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    No such thing as barm's or batches round here. It's a bap.

    If the battery went flat on my phone it would have ran out of beans. "Couldn't call you earlier, got no beans in my phone"

    Beans can also be used as an alternative for 'giving it some' or 'going hell for leather' "bloody hell dave, did you see that nutter on that motorbike giving it beans?"

    And also as an alternative for semen. "shot my beans all over the bedsheets last night, misses wasn't impressed"

    I go off and do my own thing for a few hours and the thread goes mad! I thought all you people would be off doing your reclusive hermit type stuff? Guess that was just me then!
    There's a certain irony about this thread being quite popular don't you think?

    I can relate to so much in this entire thread, it's like I've found my long lost relatives! Quick, lets all run off again and enjoy our own company some more!

    This struck a particular chord with me though

    I get bored being out, to be honest. Particularly "nights out" and that kind of thing. I have nothing to wear, can't be bothered to dress up, and end up looking at my watch, praying it'll all be over soon!
    I'm ok with just going round someone's house, where I can drink coffee and slob around.

    People keep telling me that i'm stuck in an unhealthy rut and I need to get out more and socialise. WHY? I'm genuinely comfortable doing my own stuff mostly on my own, but somehow that's just weird?
    I'm glad I read this thread, it's cheered me up no end knowing i'm not alone wanting to be left alone.

    A prostitue goes to the doctors and says "doc, I think there's something wrong with my aviaries"
    "Don't you mean Ovaries?" Says the Dr.
    "No , aviaries." She says.
    The Dr decides to humour her and invites her to pop onto his couch for a quick internal examination.
    After a few minutes fumbling round, the doc lifts his head and says the the woman,
    "Well you were right, there's certainly been a cock or two up here..."

    I don't often comment on people's build diary's as I'm usually just in awe of the creativity you guys have, and I usually just store your ideas up for my own future uses.
    Just a thought I had about your's though dude. Are you planning on putting some sort of doors/cover on the water/gas cupboard and the tin-can store to the left?
    Reason I ask is, I remember a build on here by a member called hotrodjay, who made wooden fill-in pieces instead of curtains to cover the windows in his bus that were painted up to look like proper paintings that he just hung on the walls when not in use.
    I kinda thought that maybe you could do something similar here with a double function panel that could be used as a door or cover for your water/gas cupboard when travelling and also as a blanking panel for your crawl through access to the cab at night, stopping the light escaping better than just a curtain. Maybe you could paint it up like a picture on one side so it looked like a painting on your wall?
    Feel free to tell me to bog off and mind my own though! :beard:

    Nice review dude. I like your honest every-day review style.
    After seeing the rate the water spills out of the shower head, I can't help wondering if the water flow would last longer with two 1.5L bottles, switched over half way through, or with just one big 3L bottle due to the increased flow from the gravitational effect of the larger bottle? Maybe material for your next review, and a good excuse to drink 6L of cider. Purely for research purposes of course!

    Have to agree with the majority though, as I was somewhat disappointed at your lack of accent...
    Maybe if we all chipped in we could crowd-fund you a comedy regional accent for next time!

    There's plenty of city and rural car parks that display 'NO OVERNIGHT PARKING' signs dotted round the UK. These are usually in the tourist trap areas, or where there have been the usual few idiots who took the piss and ruined it for the rest of us, but some are just for the sake of it or so it seems.
    There are plenty of other places to go where no one will bother you for days/weeks at a time if you know where to look.

    Funny thing is, I agree AND disagree with every post in this thread.
    The main thing to remember is that the key to getting the best deal is trial and error. What works for us may not work for you.
    You have a 'test' account with price comparison websites you can play with, so have a good think about what you would REALLY like and enter those details in to ALL the price comparison sites. You'll find that even they will provide different quotes for the same brokers even though you put the same details in.
    The quotes you get will even vary by a a tenner or so depending on the time of the month you get the quotes! A lot of comparison sites will honour your quotes for a few weeks, so that can work in your favour too.
    Generally speaking, a cheaper car will be cheaper to insure, but a lot also depends on how cheap the parts would be to repair it in the event of an accident. A sub £1000 car can very easily cost more than it's actual worth to repair. From this point of view it pays to chose a vehicle that is a very common sight on the roads, as popularity will bring the cost of spare parts down. Plus there'll be plenty of second hand parts available in scrapyards that you can fit yourself (thats a whole different learning curve though).

    On the subject of scrapyards, they are great places to take a closer look at different vehicles that you might want to buy. You can have a good nosey round them without any pressure from a sales person, and you can have a good look at areas you wouldn't normally look at on a sales pitch. You can also gauge a good idea of what the common problems are with particular vehicles, as the problem parts will be the ones that usually get removed first.

    So, in hindsight, it might be worth spending a little more on insurance costs for a potentially more reliable vehicle that you have to spend less time tinkering with.

    The postcode location of where you 'say' the vehicle will be stored plays a huge part in premium cost too. I'm an older-fart compared to you, and haven't paid more than £250 fully comp for car insurance for a very long time now. BUT, if I tell the insurance company that my car is kept at my folks house (where it used to be parked) instead of where it's really kept, it's an extra £50 on top of that per year. That's like 25% on top of my current premium. If your getting quotes for £2000, then that's £500 just for a change of postcode.

    Limited milage policy will drop the costs too. Less than 5000 miles a year will make a difference. As will increasing the amount of voluntary excess you are willing to forfeit in the event of a claim. There are of course massive pro's and con's for this, and if you need to claim you'll have to cough up the first few hundred £, but personally, if you're insuring a cheap beater first car just to build up no claims, then your not looking to make a claim anyway. Just be careful.
    Sometimes, a fully comprehensive policy will cost LESS than third party cover.
    Use your 'fake' details in a few price comparison sites, as it's easy to change a few details to see what effect they have.

    Oh, and if you can afford to, it WILL be cheaper to pay your premium in one lump as opposed to instalments. If you can afford the instalments, start stashing the money away now ready for when the time comes. You won't miss the money in the long run, and your a year ahead of yourself.

    Lightly toasted Warburtons crumpets, covered in melted Cheshire cheese, dunked simultaneously into two large dollops of brown sauce and mayonnaise!

    It sounds wrong on so many levels but trust me, it's close to a sexual experience!

    In no particular order...

    Some sort of shelter, be it bricks, tin, or canvas.
    A good set of all weather outdoor clothes and boots.
    A hardy companion, 4 or 2 legged.
    A method of earning some pocket money.
    My health.
    A camera.
    A radio.
    The knowledge that life has given me thus far.
    My beard.


    Is there a way you can tell someone is good in bed?

    Fuck em....

    No really, Fuck them. It usually gives you a bit of a clue dude.

    Personally though, I must be amazing, cause I always really enjoy myself....

    Now let me go and remove my tongue from my cheek before I get lynched!

    Wasn't packet radio a bit of a cult thing before the world wide web was so freely available? Crude, but similar in principle from what i remember. I think you can even bounce repeaters through the internet nowadays can't you? That's cheating if you ask me!

    For true portability and versatility the radio you need is a Yaesu FT-817, albeit slightly low powered. But then that's half the challenge, right?

    CB culture was a unique thing to be part of in the 80's and 90's. Nothing else before or since then has been comparable. Frowned upon by the unknowing joe public, it was a whole underground scene (with it's fair share of good and bad people) that seemed to have no concept of time. What other medium could you spark up a conversation with a total stranger and within a very short time you could be sitting at their house drinking a brew in a room full of other equally 'unique' people, at literally ANY time of the day/night/week/year? You were never bored if you had a CB and some transport.

    But of course, mobile phones and the internet brought it all to an end. So much so that you haven't needed a license for your CB for about 5 years or more now. It's all free to use in the UK now.

    In a similar way the amateur bands have gone the same way IMO. There's no novelty in putting all that effort in to chatting to someone from the US for a few minutes when the skip is up. Young 'uns just don't see the point. Shame really.

    Now here's some food for thought...

    Subway have their foot-longs,
    Burger king a Whopper,
    Maccies have Big Tasties,
    And KFC toss it all in a Bargain Bucket!

    It's a crescendo of innuendo to tickle your tastebuds into secretly stimulating your hunger for lust and lunch at the same time.
    Clever marketing to double your appetite perhaps?

    But where would you get your Spud's and Figs from?

    Ah yes, now I remember...