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    well when it passes it will be trying to fund a new lorry with full living capability inlcuding twin 180 watt solar panels deisal heaters etc and shower wil lbe luxary

    it was in cornwall but stove could be anywhere by now

    also stolen large number of leather embossing tooling tools and punches

    carp fishing bag in leaf camo probally used to take stuff away

    large chain of caribiners and shackles and pulley, many stainless

    my cliff top caravan has bene raided probally by scrap metal thieves, my precious windy smithy stove has been stolen

    its the mid price model with the large cooking plate on top. they have stolen the flue as well, rendering my caravan unliveable for winter , alog with the stove lots of tools including large scandavian felling axe, and a big chain of carbiners

    a reward will be given for infomation that gets the stove and tools back , or the theiving barsweards testicals on a plate

    i suffer from, depression was on citapram they switched me on to arug that sounds like yours, it made zombiefied straight away i was shuffling and walking with head down
    i came of it and took citapram, ,went through CBT some good effects some not so good, nowi have gone cold coldcturkey on the citalapram, , iget good days i get bad weccqnt expectto be happy all time.
    i find excercise getting out in hte fresh air, chopping wood etc all helps

    haynes manuals do caravan guide book, covers everything mentioned above plus a lot more
    dont neglect a couple of fire extingishers, caravans do catch fire easy , burn baby burn
    if your running laptops invest in 12v charger. as inverters use too much juice i find.

    also look into a solar power charger for your lesuire batteries .even in britain its a very good investment

    also build in a safe box for valuables

    winmdy smithy stoves are good and have a built in baffle system, they dont have any nice windows so you dont get nice light danciong around caravan.
    and not as pretty as julians organic designs, but inwas offered a used one with most of the piping for 150 pounds so couldnt say no really

    i fitted mine my self after talking to a few others, used rock wool to insulate stove pipe going through caravan roof, i used single wall piping wanting to keep heat in cararavan and use excess heat to dry ashing etc, its a very effective stove with a very good draw etc.need a silocon seal round chimney and been looking at silcon cake moulds in a cheapshop, about 4 pounds and should make a good seal with a bit of work
    had my stove keeping me warm and cooking food f late when i ran out of heating gas , very effective, and steak tastes so good cooked on top

    anybody heard of dutch ovens, a big cast iron pot with tight fitting lid to go on top of stoves seen one today about 40 quid to buy, as i cook a lot of oven food thought it might be a good buy, otherwise going to buy a big antique cast iron fish kettle to put on top

    it would be really good to have local area meets where we could all bounce ideas off each other and look at how others handle certain jobs

    most of my wood isnt seasoned, but fresh, and smokes a lot etc

    i though you couldnt use coal in wood burners, i thought about coal or charcoal, i know the japanese use charcoal for long slow burns in fires

    re smoking i just if could utilise some or the smoke from the chimney but you correct apart form hot smoking , it probally wouldnt work

    i have windy smithy stove(the second stove in there range) installed in my caravan , finding i am doing most of my cooking and heating with this stove

    wondered if any body has a few extra tips for useage

    also heard you can buy some sort of oven that fits onto top plate, as i do a lot of oven cooked food in winter would be a help

    also even with mine stopped down i have a job keeping any fire going over night , always burned out by morning , good for summer fecking freexzing for winter

    also has anybody thought of a smoking box to smoke food via the up chimney

    dont be afraid to challange offical fines as well

    i once parked a motorbike in a free parking spot for motor bikes in newquay cornwall, came backto find i was blocked in by a load of scooters, came back an houir later to find a fine posted on bike for obstruction, i challanged it , said take me to court, they backed down and even sent me a apology letter, mentioning press and news papers helps

    then one dayn water boARD threatned to sue me for non payment of water bill to a shop that had no water, the letters bACK and forth were monty python mirth
    i said i had no water and never had water, so then they tried to sue me foir water running off a flat above that i already paid for, fine i said, i would charge the water boardstorage as more water came under my door from the street than went out ofthe property\

    went on for three years but i won in the end , again saying sue me in court and watch the fun in the news papers helped

    another friend hippy john, recently got took to court for driving with no insurance in a van,
    he claimed common law, and asked the jps to show him thier oathes , some thing you are allowed to do, the jps refused and walked out of court , leaving john afree man, even the copper was amazed

    sl challange it all sometimes you win, if you lose its cost you nothing extra

    things started going wrong when ebay biought out paypal , nowvyou havnt got a hope in hell half the time
    ebays is biased towards buyers not sellers, yet its sellers who make money for ebay not purchasers

    i use other forums for selling , based on the hobbies involveed, then use gift method to get funds in via paypal, also with that method there is no charge back , so buyers cant stitch you up , with the not recieved it ploys

    i towed one for the first time ever last year after being given a 15ft twin axel caravan
    it scared the crap out of me at first , but after ten mins it was as easy as driving a van
    reversing is even getting easier the more you do it the easier itgets

    learning how to use jockey wheel and leveling another easy task once you know how lol

    the barriers between this world and the spirit world can often be thinner than we think, at certain times spirits are able to reach out and touch us in many ways.

    When we are teenagers a lot of things are changing in our bodies and minds and perhaps souls too, its a formaltive time, so maybe thats when playing with the ouija board isnt a good idea.
    Playing when drunk or under drug influances again not a good idea, if your of strong enough a amind dont think the ouija board is anything to be afraid of, i have used one several times with no ill effects,and bought and sold many boards

    I prefer to dream travel to meet spirits and other souls on a one to one basis

    I think its fucking amazing people that people still believe the 9/11 official story. you're a fool.

    Certainly no fool. and certainly saw two jets hit hte twin towers, why fly two jet into at same time as blowing up
    people beleive a lot which is written on the net without questioning any evidence, they beleive because its a alternative view it must be correct, i say question everything you read or hear, ask for first hand stories not third or forth hand
    I learnt a lot of stuff about hte iraq war from people who had been there, not from press stuff
    Even with the freedom of information on the internet, we are still being manipulated to a large degree, but htink we know more

    some stuff police already source out to private companies, found that out about 10 years ago , when wifes handbag stolen, scrotes used credit cards. police hand over such stuff to private companies to investigate.
    Same as car tax crime is now done by private comapnies who clamp you and charge you a lot ot take clamp off, then you get fined as well by dvla

    bring back common law lets all revolt against all this crap, its all one big money raking excercise

    when i used to run a reptile breeding and retail centre, one of my customers a bright chp started to get into UFO lore. He went to seminars on how the world is run by two tribes of aliens, one a reptile speciecs , lol he was normal til lhe got into all this stuff.
    One he brought me a advert to show me, it was for a job vacency in america at a reptile breeding centre, needed experience etc, he claimed this centre was a cover , it was run by an american airforce general who wanted people to look after baby aliens in a research project . Lol and THEY advertised in MagAZINE

    like a lot of htese stories little grains of truth inbedded to make the stories look real, and people get carried away by it all .

    Now did i tell you about the wierd reptile species i used to breed, that was almost a mammal and only had one baby once a year, a nd baby was born one third size of the adult, and also had parental care, could well be a baby alien, whoops shouldnt have told you all

    Like 911 theories the yanks brought down the twin towers themselves, bullshite , yanks cant keep anything to themselves gobby people, never mind keep under wraps 100s of staff needed for such an operation

    i am patked up in a roadside laybye in cornwall for three weeks plus now in caravan , have a lovely river beside me , and a wood with deer n owls accross the river.
    only draw back i have is a group of idiot moped riders who think its great to peep horns every time they drive by
    local police women opped in third night in, and i told them i am not perminant they were very nice an polite, bluevtop pcs , and even offered to try and find mr a place long term

    they only came because somebody from the local ramblers group had complained i was taking space up bloody cheek they had 20 plus cars bring back wolfs bear and wild boar , make ramblers lifes interesting
    not noisy does help , cornwall is very short of proper travellerssites, coincill will not buildthem , which leaves said council on a sticky wicket when you park on their land

    love your stoves , at last a caravan stove that doesnt have to be ugly,
    when i have some money i would love to come and see your ideas working and take som3e photos too, i am a professional photographer, and thinking of writing my own guide to off hte grid living one day , after much more research is under taken
    you kinder kettle idea is interesting too