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    Years ago, just fitted a new exhaust on my '72 Air-cooled VW bus and thought it would be a good idea to leave off the large piece of 'tinwork' that sit's over the top of the exhaust. Didn't realise that it was there to separate the air inside the engine bay from the outside world and was a vital part of the cooling system! Needless to say, the engine overheated and melted a hole in one of the pistons the same night... while I was bombing up the M6 on my way to a beach party!
    Made it to the party though, and drove round on three cylinders for months afterwards.

    Hi KK
    I notice you say he says he loves you, but you haven't once said you feel the same way about him.
    Yes a mess it may be, but if you were both willing to leave married partners then you weren't that happy before either.
    I feel that if you back off and give him space then it may well force the issue one way or another. Can you not stop with a friend or relative for a few days to clear your head while he clears his?
    Either way, going back to a previous partner after such upheaval would take an awful lot of effort and trust building for him to be accepted back. If it comes to that, then you'll need to break all contact with him or things will get messier than you can possibly imagine.

    Just to throw in a curveball, there's always the option of a pop-top, camper style.
    That way you can stand up if you want to, just pop up the roof, but if you can't be bothered...

    I guess a lot depends on your own physical height. If you're only around the 5ft mark then you might only need to get a mid height roof instead of the full high top option. The van's for you, so why buy something that caters for people that won't be using it?

    No you are not silly, and far from alone either.
    I still have two of my childhood toys that I took everywhere with me when I was growing up, and have no plans to let them go either. If I was in your shoes I know I'd be having the exact same thoughts.
    My Mum used to be the same, but she recently decided to let go of her doll. Not sure why, but I guess the time was right for her.
    I found it quite odd for her to keep something for so long that must have held so many memories, to just let it go. I think she let it go to a charity shop too.

    Oh dear. Looks like I started something again...
    I can't even go away for a day without you kids not playing nice, can I..... LOL!

    To those that offered words of comfort, please accept my heartfelt thanks. I wish i'd known you those 25+ years ago.

    Those of you that offered alternative views and opinions, well fair play. There are always two (or more) sides to every story.

    Those that didn't give a stuff either way, well fair play too. Guess you've got more important things going on to deal with. Hope they work out good for you.

    Truth is, this page of my life was turned a long time ago. I left school with mediocre grades, found some true friends at college (some that I still hang with to this day) and flipped the whole experience over and learned from it to make sure I never end up in that scenario again. So far so good. I'm pretty happy with how my life has turned out so far.

    As Paul has touched on, it's about forcing yourself into a certain mindset. Forcing yourself to flip a negative experience on it's head and break it down so you can figure out where it took the wrong turn. That's the part you can change.

    This thread has drifted way off topic now. My fault entirely, so I'll make my last comment now and leave you all to it.

    I remember listening to Radio 1 at work some years ago, It was Sara Cox's show.
    Anyway, Two women had phoned in that used to go to school with her, and were trying to use that association to get put on air. Sara was having none of this, as it turns out that these two women used to be her high school bullies who used to verbally abuse her about her appearance, making her last few years pretty miserable. She ended up shaming them live on air for their actions, only stating their first names and a short list of what they had done. She finished up by thanking them for giving her the confidence to rise above the taunts and make something of herself.
    It seems that these girls thought that their taunts were also just flippant, throw-away jibes. Not everyone is that thick-skinned, and it's usually the sustained and prolonged bouts of negative comments that grinds people down.
    Throw away comments are fine, as long as they are just that.

    Now, play nice kiddies....

    For the large part though, our weight is something we can take control of ... it's not like height, sex or skin colour - and being teased isn't necessarily the same as being shamed.

    Whilst I agree in principal with this, and am as guilty as the next person for joining in with and even instigating some pretty harsh and personal 'banter' amongst friends, it can be very easy to cross the line from banter to bullying with someone you don't know that well. Most people (myself included) just see it for what it is, piss taking between friends. But what initially started as a few flippant comments about the chubby kid at school, soon took a dive into two girls physically assaulting me in the middle of a Maths class for being the "fat ugly spotty fucker that everyone hates" and sending me home with numerous bruises, whilst the teacher just passed it off as 'kids being kids'.
    Yeah I took charge of my weight, went out on very long bike rides whenever I could, lost a ton of weight to become mr average in an attempt to blend in, but I was still a target for the last two years I was there, as people just remembered the fat kid. Still, they were only teasing me, right?

    When I put on weight I had long term mates say "Jesus Christ mate sort that belly out!" or whatever - and, yeah it might have hit a nerve, but it wasn't necessarily meant in the same way as malicious bullying.

    So, I'm divided in my opinion in some ways. Like ... being told we're fat can sometimes hit a nerve 'cos nobody wants to be called out for doing anything unhealthy.

    I mean, "smoker shaming" isn't really considered to be abuse of tobacco addicts, 'cos we all know that smoking's a pretty fucked up habit - and even smokers admit to this and know they'd sooner stop.

    Yeah ok, I'm guilty of this one. However I wouldn't do it with everyone I know, as some people just wouldn't take it in the way it was intended. That doesn't make them any less of a person for taking comments to heart. I would find a better way to get any advise across to them, without resorting to shock tactics.

    Typically speaking, people are the commodities of large corporations who always want a new way to sell us shit ... a supplement, diet plan, designer jeans, shaving cream, beard oil, hair clippers, skin stuff, and so on... but people have always wanted to look good, feel better, be healthier etc.
    So I think it's important to separate "I'll buy what I'm told" from "I want to be healthy", lest we become a nation of slobs justifying how it's fine to look and feel like shit, just 'cos it's the politically correct stance to hold.
    Besides, many of us who do look like crap have gotten that way as a result of over-consuming the shite food they push on us.

    The trouble with this is convenience, and the fast-paced mainstream world. It's all too easy to start on the slippery slope of fast foods and quick fixes, as time is such an important commodity that everybody tries to cram as much into each 24 hour day as possible and something has to give.
    I know, it's all about mindset. If you want to be healthy you'll find the time etc. The trouble with that is addiction and routine. People all too easily get into a rut or routine or doing things a certain way that it just becomes the norm.
    Lets face it, how much easier is it to find a junk food lunch than a healthier option to eat when you only get half an hour a day to do it?

    To be honest I've been wondering about my earlier comments about dating someone with a body like a "bag of spuds" and reflecting on whether I was wrong to say that or not - and I'm still not sure. Obviously I never meant to hurt anyone, but offence usually belongs to the person who takes it, and there's clearly a difference between throwaway nonsense "pub talk" and deliberately trying to intimidate or bully someone.

    Incidentally I've just remembered a girl I used to know who would always compare her tall skinny boyfriend to "sleeping with a crease in the sheets" ... they were together for years, so I'm sure he heard as much teasing from her as from anyone else.


    Now I know this Paul. I've been on here long enough to know how to take your comments, but that's kinda my point.

    I've held off commenting on this topic for some time now. Why? Well mainly because the whole topic just cheesed me off and I wouldn't have had anything nice to say about any of the comments so far. BUT...
    From my own perspective (that's a guy who's weight fluctuated a fair bit during his school days, and got verbally and physically abused by the opposite sex for a number of years) I find that body shaming is probably one of, if not the lowest form of bullying out there. It can have such a devastating effect on an individual, often resulting in self harm and sometimes even worse. Gender doesn't come into this, as it affects all sexes.
    People are under so much pressure these days to look a particular way, aspire to be something they clearly aren't or can't be, that most people get so caught up in it that they forget what's actually important... just being an individual.
    Taste is such a personal thing. Not everyone is going to like the same things. A stereotypical view of 'beauty' is exactly that, a fictitious ideal created by the corporate world to make money. Nothing more, nothing less.
    What I consider to be attractive only matters to me and the person i wish to know I find attractive. What if they don't reciprocate that emotion? Well that's just the diversity of individual taste showing it's hand. Nothing personal, they just don't dig you in the same way.
    I don't have a 'type', I find different things attractive about different people. Tall or short, small or large, big boobs or no boobs, hair or no hair, male or female, if I find you attractive it's because you have that certain something that catches my eye.
    Mainstream life has been turned into a popularity contest. Fuck that, I really don't care to be part of that. I'm all for freedom of speech, but really, is this person to large for me to date? Come on. If you're not into that then I guess you're just not going to be into it no matter how much you try to justify them being a nice person. Sorry to be blunt.
    Yes I probably am just a little bitter, and there have been some quite positive comments added here recently, so I apologise If I have dragged this topic down a bit.

    And this be the other pretty pretty type 2 vw woop woop :))
    :bounce::heart::bounce::heart::bounce::heart::hippylove:hippy3::cheer: hehehe:)

    Had one like this many moons ago.
    1972 cross over bay window microbus with steel roof. Cream over Mustard.

    TTE 509L called Magic!
    He's still out there somewhere....

    IMO the best looking Bay window, with the blade style bumpers and lower front indicators.

    HOWEVER, as with any classic vehicle, they can very easily become a huge money pit that starts to swallow up all your cash because you fall in love with them and end up pouring money at them to keep them on the road.
    I bought what i thought was a good solid (if a bit tatty) bus for about £2k, nearly 20 years ago. Over the three or so years of owning him I must have spent twice that on keeping him going. That's doing a lot of the work myself too.
    I loved him to bits, but I chose unwisely and it was the bits that kept falling off and breaking that cost me in the long run.

    Would I have another? In a heartbeat.
    Could I afford to buy and run one? Well what I had back then would cost about £10k now, and factoring in the running repairs, another £5k on top plus weeks and weeks of spare time faffing and not actually using it, probably not.

    Oh, and the heaters will always be crap, as the hot air has so far to travel from the engine to the front that it won't be hot by the time it gets there. Fuel economy is poor too, think 25mpg or less on a run, just tickling the throttle.
    But they are undeniably cool, fun to drive, pack a lot into a small footprint, and will always attract the right kind of attention.

    Since there's no real world inspection, photoshop some big windows and camper van style graphics in to the photos and resubmit.

    How about adding a bloody great sticker down each side that simply says 'MOTORCARAVAN'

    You could always speak to a friendly garage mechanic who could possibly write up and sign a letter to submit to the DVLA stating he has inspected the vehicle and is now unfit for use as a removals van or any other commercial use, due to the (rather well fitted) camper interior, and as such should be reclassified as a motor-caravan.

    I have the opposite problem to this. Unlimited data plan and only use around 600mb a month, and I think I use it quite a bit when I'm out and about.
    Try this;
    Settings - General - Background App Refresh;
    Uncheck all the apps listed and re-enable them one by one until you find the one that's eating up your data.
    You'll also find IOS is guilty of downloading it's own updates without telling you, eating up your data AND device storage. Looking at my phone now, the IOS 8.4 update is over 400mb.

    Also, I know it sounds silly, but it helps if you close apps down properly when you're not using them. Double tap the home button and swipe up all the apps you're not using every now and again.

    ** Also, it'll eat data if you have notification's set to ON for every app you have. Go into the settings and turn them all off. It'll save your battery a bit too.

    Someone's been watching way too much Stargate SG1....

    Seriously though, an interesting read. Far more eloquently put than I could have done, but covering pretty much all the bases I have thought for a long time.
    I'm not a religious person, somewhat spiritual perhaps, but generally open-minded about most things in that I believe all things have a common starting point, and in the case of religion it comes in the need to explain the unexplainable in a way to satisfy human curiosity whilst asserting a certain level of control. The jury is still out on whether this is a positive or negative thing, but my personal belief is that on an individual basis there is nothing wrong with a 'focal point' in which to live your life. The problem comes when it moves towards a collective belief and the need for 'control' and 'organisation' or the need to 'recruit' raises it's head.
    Maybe this is the reason for so many past failed civilisations?

    where is the cave please

    That's St Michaels Cave inside the Rock, Gibraltar.
    It's laid out like an auditorium inside.
    With rows and rows of seats. They hold gigs and concerts inside it. Quite possibly the coolest venue I've seen. Just watch out for the monkeys...

    That link also has a 250w monocrystaline panel for the same price. You'd be mad to turn down extra potential for free dude.
    Well worth a look i'd say.

    Not so sure sticky threads are the way to go. Things can get a bit messy with too many stickies!
    Maybe a couple of sub-sections would sort the wheat from the chaff better?

    Inspiration and conversion ideas could easily be grouped into a 'Hippy's rides' type section. Pictures of conversions and build threads all grouped together.
    'Advice on the road' for all things on how to survive on the black tar rivers and lanes.
    'Van maintenance' for well, what to hit with a hammer and where to put the duct tape...
    'General stuff' for everything else?

    Just a thought. I'll shut up now and go back to my quiet browsing...

    The short answer is, there is no 'best' option.
    It all depends on what you want from the device as to which one is best for you.

    I am forced to use a Panasonic Toughpad FZ-G1 all day, everyday whilst I'm at work. It's the mark one version that's running Windows 8.0. On paper it's a great device with very a respectable spec for a tablet, BUT I absolutely hate the interface for what I have to use it for. I find myself using an old fashioned USB mouse with it a lot, as a lot of the areas I have to touch on the screen on the company software are just too small. This is also true when using Adobe Acrobat reader. It's not a slick experience for a £2k device. The active touch pen is not much better than my finger either, hence my retro mouse useage! I'm not a fan of windows 8 in any guise, but I really don't get on with it's double fronted interface on the toughpad. If I could have my old Windows 7 laptop back, i'd be a much happier hippy!

    Out of work, I have access to Windows, OS X, Android, and iOS devices.
    Which is best?
    Well I'm typing this post on a Macbook that has a dual boot of OS X and Windows 7, so from that point of view both operating systems have their uses and both can do things the other can't.

    As for Tablets, well I owned a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, 7inch for some time. Initially it got used quite a lot, but I found it quite limiting in what I wanted to get from it. I guess I was expecting to be able to do pretty much what I could do with my laptop, and you simply can't replace one with the other. The same Is true of the iPad Mini 2 I currently have. It's good at what it does, and as with all Apple devices, it looks the part. But I find that All tablets, no matter what operating system, are essentially just smartphones with bigger displays/interfaces.

    Where Android tablets always trump Apple is memory expansion. Short of using cloud based storage, there's no cheap way of increasing the memory on iPads. Most android tablets will have a micro SD card slot. Cheap and easy extra storage.
    However, Apple wins on the data sync front. Assuming you buy into the whole Apple world. But if you want Apple to organise your life then their kit will do just that... As long as you have the money to waste that is.

    I do like Apples clear and smooth running interface, but Androids is far more tweakable if you want to customise it, albeit slightly less slick IMO.

    If you just want a tablet for quick and easy web surfing, a bit of social media, a few silly games, and for checking emails, then literally ANY tablet will do that. If you want to do more on the move, I'd stick with a laptop type device.

    If it's a good spec cheap portable laptop you need, have a look on eBay for a refurbed Lenovo Thinkpad X201. They can be got for VERY good money (think under £150). They even do one with a touchscreen that rotates to give tablet like performance. I got my Mum one with a solid state hard drive in, and it's a very quick little notebook that has a footprint not much bigger than an iPad. They all seem to have intel i5 or i7 processors with at least 4GB memory. A bit industrial to look at, but quite tough in construction, and seem to last well.

    Ultimately, it's Horses for courses, as someone said...

    I thought I was the only one who had these thoughts, and kinda got to thinking I was just mega selfish.
    Woohoo, UKH has a place for me again!

    I'm an only child from a very small family background, maybe that has something to do with it?

    Never been particularly keen on the whole having babies thing, and the more I see of today's society the less I would want to force that upon a new life. I seem to be comparing modern life to the film 'Idiocracy' rather a lot recently, and it applies here too!
    Also, society plays a more sinister role in this anti babies mindset in my opinion, as anyone who doesn't fit into the 9 to 5 2.4 children ideal is seen as weird and a bit of an outcast. Even more so if you don't want to have children... Heaven forbid, you might be some kind of pervert!
    This world is far too keen to judge people.

    For me though, the thought of giving up so much of my life to bring a child up is too much. Yes I'm selfish, but I just don't see myself having the patience or inclination to get elbows deep in dirty nappies. Even the thought of feeding time induces a small repulsive feeling in me.
    I've been in relationships in the past where partners have had children, and for the most part I've got on with them, so I'm not against the idea of other people having children. I just don't want any of my own. Never have, most likely never will either.
    Having said that, I do feel uncomfortable around people with babies and small children. Mostly stuck for conversation and with a mindset that says to me 'what the hell do I do with one of these'. I generally steer clear of these situations if possible, to save all the awkward questions that arise from my awkward responses. No I don't want to hold your baby, no I don't think he/she is cute, no I'm not weird, I just don't get the baby thing, ok?