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    Got the good old favourite one man 'tigerpaws'.

    Had it for years, alas haven't used it for years either.

    Small, light, sturdy and roomy double skinned do it all tent.

    If you can find one or get offered one, buy it.

    I'm with Alices on the noisy eaters... Drives me scatty, especially the open mouthed ones, and the messy ones who just get food all-round their face and really don't care.

    Underwater farts make me giggle. As does trying to change the pitch of a good fart by manipulating your buttocks into unusual positions.

    It's also funny when you do this to you partner when they're in bed and you feel them tense up to force out a big fart. Grab their buttocks and either squeeze them together or pull them apart slightly to erm, lower the tone....

    Blimey, this thread has taken off a bit since I last looked at it.
    Thanks for all the input everyone, it's great to read all the different viewpoints.

    I'd be quoting all day if I replied to you all individually, but to answer a few of your questions...

    On an average working day that is a pretty accurate list of what goes in through my mouth. Maybe once a week I'm guilty of a fast food lunch binge. That is a trend I will stop. Haven't had one this week, i'll try and keep it that way.

    Weekends I'll sometimes miss breakfast altogether, or have a couple of slices of toast with some Flora marge on.
    If i'm at home i'll prep some lunch, but again, it usually defaults to sandwiches of some description. ( i see a pattern forming here )
    Tea/evening meal can be anything from a pataks curry sauce with diced chicken breast and a few peppers dropped in, with some home made egg fried rice to go with it ( but this will be a large portion ), but I am guilty of ordering a takeaway or cooking something equally unhealthy.
    These weekend habits need to be addressed too, I know! I'm starting off small and working my way up to the big changes, my mind seems to reject big sudden changes and I tend to relapse quickly.

    I don't eat sweets or chocolate. Even as a kid i've never really been a big sweet eater. If i was to 'snack' on anything it would be crisps or savoury foods. While at work I don't snack between meals. I'm too busy doing what I should be! I can count on my fingers how many times I will eat chocolate or sweets in a year.

    I don't drink much alcohol at all. In fact, the year before last I got given 24 cans of bitter from a customer as a Christmas tip and they lasted me well into the summer. Yes really!

    Generally speaking i'm not shy of taking the long walk to somewhere, unless i've got have lots of stuff to carry. I am also the guy who parks his car at the other end of the carpark.

    As for spending a lot of time sitting, yes I do, but only while driving though. I'm a printer engineer by trade, so when I do get to where I need to be, I spend the rest of the time mainly standing up or scrawling round on my hands and knees, fixing and servicing machinery. Not strenuous in any way, apart from the odd bit of heavy lifting, but certainly not stagnant and stuck at a desk/in a chair all day.
    I tried one of those pedometer things last year just to see, and I seem to average about 5000 steps a day during the week. Could be better, could be worse.

    You'll be pleased to hear that so far i've been very good today.
    Started off with roughly 2/3 of the muesli i would normally have. Had the same amount of milk though. Still, less overall quantity.
    On the way to work I had roughly half a small bottle of water to drink. I wasn't thirsty, but thought i wasn't drinking enough water.
    When I got to the office, I had a cup of tea with a sweetener and a little less milk than I'd normally have.
    Back out on the road, and finished off the water. Stopped at a service station to see what I could pick up that looked a better choice than sandwiches for lunch. Thought i'd go posh and went into M&S and picked up a piri piri chicken pasta salad and a sweet chilli chicken noodle salad and a litre bottle of water.
    Both of these proved to be very tasty, so i'm going to look into making stuff like this myself over the weekend, with a view to taking it with me to work next week.
    This afternoon, I've drank about half the litre bottle of water. That's all.
    I'll be having beans on toast shortly for tea, with a glass of pure orange juice as planned.

    So, not too bad so far I think.

    One thing i did notice though, Is i really don't drink as much as I thought I did. I've probably taken less than a litre of liquid in all day so far. That can't be good?

    As for exercise, well i'm going out for the day tomorrow, so plan on getting 6-7 miles of walking under my belt. that should kick start me into the mood again.

    Thanks again for the input and kind words everyone.

    Thanks for all the replies, you've given me a few great ideas so far.

    The problem I've got is time. Not enough hours in the day to get everything I want done. Work takes up on average 13-14 hours of my day, monday-friday, and a good 5-6 hours of that are spend stuck behind the wheel. The rest isn't particularly active either. I used to really enjoy hillwalking and racked up 15-20 miles a week, still got the toned legs to prove it just the rest of me is sadly out of sync! Work has taken over my mid week time, and weekends are usually playing catch-up with stuff i've missed.

    Here's an average day for me.
    I'll start the day off with a big bowl of muslei, with about half a pint of skimmed milk.
    This I see as well, I could be eating a lot worse things, but I know my portion size is too big. I'll start cutting this down in the morning. That's an easy one to get the ball rolling.
    Then I'll spend the next couple of hours driving to where I need to be. Generally, I won't eat anything until lunch time, but I will have a couple of cups of tea with a sweetener at customers, or a bottle of pop in the morning. It's always a bottle of diet something or other, as I don't like the taste of the full sugar versions. Never have done. I know this is still a bad habit, it's just done out of convenience really. I really should swap this out for a bottle of water. I'll look into this tomorrow too.
    Lunchtime is where things start to really go wrong. I try to stay away from fast food outlets, but the alternative is supermarket sandwiches. Usually two packets (four slices of bread) and a bag of crisps, with the rest of the pop to wash it down. I try to go for brown bread, with a good quantity of veg on there.
    Again, I won't eat anything more til i'm back home from work, which can be anything up to 8pm. I'll finish off the pop on the way home. When I do get in i'll either make some more sandwiches or my speciality tinned food combo... This is usually a tin of potatoes, mixed veg, and stewed steak all thrown in together to make a kind of stew. Again, mainly bad due to the oversized portion, and the processed ingredients. The time i'm eating my evening meal isn't helping either. I can't really change this much, as if I stop off to eat i'll be even later getting home.
    I'll then have a shit/shower and shave, chill out for an hour or so to wind down, and fall asleep, waking up with the alarm at 6am.
    Not great, but I actually really like my job, as it suits my reclusive need for my own space and don't want to change this.

    Actually, reading back what I've just put down is pretty embarrassing. I think I need to give myself a huge kick up the arse and get this shit sorted out.

    Plan for tomorrow.
    Reduced portion of muesli for breakfast.
    Bottle of still/fizzy water for in the car. ( i like the bubbles!)
    A tray of pasta/salad bowl type thing for lunch with more water to wash it down with.
    Some more water through the afternoon/evening.
    And some baked beans on brown toast with a glass of pure orange juice for tea.

    I'll have to pick supplies up on the fly though as i'm not prepared just yet, but i'll report back and let you all know how I got on.
    Gotta make a start somewhere, and right now that means just under 6 hours sleep...

    Ok Hippies, what are your thoughts and experiences about long term weight loss?
    People I have seen lose weight generally tend to relapse and sooner or later put some if not all of it back on.
    I've always been what you could call stocky, but over the last couple of years I've turned into a shape and size I just don't like anymore and I want to loose a big chunk of it. Realistically I'd want to lose 4 stones or more.
    How do I go about this in a healthy way that will keep the weight off long term?
    I'm not looking for instant results, I just want to put myself in a healthier position and hopefully I'll feel better about looking in the mirror in a year or so, as well as actually feeling better.
    I know the two main problems for me are over eating and a lack of exercise, but assuming I can address these, what else can I do to help me keep on track permanently?
    I'm open to food suggestions, simple exercise tips, whatever advice you have to offer.
    What foods can I eat that will healthily give me a full feeling? I'm open to all suggestions from all dietary walks of life. I'm currently omnivorous but that can change if it will help.

    Thanks folks,
    I'll pop back to this thread every now and then when I get chance.