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    Tofutti original cream cheese is really nice, esp in sauces... Also, deffo Violife, the smoked one is our biggest seller in the shop i manage.
    Also... Good Hemp hemp milk... omg.... i take it everywhere with me... We sell that by the of those cases is mine.. lol

    I suffered acne for most of m life, its a blood disorder, by the time i was 40 I would have done anything to get rid of this painful condition. I was covered. I was referred to a dermatologist who recommended a treatment called roaccutane.

    I bit the bullet and said yes.
    I have not had acne since.
    It comes with risks, as its high doses of Vit A. but its so worth the few months of skin peeling and dryness.. I could never wear nice things as the oil in my skin marked anything sensitive to colour change.. Now, no problems at all, whatsoever.

    I did try everything going..all the antibiotics creams soaps, old remedies, they dont fix the problem. The probiotics are a very good idea , mind, the yogurts, are just a food and the bacteria is killed off before it gets to your gut. A good daily probiotic supplement tho, is designed to break down in the yeah, they wont harm and will do some good.
    Dont over wash your skin, i use a wet flannel.... and an unperfumed range for shampoo bodywash etc. (Faith do a brilliant range and it lasts ages. )
    Foodwise, dairy .. yeah, cut down, Hemp milk is an excellent alternative... and violife cheese is the only non cheese thats edible (imho)

    (i'm manageress of a healthfood store, so i have learned me stuff...xx)

    I hope some of this helps.

    I'm sick to death of this post flu cough....Coughing fit at work was unrelentless.. if anybody had come in the shop at the moment i was at my worst i would have been ferried off in an ambulance.....
    I cant talk properly, no good if i am giving health advice LOL

    I used to collect 110 cameras ('110' being the format) and I got through loads of films when I was growing up. I got them all from car boot sales, and the films were quite cheap.

    I'm so glad I did, because I have so many ridiculous photos from my childhood it's just brilliant :)

    Pictures of my bedroom, pictures of the cat eating it's dinner, pictures of the living room, pictures of my old bikes, pictures of the den me and a friend built, it just goes on and on :D

    I had an Halina 110 .... I also have tons of silly photos... :)

    sometimes i dont like rhe groove...sorry pj:S:hippy:

    Life is what it is... I have a job that i absolutely love.... i come alive at work... the house is just the place i have to wait at for the shop to open again the next morning..

    I'm in deep debt... its my own fault, I wasnt tough enough on the daughter and its cost me a LOT.... Im not going into detail as the horrible truth would be too awful to write.. I had a breakdown because of it all... clawing my way back...wish there was a magic wand....
    My pleasure is photography, it takes my focus away from the bad stuff..

    I never did photography at college, ever. My dad was photography bonkers, but just point and shoot, from box brownies onwards... Always wanted to learn how to use an slr... only recently have i had the opportunity to join a club of enthusiasts who are happy to teach me everything i need to know, so, eventually I will be savvy enough to use a Dslr.. (i have a good bridge cam,(fuji HS50) but...

    Next week I am learning how to do old fashioned large format selfies ......from setting up to dark room and beyond... excited? much... :)

    Sat in my attic, pondering this...

    Now, its a bit blowy out there, the room is moving...the chimney is jut oer there, which way will it fall? how far will the debris go? where is the safest place for my futon mattress?( I dont have a bed.) Will I be safer by the chimney wall? It might leave a safe spot there... or would it...
    Maybe I should transfer myself to the other side of the attic away from the chimney...? hmmm

    this sort of stuff...coz its rockin me cottage.... eep.

    I've not really had time to take any recently, but, I'm going back to basics... 35mm b/w old school slrs....including developing and printing my own photos... just had my cameras tested out, Canon A1 and 1000EOS working.. and the Baldinette, which I thought would be bin fodder has been mended too! cannot wait to get them back to play with... Sadly my pentax and OM1 were both at the end of their useful life.. (gutted)
    Let the fun begin..

    Yes, But All that sitting can really take it out of you, Can't it !. So don't get rushing on to what you have to do next, until ALL the sitting is well & truly Done .
    U would rather do ONE jib well, than TWO jobs badly.

    I have just one day off, on that day i dont have time to sit.. laundry shopping housework blah de blah..
    so on a night, when i get home from work I think I deserve to sit.... :)

    Feeling fed up, fed up of being skint, fed up of nobody visiting me, fed up of not being able to afford to visit anyone... fed up because its that time of year that swamps you with consumerism.... meh.

    At least I have job and it pays the rent and bills...nowt left for fun tho...I need another 30 hour job on top of the 42 hour job..
    I thought working f/t was supposed to make life easier not harder... :(