eat it outside.

    Agreed, and they do. When I was at school we had loads of festivals at key points in the year which were supposed to be Christian celebrations . However, I reckon that many were originally agricultural festivals.

    Also lets not forget that a lot of Christian festivals (Christmas and Easter in particular) are Pagan festivals with a little name and imagery switched up.

    I guess that any ritual or ceremony is a social thing - so in that way it is unifying.

    Not necessarily, I perform the LBRP alone almost daily.

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    Like Duckman said, its about synchronicity. I don't have time to post more about it now but I'll make an effort to make a proper post in future.

    I decided I didn't want one once I moved out of my mums. Convenient sure, but we still know so little about cancer and radiation that I'd rather not risk it and just heat my food the old fashioned way with actual heat rather than blasting it with rays. But I avoid flouride and am concerned about chemtrails so what do I know :P

    You also shouldn't discount the possibility that your dream left a lingering desire to buy cheese in your subconscious.

    As for getting high, do you not find this supresses your dreams? I love herb but I'm really into lucid dreaming too, and more often than not if I get high of a night I barely remember any dreaming.

    I have premonition dreams too - never useful, I don't "predict" things I can later use to my advantage, but I dream of random people haven't seen for a while or, yes, things like random food items and then it all clicks when I see the thing in real life. I sometimes dream of places I pass when I'm out on walks or the personalities of people I haven't met yet. Its always good to keep a diary of this stuff, and write it down regardless of how silly a particular "premonition" seems but they builp fast.

    Something should be said about cheese and its effects on dreams too. Some say cheese before bed causes nightmares. Not necessarily true, but cheese is difficult to digest especially if you eat late at night, and so you won't sleep so heavy, cause your dreams to be more intense and life-like but also easier to remember. Its not my recommended method of dream recall but its fun when it works out accidently.

    I believe in their use but having used mine a few times I haven't had any results beyond gibberish. I'd like to set a time aside for ritual use though - wake middle of the night, light incense and candles, clear the area (lesser banishing ritual) and then have a proper go at it, rather than just in the middle of the day in my flat after tea.

    I also feel results will improve tenfold with another person involved.

    If the dentist has prescribed high fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash I'd give it a go for a while personally. If you're not swallowing the mouthwash and toothpaste then surely you're not going to ingest much?

    Not true, most toothpaste contains a sort of very fine powdered glass and you ingest the flouride into your mouth and gums that way, you don't have to swallow the toothpaste.

    If she was worshipped "before history" we'd have absolutely no way of knowing about it :P it is true though, that the oldest godforms were of a sort of primordial mother. Not the vixen-like marble skin Goddess clad in green that we like to emphatize with though, more like this

    I'd see a doctor not a dentist. If your diet is healthy, you're not having much sugary stuff (especially fizzy drinks), are brushing every day and getting plenty of calcium then something else is wrong somewhere. Pouring extra chemicals on wouldn't be the answer for me, there must be a reason you're building cavities so easily. Try brushing as Kaiya said - perhaps rush brushing causes tiny gaps and cracks that welcome infection?

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    *rough brushing