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    If it's the same 1721cc Renault engine that was in a couple of old Renault 5's I had then you should be fine on unleaded.

    I rattled up over 40,000 on unleaded in the first one, and the engine had already got 95,000 on the clock when I bought the first car. Never missed a beat. OK, it wasn't exactly stressed pulling a 700KG car about, but still no issues, and i drove it hard 70% of the time.

    The second one.... well that wasn't quite as good. Only had 40,000 on it when I got it and I ended up having to buy a new carb for it, as it just wouldn't run right. Didn't seem to have as much grunt as the older one either, so I guess there are good and bad ones out there.

    The same engine was fitted to Volvo 340's as well as pretty much every other Renault car from the late 70's to early 90's, just in case you need to scavenge any parts from scrap yards.

    How have I missed an Anti-football thread? Maybe it's my mental filter blocking out the F word...

    Went to one game as a kid, couldn't see what all the fuss was about, still don't.
    The one thing that really get my goat about it though are the bores. You know, the one's who try to convince you that there's something wrong with you and convert you to 'their football-religion'. It's just a bloody game FFS, get over it!
    But then, they'll bang on and on about it trying to brainwash you with it.
    The conversation usually ends like this.

    Them "Dude, I can't believe you don't like football! What do YOU like then?"
    Me "Really? Ok... So, does your Girlfriend/wife/partner like football?"
    Them "No, she bloody well hates it. Something wrong with her too. Been trying to tell her for years..."
    Me "Ah well, see that's where I come in, i'll be the guy who's paying attention to your Girlfriend and keeping her entertained while your too busy preaching nonsense then, won't I?"

    The conversation usually dries up very quickly at that point! Not that I ever would do that, but it's a great conversation killer!

    It's official, we're out.
    Yes I ticked the leave box so blame me and the other 1.2million who tipped the scales in the leave direction.

    Regardless of whether it's the right or wrong way to go, the UK needs to see some changes.
    I'm not a big follower of anything political, mainly because I feel it's been a pretty stagnant area for far too long now. Hopefully these results will stir the hornets nest enough to wake up the residents enough for some long needed action.

    At the end of the day, nobody can predict the long term effects of staying put or leaving, but if you're fed up with this stagnant country just meandering along in the shadows, then join me with your big bag of popcorn as I sit back and watch what happens now.

    The second hand vehicle market is a strange place IMO. People will pay silly prices for certain things, and the seller is banking on just that.
    I learned a long time ago that sometimes you have to bite the bullet and pay over the odds if you REALLY want a particular vehicle.
    From the pictures, that van looks to be in exceptional condition for a 14 year old commercial vehicle with 150k on the clock, and it does appear to have been pampered. I'd want to see a comprehensive service history with receipts for all engine work done though.

    Is it worth the asking price?
    Well, if that's the exact vehicle you're looking for and you want the best then quite possibly, as it looks to be a very solid base vehicle that you could get straight on with a conversion without sorting out silly bits of welding and other age related issues. It would save a fair chunk of time and effort there. Think of it as potential piece of mind money.

    If you're looking for any similar age and size box van then no. There will be other makes and models out there in just as good condition. Trouble is, you might well be waiting a long time for one to crop up, and it might well be the other end of the country too!

    I hear what you're saying here dude, I really do.
    Although I'm no so bad with my own feet as you sound.
    I don't find anything about feet remotely sexually arousing at all.
    A nicely proportioned set of legs are a different matter though, which confuses me, as it's a bit of a juxtaposition in my eyes.

    Each to their own I guess, It's just not my thing.

    Not quite sure what he got out of it, but many moons ago I worked with a guy who liked to strip his wife naked and wrap her up from head to toe in industrial cling film, completely immobilising her apart from three carefully selected 'holes'.
    I'll let you fill out the rest yourselves!
    Fetishes. Unless your into them I guess you'll never understand. But then isn't that half the point?

    Has anybody ever used one of those mico USB dongles that allow you to watch digital TV on Android without needing an internet connection?

    I have browsed around and it looks like these dongle all come from China. Although they are not too expensive, become throwing my money away I'd be interested in knowing if someone has already used them. Thanks.

    You mean one of these?…ad-844424826#.Vw_6OmPVtFI

    Signal reception will be dire unless you can hook up a decent aerial to mount on your van.
    Trying to use one on the move would be pointless unless you're within eyeshot of the TV transmitter anyway.
    For the money it's worth a punt, and that one ships from either China or the EU.

    Apologies if I'm rattling on about stuff you already know, but here's a few thoughts.

    Half an hour spent writing up some basic terms and conditions to email or quote to prospective customers will pay dividends in the long term.
    If party's are something you plan on doing regularly you need a list of fixed prices for set numbers of kids attending.
    Slightly sneaky, but do the quantities in odd numbers, say groups of 3-5, 5-7, 7-9 as its human nature to want things in EVEN quantities, and you'll bank a little extra profit as a result.
    Make sure your prices cover you to make profit for the highest number in the group and you'll be quids in when the number of attendees is at the lower end of the group.

    Same goes for general prices too. Whenever I've sold anything I've always asked a few pence or pounds more than I actually wanted for the item. £11.24 isn't much more than £10.99, and again, is money for nothing. Most customers will have some loose change weighing their pockets down that they will happily offload.

    You could also offer a small discount for advance bookings. Do your maths right, and your discount will just be the extra few pence of small that you just added on and weren't missing before anyway! It also helps secure your income a little, as you'll have a better idea of when cash will be coming in.

    Keep at it, it'll be worth it in the end.

    90% of the population in general.
    At least 70% of these lack the common sense they were born with, and the other 30% don't care and are just twats.

    The 10% I initially let off the hook will know what they have to do, and will just get on with it.

    This is a bit of a generalisation, but in simple terms,

    Smaller numbers for shooting in brighter light, bigger numbers for shooting in less light

    In full manual mode you have control over two more settings,
    Shutter speed and aperture size.

    Shutter speed.
    Basically how fast the shutter opens and how quickly you let light into the camera.
    A faster shutter speed can 'freeze' motion. You might want this to capture a person playing sport or a bird in flight. A slower shutter speed can give a blurry effect, for example, those funky blurry waterfall shots that you see.

    Aperture size.
    This sets how big the hole is that lets light into the camera. Bigger hole means more light, but at the expense of sharpness. Useful in lower light scenarios, to a point, but in modern cameras the higher ISO settings take care of this better. So...

    three things to get right or wrong. This is why most people leave there camera in either Aperture priority or Shutter priority modes. One less setting to worry about.

    To make life even simpler you should also have an auto ISO mode. Turn this on and you only have one thing to worry about. Shutter speed or aperture size.

    My Canon 40D has three programmable modes. I have one set up for aperture priority with auto ISO on. One for aperture priority auto ISO on but in B&W mode. And the third just left full manual with auto ISO for if I want to mess about.
    This way it's pretty easy for me to get the right settings and hopefully not miss the shot.

    In the real world full manual mode, you'll find that tweaking any of the three basic settings has an impact on the others. That's the bit that confuses people.
    But the digital world is great, as you can take as many pics as your storage will allow, for free.
    Experiment and have fun.
    Try photographing a dripping tap. That will show you what the settings do pretty quickly.

    Been sat staring at the streets of Birmingham for the last hour or so. Even a few choice photoshop edits still can't make it look good in my eyes. Give me something with a bit more greenery any day.

    Been doing my hair/beard with clippers for the last 15-20 or so years now. Started going bald in my late teens, and thought if I had some clippers I could trim it as short as I liked, and when it got thinner on top I could shave it closer and closer.
    Been using a razor on my head a few times a week now for probably the last 15 years.
    Not that going bald really bothers me, I just think It looks neater clean shaven, and I've been told I have the right shaped head for a skinhead. The beard.... well, that just does what it wants most of the time. It gets the occasional trim to tidy up the edges every now and then.
    If I had the option of hair now, I'd probably still shave it all off anyway. I don't think it really suits me anymore.

    Close. The blue one is just one of those crappy little led lights with a finger loop you get in christmas crackers on the end of a piece of cord. The red, unsurprisingly, is just a stick left in the fire till its charred and red hot.

    IIRC something like 20 seconds, ISO 200, F1.4.

    When it's cloudy and I can't take photos of the stars lightpainting is my go to second choice :)

    I did think LED at first, but then I thought the blue was more of a chemical blue. Don't ask me for the winning lottery numbers this week folks!

    You might wanna soak that core plug in penetrating oil for a few hours before you try and unscrew it dude. If it's leaking at the 'nut' part it's probably corroded and got a hole in it and will be weaker than it should be. Last thing you want is for the nut to shear off when you try and unscrew it, and leave half of it in the block and a bigger hole than you already have.

    Had a look at the side door last night and I can see where the part to adjust the door is but it's already as far 'in' to the van as it will go. When the door closes it is just the top corner towards the back of the van that has the gap; everywhere else fits closely. I've checked the seal and that seems OK. I find it highly unlikely that it could have been bent as the door panel itself looks to be in tact, no marks or stress lines etc. Any ideas? :s

    Depending on how the seal is attached, you might get just enough of a seal to be watertight by partially loosening the rubber seal from the lip and moving it towards the door slightly.
    If it's the hollow squashy type, has it been squashed too much by repeated door slamming over the years? You can plump them up a bit by stuffing the hollow section with something a little firmer, like the thin plastic piping used for your windscreen washers.
    OR.... the cheapest and easiest temporary fix is to get hold of some of that sticky backed draught excluder foam and use that to fill in the gap. You can stick it to the door or the seal, whichever is easiest, and trim it to the right shape with a sharp knife. You can also layer it to make it thicker and trim it into some really awkward shapes. Make sure you get the closed-cell type though, as this won't soak up the water.

    The switch box requires no power connection at all. Cameras are standard 12v car/van battery power. You'll need to either run a live feed (red) from the van's battery to the red power lead of the camera and connect the camera's black earth lead to a suitable earthing point on the van's bodywork, or you could wire the camera red lead to a spare terminal in the fuse box, or via a cigarette lighter adapter.
    Normally, you would connect the camera power lead to the vehicles reversing light live terminal, so that the camera only powers up when you select reverse gear.

    It is also good practice to fit an in-line fuse to the camera red wire, as close to the battery/power source as possible. That way, if the power wire shorts out near the camera, the fuse blows and prevents the wire heating up, melting, and preventing a potential fire. Don't fit the fuse at the camera end, as there is then a long length of un-fused wire that can still melt and start a fire.

    Try Ebay item number 3219485643 for a switch box. You don't need to use all the inputs, only the ones you need. Reversing cameras can be had from a fiver upwards, like item no 231683293747. if you need some night time illumination, there's 221588464590.

    All you'll need to do is give the cameras a 12v power feed and plug everything in with phono/RCA leads. Pretty straightforward.
    Personally, i'd fit a switch to the camera power near the TV so you only power them up when you need to. You're not going to leave the TV on all night, so why leave the cameras on too?

    Thats a point... I have that blummin' tv sat on the wall with all sorts of inputs available. Could I plug the camera(s) into that?

    Easiest way is via the RCA inputs. You will probably have three round connectors on the back with red, black, and yellow centres. The yellow one is the video signal input and the one you would want to connect you camera output lead to. The other two are for audio feeds, left and right.
    Just plug the camera in and switch the TV the the appropriate auxiliary input source.

    If you want multiple cameras, you need an RCA switch box. I'll have a look for one on fleabay in a min...

    Ah yes, innuendo bingo... Where do I get my game card and a big dibber?
    But I digress.
    I think that as this is a build thread, then at some point we're going to need pictures of just what Raffi's been up to with her tools...