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    My Spaniel loves me, and everybody else he meets, he will sit and look at me for hours if need be just waiting for me to give him attention, my Lurcher.... just licks his lips as soon as I approach him, then curls up in a comfy spot if he realises there is no food available.

    I was approached earlier by a driver of a lorry with foreign plates on it, he greeted me with "Ciao", then handed me his notes, his cargo was from Italy, so in my limited use of Italian I gave him directions, I thought I must've forgotten how to pronounce something or said something completely wrong because of the look on his face.

    Anyway he kind of got the gist of it and drove off, I then noticed he had Romanian plates on the wagon.... DOH!!!!

    Tatooing a penis is a greater gesture of love."I love - - -" on a penis would please most women.I would gladly do my exs free of charge.


    Years ago I was getting ready for a night out with my mates, my partner at the time came over to me wearing this very bright red lipstick (not her usual colour) she dropped to her knees and unzipped my fly, I was of course very happy about this :D but then she said she was only about to put a large red lipstick ring around my tallywhacker and that if it wasn't there when I returned later she would know that I'd been shagging someone else. 8|

    I told her not to be ridiculous, so she just gave me a nosh anyway. 8)8)8)

    Honda CRV diesel if you can get a good one. Had one for a while and it was a comfy motor, frugal but not designed for green lanes or speed in the wet.

    I keep hearing about the government being poised to hit diesel engine owners harder financially.

    Is this a new tax on brand new vehicles, will it be via the forecourt pumps or maybe road tax?

    I have seen a couple of petrol engine Honda HRVs and I'm thinking it maybe better to go with this type of thing.

    So, I called the agents today to queerie this letter.

    The response was favourable, she said that it was a generic letter to all tenants and that I wasn't being singled out for anything.

    I replied that I didn't care about that and that the fact that we have never had to pay it before, changes to agreement etc.

    So she went on to say that if we hand't payed before we probably would not have to in the future and that she would check our agreement, I pointed out that it doesn't mention anything other than if we are at fault.

    She is going to look into it but it seems we will be ok.

    And after speaking to a couple of neighbours they have said they arn't going to pay and will tell the agents so.

    Thank you all for your input on this.

    Do you pay water rates? We rented a farm house and shared the septic tank with another farm workers cottage. The farm workers cottage remained unoccupied for a few years. We were responsible for the emptying of the tank during this time, we were also responsible for paying water rates on our property, but not the sewerage element and qualified for reduced water rates.

    We paid a farmer to spread the tank contents on a field, but thats probably prohibited these days.

    Surely if your responsible for paying it, it will be written somewhere in your rent agreement, probably under services.

    Odd that you have not been billed for it before now, unless they overlooked it.

    Yes we pay for supply only - £25 per month (ish) normally the estate staff have come around with a tractor and tanker trailer, and I believe ours too was spread onto the estate farmland, maybe there has been a change in the law as you say, and that is why they are trying to pass on the costs.

    We have been in our house almost 10 years now, today I got a letter providing some updated contact numbers etc in another paragraph the letter states that drain blockages and the emptying of septic tanks is the responsibility of the tenant, this has always been done in the past by the landlord's agents.

    It doesn't actually say in our agreement who's meant to do it but it does say something along the lines of If it is deemed to be the tenant's fault they may be charged for the unblocking of drains.

    Well wouldn't you know it, right now I seem to have a blocked, possibly collapsed drain and the septic tank pump is only working intermittently, resulting in a back up of waste clearly seen when lifting the inspection cover, it has been like this for a few months now, it was reported last year as we thought the tank needed emptying but were told it was the pump.

    The letter we got does not ask for a signature of agreement it is just stating the fact so to speak.

    Does anybody know where we stand with this please?


    The price of replacement parts for a Subaru makes Toyota parts look quite reasonable.

    Anything similar to a Hilux won't be much better on MPG. Can you but Isuzu pick ups in the UK?

    Yes we have the Isuzu over here. I used to own a Vauxhall Brava which was essentially an Isuzu, it was very strong, never let me down in that department, but parts were pricey and sometimes difficult to source.

    I used to work with a guy in the 90s who was a Land Rover nut, he once told me that in the off road competitions he attended the Lada Niva always used to come 2nd to the Landys. :D

    The Ranger and Mazda are the same. Isuzu are badged up as Vauxhalls.

    Don't the Aussies say...

    If you want to get across the outback go in a Land Rover, if you want to get there and back go in a Land Cruiser. ^^

    I know a few folk whove had Mitsu 200 and been very pleased withh them.Not a bad price for a decent pickup.

    Yeah me too, I know one guy who has had 3 of them and said they were good, a neighbour tells me they are shit, he by the way has wrecked the engines on two Ford Rangers hahaha

    Rubber neckers - friggin' pricks.

    I was in slow moving traffic for 6 miles yesterday, only to find out it was an accident on the other side of the dual carriageway at a flyover that led to us joining a motorway.... people actually slowing down on a fast and dangerous section like that. :cursing::cursing::cursing: