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    tbh, I have had a LOT going on, and all things internet took a back seat... Things are slowly improving, but now my health has taken a down turn and sometimes even making a brew is far too much effort, and leaves me shattered... so i bob in when im sat downstairs.. like now, but ill be in bed by 10pm, and its 21:40 now...

    This place is dead. How can we expect returning forum users or new comers to continue to log in on a regular basis, when no one can be arsed to post new threads or contribute by posting their views/thoughts to existing threads. We cried out for a place we could hang out, gather, meet up, chat, laugh, learn. It’s been hard work now for sometime. Use it or loose it!

    Ive not had a pc for a long time after my life was turned upside down...Just about getting my head to sit firmly on my shoulders again, not been ready to socialise, I was too much of everything. I am slowly coming back. :)

    I got bitten by bugs nine days ago, they didnt go away, they got worserer... I'm now on strong antibiotics for Lyme disease, o the joy...

    Anyone else had this/ got this ?

    I didnt know much about this tick thing, and thought, it will go away, forever... I read up a bit, nope..not having it, I dont live in dare they be in West Yorks..

    Swings & roundabouts PJ1.

    My son lives with me & I often wish I was alone so I could spend more time on the road. Sometimes We're never satisfied with our lot are we?

    Suppose I'd miss the lad if he left but would be able to do more things id like to do myself too. Nice to see you posting again, hope things are ok with you.👋😉

    Life has been *interesting* My last few years have been very up and down, like living on a corrugated roof....
    I have hit a lull now, so have had time to think, not the safest option for me.

    I think last year was pretty much one of the worst ever, for me.
    I walked out of my home and the narcissist i shared it with
    I walked out of my job because of the narcissistic bully i worked for
    I left the house i was living in because i no longer could afford it, leaving me and my pregnant daughter homeless
    I moved in a house belonging to the family of the babies father, with daughter and her bf, he got terribly violent and i had to call police, daughter got a place with supported housing, she had her baby in october, he is a darling<3 , hopefully she gets something more permanent soon..
    My time here is finite, as the person i lodge with is at end of life, thats kinda scary....

    BUT, i stand by all my decisions....something good has to be round the corner, it has to be.

    I wear a step counter.. the challenge is to get 10,000 a day in.... I try to get 20,000 in. Prob is, the older i get, the longer it takes me to recover from going on very long walks.. (I live in the Pennines, there is a LOT of up!)
    I lost 42lbs and went from a 20 to a 6... My bod has decided it likes being a 10....I have been struggling to lose that stone that keeps sitting on my waist... I have still in my head the WW easy way of remembering portion sizes.. and i am s.l.o.w.l.y dropping down to an 8.. I may just try to stick with that. (Smaller plates, quarter pint of skim milk, potato no bigger than your fist, portion of cheese no bigger than your thumb, butter you fit on the top third of your finger, bread slice no thicker than the side of your finger, and a cupped hand of cereals, ...) it is odd what you remember. lol

    It is a struggle, him upstairs can eat anything, and i mean anything, and never gains one ounce! its annoying. I tried eating exactly how he eats, I put on a lot of weight ... now i eat seperately from him, and a much much healthier diet, lots of salads and fruit and vegetables, small amount of carbs.. only sugar is Honeydew honey(very small amount, its more psychological than necessitiy) for my coffee...

    The Sightseers ... hmm, expected a Yorkshire based romcom... WRONG! tint wot ya think, at all.

    this is the third Yorkshire based film that has left me bewildered and traumatised. I have almost erased the other two from my mind.. one Thirsk based, one Grimsby based, now this one..... Yorkshire film writers... sick as fuck. seriously. (scuse the sweariness, but...)

    I had not thought about that! The paint was gone when we finally collected her... and she was skinny, but not bald.. the move may have triggered it .. but she has shown no inkling on leaving the house, unless i sit outside, then she ventures about a little bit.. but comes in as soon as i do..

    She's not bothered for catnip or valerian, tho i might make her a valerian tea and add that to her food and drink..
    I think the problem is that we took her away from where we found her, but if we had left her she would have certainly died as that blizzardy weather turned up not long after we got her home.. She has had no inclination to go outside , so she is obviously happier indoors.. And Sir TobyLerone, my big fat cat(8.4 kg) spends most of his time out... he likes her and lays flat on his back to show her he means her no harm, and he probably still misses Moonbeam who died last year., tho i think he realises that Nutmeg-Sun is deaf, and he just wants to be her friend, she tho, is having none of
    I will go get some spray tho... I will try anything to stop her de furring herself.. xxx

    Look for something she's allergic to. Maybe a cleaning product you use in the house etc.

    I knew someone once who had a cat that was allergic to flea treatment - so look at things like that too

    Good luck :)

    the place is eco and off grid so i am not allowed to use harsh cleaning products... I hope shes not allergic to BioD as its the best of the eco friendly products, but i will look into it... could be dust i suppose, but living in the middle of coutryside, there's not a lot of dust, but there is a lot of pollen, maybe she is allergic to that? .. I wonder if you can get anti histamine for cats??? *goes to google*

    I'm with Stu on this one... Prime has the odd good series, but Netflix is waaay better (apart from Lucifer which is on Prime only now)
    I do scroll through prime to see if there's anything awesome that i might have overlooked, but most of it , to me, is made for tv rubbish. You know, those things that are put on at holiday times as nobody watches tv much then.

    I have asked people from all religions, does your god really condone the killing of one another? really?.. I have not had a valid reply yet.. tho one muslim guy got what i was saying, and said its only a small minority that are extremists.. to me that is too many..
    I choose the religion of Tree.

    Me, and him upstairs rescued a wee scrap of a tabby cat off the moors above Tod, she was emaciated and covered in blue paint..
    She weighed 1.6kg...
    We have had her four months and has put on a bit of weight, when we find food she will eat for that week...and is now 3kg...No idea how old she is, but she has not come into season at all and appears to be stone deaf, so i reckon she is an old puss..
    The problem.
    she pulls out her fur, not just a little bit, she looks like she has a reverse mohican.. in other words her sides and legs where she can reach are now bald.. but top and bottom have long fur.
    Yes we have taken her to the vets many times, no they don't seem to be worried and put it down to stress, yet havnt been able to suggest what we can do to stop this....
    I have tried putting kalmaid in her food..she refuses it and would rather starve.. i have tried putting homeopathic tablets in her water.. she leaves the water, administering meds is a struggle.. Feliway , yup, tried that..the rooms are too big and open plan for it to have any effect......
    So hive mind.... i am throwing this to you.. i have run out of ideas and even considered doing the thing that i dont want to do, because she must be so unhappy...:( .... but him up there flatly refuses to even consider that option. It pains me a lot to see her like this. I have had 13 cats and none of them have had this isssue.

    Turmeric is a very good anti inflammatory, as is Ginger and Bromelein.. the three combined would be good, the black pepper is to help with absorbtion... As turmeric is a spice, it floats on water and doesnt absorb well. Curcumin, on the otherhand is designed to absorb into the bloodstream, it would be a far superior anti inflammatory in my opinion. Others may argue this tho...

    The lastest version of Wuthering Heights did my head in... Riddlesden Hall is beside a busy road to Bradford, it does not open out onto moorland....And Heathcliffes' accent ..WRONG ...
    Tho the drama about Branwell and the Bronte sisters was superb, even if the parsonage was a mock up built on Penistone Hill..
    I watched another drama based in Brighton, but the park the strolled through was Valley Gardens in Harrogate! . there are many, but these two really bugged me..

    Never wanted kids, ever. Did fall in love and get married, still did not want kids. Mother in law stated that i only married her son as my biological clock was ticking away.. (I was 32, he was 21 when we got married)
    All was well
    Hit 37, fell pregnant completely by accident after a rather raucous night out and a bit o *billy* in the school playing field at the back of our house..

    Nightmare from Hell. If i could turn the clock back, I wouldve not had the billy, i wouldve collapsed in a drunken heap and gone to sleep and not got pregnant.

    (Love her to bits, BUT...... ) those that know on here, know why i am like i am about it all....

    I wonder what my life wouldve been like had she not come along...?

    Keep well fed. Do not under any circumstance criticise without very very good reason. Do not presume she will like what you like. Do not book anything without consulting her first. Shower her with silliness, and daft presents. Romance her.. it goes a very long way to you getting what you want, if she is treat like a queen. Treat her mean, and oh boy, be prepared, as her revenge is always served cold....( can guarantee, you will not be expecting it.)

    My 60th is looming, and nobody has mentioned it to me. As a Leo, i quite like a fuss, but i know i will be disappointed, again as always....
    I was hoping to have enough money to go see a mate in Germany, but daughter got in to dire straits, so the cash that i had saved, yet again, went to help her out....
    now, with opening a new shop in a couple of weeks, I doubt i will get any real time off to celebrate anyway.. SO, I will not mention it again, at all... and on my actual birthday i will cry at being an old fart,(but not a pensioner since the gov moved that on another 6 years...) and probably get drunk on my homemade Sloe Gin that i have saved for the day....

    And you manage a health food shop as well?

    Yes, i was, but i was made redundant...tho, in a few weeks i shall be reopening the shop under a new name... .I love food, I am a village lass and was raised to eat what was put in front of me... I do choose healthy options now tho.. and will still eat whatever is put in front of me anywhere other than home..:)