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    I'm not sure to be honest! I have no knowledge when it comes to engines. I had a look for a replacement and the ones for this vehicle and they ranged between 600-1000. It would cost a bit to put it in I would imagine....unless you can do it yourself or got a mate who'd do it for a crate of beer!

    If I had the money I'd do it but I just dont have its part owned with my ex so I just want to get rid of it and move on!

    Spring project for someone. Engine failure....head gasket has been done and partial re-build but still doesn't work! :( so needs more work or a replacement engine.
    The truck is in Redruth Cornwall. N reg Mercedes Sprinter 308d 3.5 ton, diesel. Tax & MOT.
    Converted beginning of last year, fully insulated,membraned and ply lined.
    Full size double bed with memory foam mattress. Loads of storage, under bed clothes rail and 3 deep shelves, chest of drawers, storage under seats. Seat on the left can be joined to others to make small double bed.
    Kitchen area with fridge, sink and drainer. Space for large gas bottle under sink, hob and caravan size oven.
    Space for woodburner (hole left out of roof ply for flue-see pics)
    Lots of nice oak detail, on bed and shelves.
    False wall behind roller door with stable door and stained glass window, fully insulated and lined.
    One caravan window and two large porthole windows.
    No leaks or damp anywhere.
    Solid underneath, good tyres.

    Has had a lot of money spent on it!

    Doesn't drive at all so will need to be towed or transported.

    Open to "sensible" offers! Please share!

    Please get in touch with me for more info or if you would like to view :)

    Follow this link to view photos…7.953268.603235356&type=1

    Wow ok seem to have sparked a big debate! He hasn't left me high and dry.....he's working on the van with the other he's not the bad guy! Hoping its going to be fixed in next week or so . Then i'll get a ferry back to th uk on 13th.....fingers crossed!

    Wish me luck!!!

    It was the headgasket ....advised not to drive her any further ..... my ex was determined to get to Boom festival so we paid for a tow there (!!!) and then were hoping to meet someone there who could help us with a tow to the eco project which wasn't too far from Boom....but didn't have much luck so had to pay for another one....we were stuck onsite for 3 days after the festival!!! Got to the eco project and tried to work out what to do then the boyfriend dumped me and its all been a bit shit since then to be honest....looking forward to this whole ordeal being over so I can go home!!!

    I think its definitely a "custom" van...... put my personal stamp on it ..... hopefully someone out there will love it as much as I do and think its worth making an offer.

    We paid £1500 for the van

    All the stuff done to the inside plus appliances (cooker fridge etc etc) and money spent on the engine before we left comes to around, maybe just under £4500 (I have it all written down somewhere but not with me at the moment) and it took us 4 months to convert....working on it every chance we had. My ex worked 24 hour shifts so on his 3 days off he was working on it constantly plus eve's and weekends.

    Like I've said before I know I'll lose money....we spent nearly 1000 euros getting it towed in Portugal plus the money we're now spending on parts and probably getting it back to the uk.

    I'm just hoping for the best I can get :)

    For an estimated price when putting the price we paid for the vehicle and what we've spent on it comes to about £6000 including the money we spent on getting things done with the engine to make sure it was ready for the big trip.....
    I have friends who did a conversion like this, there truck was slightly bigger and had the bit over the cab, also had a wooburner and electrics fitted....they sold it for £8000....maybe they were lucky?!

    Thanks for your comments, I have thought about all these things. Obviously its not going to be easy, probably will have to try and get it back to the uk somehow. Taking the box off could be an option....but that will also cost money...I have very little at the mo....its all tied up in that truck....which is why I need to sell it! Its a nightmare! Looks like it'll be ready in next 2 weeks an there's a ferry on 13th december. Thats what I'm aiming for unless someone wants it between now and then! Fingers crossed it'll all work out and I'll get at least some of my money back. I understand what your saying about not getting back what we've spent...but it was never the intention to sell was supposed to be my home for the foreseeable future!!! :/

    Thanks and yeah good idea I'll post some pics of the community. The website is

    To be honest I'd be happy with less....the ex is pretty set on getting close to £6000 for he did most of the work I guess its fair enough. I initially thought 4k but then people have seen it and said its worth its hard to put a price....its pretty special inside I have to say we did a good job! Just such a shame I have to sell her....oh well! I'm sure I'll get another one :)

    I had planned to drive her back to the UK to sell but having trouble trying to raise the cash to do that so thought I'd put it out there and see if there's anyone heading to Portugal and wants a beautiful live in truck!!!

    The situation is that myself and my now ex boyfriend converted her at the beginning of this year, we've now split up and need to sell her as we both own half!!! She broke down and so is in the process of being fixed at the moment by a trusted "angel" from the uk. She should be up and running again in the next couple of weeks fingers crossed!

    So I just thought I'd put the feelers out and see if anyone is interested on here. Anyone want to come over to Portugal and have the adventure I had planned to have but that didn't quite happen?!

    I'lll be sorry to see her go, gutted in fact but I cant afford to buy the ex's half and he cant drive and has no money either so he cant buy my half!

    She's a N reg Mercedes Sprinter 308D 2.3 litre deisel 3.5 ton so you can drive on normal licence. 6 months Tax and MOT left on her. Cheap to insure, only cost me £200!

    Fully insulated with Celotex (walls, ceiling, floor, back panel and fully ply lined throughout.
    One caravan window and two porthole windows.
    Wooden back panel with stained glass window and stable door which also has stained glass.
    Full size raised double bed with memory foam mattress, enough head room to sit up unless your very tall!
    Lots of storage under the seating, under the bed there is a chest of draws and more shelving/storage behind. Clothes rail.
    Kitchen area with fridge, Flavel cooker and a 2 ring hob all run on gas. Sink with tap and foot pump for water.
    Cupboards above the seating area and more storage under the oven and sink (this is where the gas is)
    Roll along water container that we put outside underneath, pipes run out of hole in floor. Also waste water container too.
    Lots of oak, along the bed and shelves. Wooden storage cupboard.
    Space for a woodburner (we left a cut out in the ply in ceiling to put a flue through) we had planned to fit one on our travels but tthis didn't happen. Gets pretty warm in there with just the oven on though!

    Included in the sale will also be ....everything you'll need....the only thing i'll be taking out is my personal belongings!
    So you'll get all the pots and pans, knives and forks, big gas bottle thats hardly been used....soft furnishings, cushions memory foam mattress, pillows, duvet, door mat!...etc etc....everything you need will be in there! Lights at the moment are by battery. We didn't get round to fitting a 12v system before we left but managed fine with oil lamps and battery fairy lights! Pretty cheap to install a simple system anyway. My ex had plans for a more elaborate system to run off solar panels and power his music making equipment!

    If I took her back to the uk she'd be for sale for around £6000.

    So I'm open to offers close to this.
    Flights aren't expensive to Lisbon and then its a 12-13 euro coach ride to the eco community where she is at the moment.
    If she's not sold this way then I will have to try and somehow raise the cash to get her back to the UK...but I much prefer this option to be honest! Much easier and means I can just move on quicker!!!

    Pictures below.....anyone want to start a new nomadic life in Portugal???! Get in touch! :clap:


    I will pm you

    Hi there,
    I thought I had replied to this message this morning but looking at it now it doesn't look like it sent! It wont let me PM you for soe reason so had to post on here!
    The batteries are Fiamm and panels are Uni-Solar
    We paid £130 each for the batteries and £80 each for the panels so we've put them up for sale at what we paid for them.
    Really need to get as close to that as poss to raise the cash to get back to the uk. iTs going to cost more than that so will have to beg and borrow the rest. Flipping nightmare!!!
    I have photos if you send me your email address as I cant upload on here for some reason!

    Hello fellow hippies!

    I am in a bit of a situation right now....stuck in Portugal with a broken down truck. The truck is being fixed but I need to raise money to get it back to the uk to sell it. Unfortunately I only own half of it...the rest belongs to my now "ex" boyfriend!!!!

    So does anyone want to buy the following:

    Solar panels & Deep charge leisure batteries ideal for camper van or sustainable living!
    3x fiaam 100AH Industrial deep charge batteries (New)
    2x 64w Uni-solar (indestructible) flexi panels (Very good condition)

    £550 ovno

    We never got round to installing them, planned to do it whilst out here but everything went a bit tits up!!! We know they all work as bought from a trusted source and the batteries are new.

    They are currently located in Poole Dorset as a kind friend took them back to the uk for me.

    Please pass on to anyone who maybe interested....:D

    Cheers guys xx

    I've just bought a Merc Sprinter box van to convert into a home and travel round Europe with my family (boyfriend and dog).We've named her Barbara, she's literally just a box on wheels at the moment.Barbara1.jpgWe've got one long caravan window and two round canal boat windows to fit this week. I think fitting the caravan window will be pretty straight forward. Looking for any advice on fitting these…perSize&item=320862366902What sort of rubber strip should we use? Is it best to make a square frame on the inside to fit them into? Also anyone got any tips for insurance including cover for Europe. Should I stick to commercial van insurance?We're in Cornwall and if there is anyone local who could give us any advice or help with our first conversion please get in touch. Hoping to get a wood burner fitted at some point. We will hopefully be getting a pot belly from a friend.My boyfriend produces music and so we've been looking into extreme use deep charge batteries, split charge relays etc.This is our first project so its going to be a bit of a learning curve, we're hoping to get it live-able by June, leaving the UK mid July....heading to Boom and beyond!!! :wave:Any advice welcome thanks! x