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    Tilting panels is a good idea but unless I can work out how to do it remotely it's a pain. My roof is over 3M high with no access. It's something I will look into.

    In winter there will be days I don't get much or anything out of the solar, if it's really overcast here There's days it hardly gets light.

    The smart charger ups the charge rate from the alternator to 140ah, then has a 5 Stage charge rate. I'm looking at charging the battery's from 80% to full in 2 hours driving. From what I've read everyone who has one seems more than happy with it.

    Well crimbo and new year is behind me and so are thoughts of horse boxes, I'm keeping Donk and carrying on with my original plans. These include running water, I know how posh of me!! Under slung fresh and foul water tanks and plenty leccy.

    This is where the confusedness starts, what's best for my hard earned cash to be spent on. I will try and run you lot thru my train of thought, not an easy task

    4 off these, 260w solar panels from bimble

    4x110 ah halfords batteries, there made by yuasa and can be tested and exchanged at any halfords

    For quick smart charging while driving…ttery-chargers-up-to-130a

    Or one of these,…Fulk%2Fitm%2F192149130179

    If I go for the Ctek charger it has a built in mttp charge controller. Apparently I can connect as many solar panels of any size to I tank it will only take a max of 30a out of them. If I go for the sterling one I will be using a 100ah controller

    I want to be able to park for a week in winter without having to run the engine or a genny for power. I plan on running 2x iPads, 2x phones, laptop, Mifi, tv, lights, radio, compressor fridge and charge a few other things, mainly Cree head torches and Cree bike lights. Both of which take a fair bit to charge.

    I know sitting for a week is a fair task to rely on solar for in winter with six hours of light

    Is 1kw of solar enough? laid flat on the roof

    Oh yeah, one of these to keep an eye on the whole lot,…Fulk%2Fitm%2F152115704438

    I may even pay someone to install some of it as there's a lot of money going into it and don't want to get it wrong

    If you had 150k to spend on land you could almost get a country estate in West Scotland. They come up for sale every so often, the problem occurs when you then have to pay the rates and keep up with the maintenance required. There was one with over 4000 acres went for a little over 200k about 2 years ago.

    I live 2 miles from the nearest shop. 6 miles from a town. I’m not really that desperate to watch tv to be honest, It was more to relax to and for a bit of entertainment in the wagon.

    Theres nothing on worth the fuel it would cost to get there and back anyways

    When i typed in USA Lottery, lots of suggestions popped up. I don't know the correct one to click! I did click a few but i'd rather know the official site.

    If you keep your nose clean and tell me the right one, you'll get your million if I win 😆

    This is the one I've used but I haven't checked out others or reviews, I'm not sure how it works for folk abroad wining


    Unless the council have taken him to court and there's an arrest warrant issued for him the police are under no obligation to inform the council he is in custody. That doesn't mean that someone else couldn't tip them off;);)

    Well I've got to the bottom of my battery issues, it's got no acid in it. It took just over 2l to fill it, it's a sealed unit that I had to "open"

    That's fucked up, hitting someone with brick is a serious thing to do to them.

    Throwing rat poison about is just making life hard as now you can't let the dogs roam about.

    What is it he wants? If it's the yards back all he has to do is write you an eviction notice, 3 months to get out sort of thing. If he had done that to begin with you lot would almost be at the eviction date. If you fail to leave he would have been in the right and the bailiffs would evict you.

    him and Robson green should do a one off, extreme drowning. I would Give them both big lumps of lead to help them out, free of charge

    One from fight club,

    If you could punch one celebrity who would it be???

    For me it's jamie fucking Oliver. I don't know why I detest his stupid face so much but I do. 1 free punch, cheeper than chips you prick

    Do you get paid for it or is it a swap, free camping for looking after the place?

    If your not getting paid for it! It's not that good a deal. You can camp almost anyplace if your self sufficient in your camper, also Spain has a lot of Aries.

    Any time I've went to the CAB they have just told me what the first two or three Google posts have said about the subject, how do I know this? Cos I googled it before I went to see them.

    Parking isn't an issue, it's only 6 foot longer than my bus, the amount of work it needed to be livable would have been an issue as I would have to lived in it with 2 dogs while converting it. Also working full time so I could find the conversion.

    I'm getting 32mpg out of the bus on average ish. I just checked the Speedo, I've done 4225 miles in 3 months.

    I didn't get it, gave it loads of thought n came to the decision it wasn't for me. If I had been sat with the money in my pocket it's not what I would have bought.

    It also needed to much work for my budget atm

    Its not heat that turns to condensation, its the moisture in the air. If you are getting that much then you need more ventilation to pull the damp air out, or section off the cab with heavy curtains or similar.

    Do you have damp washing hung in the van, kettle constantly boiling, water leak etc?

    The cab is sectioned off with heavy blankets, 2 of them. I don't get any condensation in the living area. Don't have anything wet hanging about, the only time the kettles on is when I'm making a cuppy.

    It's -3 or -4 outside, 20 odd degrees inside the living bit and about 7 degrees in the cab. The windows are covered in condensation.

    The only way I could get more ventilation in the cab would be to leave the doors open. Bus cabs aren't built to be draft proof. There's top n bottom bristles on the door, the other door doesn't sell much better and there's cold air comhing out from the dash board.

    I need to seal the cab better to stop the cold drafts