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    I took the Leica out for a walk on the moors to test it out....I am rather impressed on quality of pics it took... much better than the fuji hs50, not quite sussed the macro on it yet...but, it might just become my go-to camera....unless i want to do birdy and animal things.. then the fuji will be the one.. the Leica will probably be my festie camera... as its better in low even tho its 12 years old, it beats the fuji on quite a few levels..

    I didnt waste my hard earned cash, that is for sure...:)

    auction price, gonna keep an eye and see how much it goes for. i might sell it on.. and use my other cameras. hey ho, i thought it was a good deal, goes to show that theres always something to be disappointed in.. lesson learned.

    So, i was on the demon FB, and browsing marketplace for fun, and i saw an advert... it was a camera for sale.. £150 .. i decided yup, having it... didnt know what state it was in or anything.. and as i was going to be passing thru the city, i arranged to meet person selling said camera.. i was a little unsure, as folks sell all sorts of rubbish.. so, i took my hard earned cash with me, with a choice of refusal if it wasnt any good..
    Elderly gent appeared with camera case... I opened case, all wires leads and charger were there, in mint condition.. Camera in very good nick, he had had it from new.
    I asked him why he was selling it. he said he needed a new lens for his canon and this old camera was just collecting dust in a drawer...
    I handed him said cash, trying hard, really hard to NOT show my absolute delight and excitement... but as i hugged it and kissed it.. i think he knw I was a little overwhelmed.. but .. it's MINE now .. oh how i love this little Bridge camera he passed to me...

    what camera is it..? oh i forgot to say...

    Leica V Lux 1 ..

    was I a fool for buying a 10mp 10x zoom bridge camera for £150 notes?? esp when i have a Fuji HS50 40x zoom bridge and a Nikon D3200 Dslr and a Canon A1 SLR...

    this ole camera thingy is a little addictive isn't it...

    I am thinking, If i hadn't decided that I would have summer off due to being made redundant, would i still be inundated with job offers? I honestly thought that i would be on the shelf until i retired? flattered that at 59 I am still in demand... my photography will have to take a backseat for a while... or, i could do a shop project... people who visit health shop portraits maybe?? hmm, now there's a thought.. !!
    Until then, i shall be washing up and making sandwiches in an italian cafe... lol

    I've been getting on with stuff, clearing out clutter , that sort of stuff... loads for the recycling centre piled in the corner of the kitchen, thats just one room down. I am about to tackle the ironing...

    Aaand, the water tank is empty..deep joy. Cafe mustve been very busy (they share the water tank) ... the joys of living off grid.

    every now and then we fall into a job that suits us. It’s nice to chance money, but time and contentment is far more valuable when we need it most. Shame you can’t make a living with your photography skills.

    Can't see me ever thinking i am good enough to earn cash... tho saying that.. i have done 3 weddings.. that was enough. no more weddings. I have a funny and rather embarrassing story about me and my camera..(but also a compliment and constructive criticism, the one thing that actually managed to make me *see* a bit differently lol

    I have realised, after many many moons, that making plans, means whatever you are planning to do, probably wont happen..

    I planned on having summer off due to being made redundant... I will be lucky if i get 2 weeks off... as soon as i made that decision to chill, the phone rang off the hook, now i am about to set up a new shop, from going to see the premises, to managing it, and all steps in between... scary... exciting... but, i actually wanted to be an oik this summer...

    I planned on getting my mums birthday present yesterday too... I did actually succeed in that, but not until i had ordered a bespoke dress and shoes for my own birthday in August!.. a totally sponteneous decision
    I bought an oak breadboard too... it was meant to be a gift.. i have given it.. to me..

    Just thought i would share this. as i am amused by my own doings.. if i was somebody else i would be shaking my head.

    I was too busy with work to think much about internets in general.. I hate this out of work nonsense..(that must change)

    .. but hey... i keep popping back, time after time... :)

    I've not seen anything but the inside of the shop.. I never realised how tiring it is to run a shop alone, on the closing down week... and dealing with difficult customers.. I want to go hide on an island, alone. I do plan on taking summer off before looking for another job.. Will i relax? probably not.. tho i will try..

    Enjoy your downtime..:) xx

    well, I have been friends with a proper American hippie for over 10 years, the difference is...umm, they are all Deadheads, they ALL went to THE free festival, are weed farmers and love Spanish girls... and smoke a LOT of pot... hahaha

    Never been, always wanted to...

    I live in Bronte country, in an old mill, my closest neighbours are 3 fields away in any direction, closest village just a mile away... I love it. but not in winter.. blizzards make walking anywhere impossible, no buses run down my road , yet, for photography..well, amazing!

    My best friend's mother passed away at approx. 0400 on Friday 13th April 2018.

    That rather destroyed my feelings for the day !

    Sorry to hear that.. Shit day.. :(

    . I am out of work from may1st.. the redundancy will help, for a short while, at least i can pay off my CC and bank loan..clean slate, new ventures.. but.. its almost 4 years to the day that i was made redundant from the other shop.. I think i am jinxed.

    I do love watching Chantelle McGregor...
    I love many different styles which makes it difficult to choose...
    Stevie Ray Vaughn
    Joe Satriani
    Steve Vai
    are the three that pop into my mind, but the list is endless.