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    Good to hear that you are getting it together, Pyke.

    Let us know regularly how you are doing, that should give you a bit of incentive to get stuff done as well.

    My old man used to say: "Get yourself a roof first, boy. Then get yourself some grub and something to cook it with, and to keep warm. After that you can start looking at luxuries...."

    recon your old man was about right.

    Today's the first day I've had time to just sit down by myself, no phone ringing non stop, no one going about, no mum nipping my head. Just sat in front of the fire trying to keep warm, got a few ideas for the van worked out in my head, apart from that I've been bored as fuck

    That's good news Pyke , great effort on the van after what happened a lot of folks would just give up with vanlife! So respect man

    didn't have much choice, go into emergency accommodation full of junkies and alchys or get a new van, guess I'm living proof vanlife isn't all glowing sunsets and beautiful views.

    Life goes sidey ways all the time, this time it was a big one. Same outcome every time though, pick myself up and keep on going. Nothing else for it, is there?

    Cheers folks, I was forced by the insurance company to go and strip out the van yesterday.

    My cooker and a few other bits survived. Most stuff that's gone is due to smoke or water damage. I've gotten anOther van, a VW of all things. Will post pics later.

    I've got a camping cooker, kettle and set of pots so I can still cook in it. Got my woodburner fitted last night so I've got heating at least. Just roughing it at the moment.

    Thanks for the support guys, I was working at the zoo building new animal enclosureS and the zoo sent a team of vets to try and save her but there was nothing they could do.

    As Maggie said I'm with family just now and will get myself sorted soon.

    It's abinot early in the morning for my words to work.

    Now if and I think there will be another referendum the leave campaign better get it sooner rather than later. According to this article, with so many leave voters being older and dying off and remain voters being younger and now having the vote, by January the remain camp will have the majority and by 29th of March the Majority will be over 100,000. With it growing every year after. That is assuming no one has changed there mind since the referendum…endum-peter-a8541971.html

    Thought some of you guys were pissed off with coming on here talking about politics? To the point of calling anyone with a different view racist, Islamophobic. Is politics/news on here off the cards or not?

    I've never once said I'm pissed off coming on here speaking about politics.

    I have also never resorted to saying folk are racist because there view is different to mine, I have said things are racist when the clearly are, Lika's anti Muslim campaign and constants comments on another thread. I also said tommeh Robinson to the vast majority is racist due to his connections with the edl and bnp.

    If you want to discuss politics that entirely up to you and you do not need my permission

    One thing I know for sure, if I had joined in the last few weeks and seen the pro Tommy Robinson and anti Islam comments the one and only post I would have made would have been to admin asking to be refunded!

    Tommy Robinson and his connections to the BNP and edl to the vast majority make him racist, the anti Islamic post on here are nothing but racist. Who in there right mind wants to join a camper forum where racism is allowed under the guise of free speech?

    If classified campers is going to succeed it's got about 9 months to turn its self around, it's struggling to get the required number of subscribers this year and won't make it next year if lots doesn't change. There's enough info in nomadic living it could be split into sever sections, van builds, electrical problems, heating that's not just woodburners, plumbing, ect.

    Paul I may be worth your time spending a bit of time looking at the successful camper forums to see what's working for them and what isn't. Then set this place up something like that, I personally would delete everything in politics, mind body and spirit and the erogenous zone as they have little to no relevance to camper vans.

    I'm tempted, and it's been suggested, to remove (or possibly condense) all the news type content even more than it is already.

    Taking this idea quite seriously too.

    I'm on a few campervan and motorhome forums and none of them have a politics section. In fact most only have sections directly related to camper vans. Take a look at things like motorhome365, and motorhome fun. There the bigger forums on the subject, all are busy and charge around £12 yearly membership.

    There's sections on park ups, mechanics, plumbing and heating ect ect, I understand that a lot of the sections on here were relevant when it was ukhippy but it's not relevant to a camper forum. It would mean deleting a huge amount of the thread and post count but if it exists folk can still post whereas if it doesn't exist then it's not an issue

    The three sites I mentioned above all use the same model and there all booming, camping, travelling and off grid lifestyles has never be so common.

    You know it’s not the same, your just like the others who are pissed that the vote went the way it did. Don’t pretend you give a further fk about democracy. Anything to get the vote turned to your liking. You were the same a week after the vote.

    that's just the same as saying you don't give a shit about democracy as you want it your way!

    And just for the record I never mentioned anything about it a week after the referendum

    As far as I'm concert there should be another vote with a two part quiestion, 1/ do we leave yes or no. 2/ do we leave with the deal or without it.

    That way the quiestion of leaving doesn't get split two ways, it gives the whole population a chance to vote on the deal that's actually on the table and not what possibly could be offered.

    That way the public can choose if we leave or not and if we choose to leave, the way we leave.

    By that argument why ever have an election again, the people voted Tory in the last one so that must be what they want forever. No matter what there's no need to vote again ever.

    isn't democracy letting the people decide there own future with All the facts in front of them instead of sticking to a decision made two and a half years ago that was based on ideas and what ifs?

    If the leave campaign are so sure it's the will of the people then why are they so against giving the people the vote?

    I don't understand the problem with a second referendum, if brexit is shuch a good thing and it's really what the ppl want won't a second referendum be a landslide victory for the leave campaign? The only reason I can see for the leave campaign being so against a second vote is if they don't think they can win it!

    If tommeh knew about it or not isn't the point, it's the fact he campaigns so much against it and yet completely ignores the fact that his own friends have been found guilty. When anyone questions him about it "no comment" yet if he is questioned about Muslim paedophiles he has plenty to say.

    Like Alices said earlier he could be British prime minster one day, guess he is half way there. He's already got the peado mates

    Tommy wants a stop to all the nonce’ing nonsense, the corruption, lies and betrayal…-old-bailey-a8231231.html…l-members-child-sex-abuse

    A full list of every edl member jailed for sexual offences agains children


    I'm not that sure tommeh has much right to call anyone a nonce considering some of his associates. As for wanting to stop the lies maybe he should stop spreading them…gee-bullying-scandal.html…ctim-police-a8659921.html

    I first thought that Farage was hoodwinking his haters, blarnying the Farage/UKIP haters into thinking he/Farage had left the political arena. Only to return ceremoniously to UKIP after a great election victory next election. To then take over the reins of UKIP and drive the final nail in the fabric of the EU, welsh assembly and Scottish Parliament. By fronting Tommy Robinson, UKIP sweeps up the disillusioned status quo voters around the Uk. Making the party a force to make deals with.

    so let me get this straight, Britain (England) voted out of the EU so they could make there own laws and govern themselfs But have no intention of letting Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland have the same freedom. Is that really what your saying??

    If it is I'm sure you can imagine the amount of swear words coming out of my mouth

    Scottish labour, I thought they disbanded. As for the Scottish tories, there's an intensive panda breading program going on as we speak. We will have more giant pandas than Tory smp's again, the pandas will rise to the occasion so to speak.

    Scotland hasn't voted labour in our last two elections, I think most only voted Tory to poke the snp in the eye.

    Anyway we've had a salmon in charge now we've got a sturgeon, it's only a matter of time before Scotland votes pyke

    You say I'm a pawn following blindly but Yet I'm all for breaking up the union. Westmonster has shown it doesn't want/can't afford Scotland to leave the union. How on earth would they cope without the whisky and oil revenues?

    As for ukip I'm surprised they are still going without farage. UKIP in power will have Scotland building the wall back as quick as we can, we will even import workers from Eastern Europe and Africa if need be.

    I hope I never see the day when a thinly vailed right wing racist party is in Downing Street


    Don’t come the c*nt! You call that lot “democracy? “ if the deal is no deal. We go with “no deal” That’s democracy. Any other is just a fudging of the idea of a fair and just “democratic system”

    We knew during the run up to the referendum no deal could be a “real” possibility.

    Having useless sabotaging government officials who tried at every possible chance to skipper and de-rail the planning and negotiating process of this should be ex-communicated from government permanently. Treasonous fks should be made to pay for every penny of tax payers money both for the first referendum and the ongoing negotiations cost. If it goes to a second referendum. It’s fininished. We can no longer trust the government or those with personal agendas to fall in line and the. It’s due and ready Anarchy. Shoot to kill. no prisoners. 2nd referenumers are the enemy of the people.

    how is a second referendum, now we know what the deal is not democratic?

    If anything the first one wasn't democratic as it was based on false promises and lies, if you don't believe it was based on lies show me where in the deal it says the NHS is getting the £350 million a week that was promised by the leave campaign

    Well this year instead of buy presents for folk who don't want or need them I'm going to do a mAssive shop in asda and donate the lot to a food bank, I might just take pics of "what you could have got" tag them in to it and share it on FB. That way I'm no wasting money on shite folk don't really want and giving something to folk who really need it.

    if it wasn't for this thread I wouldn't be aware it was christmas, the joys of not having a telly and staying as far away from shops as possible. Fuck trying to go to woolies at the same time everyone else does, that's crazy shit [panic]

    If it does go to a new referendum and remain is the winner I wonder how many brexiters will stand by what they've said about respecting democracy or will they forget they have been spouting that for 2 years and start demanding another referendum?

    Every opinion poll I've seen in weeks seems to be about 75%ish remain, that leaves around 25% of the country wanting brexit, if that's the outcome brexit is dead.

    why not! It will be un-settled lands long into the future unless we all paddle together away from the shores drowning Europe. Fires and hate will turn our towns and cities into ghetto’s only the total demise of the EU partnership could re-unite us from then on. Anarchy’s will be taught in our schools and government politics just dirty words.

    The unsettled lands will continue for many years no matter what, brexit has split the nation. No side will be happy if they don't get there way and will continue to fight for what they think is right long after March next year. Paddling together when it's almost a 50/50 split won't get us anywhere as were paddling in two different directions.

    I don't think we were ever ment to vote for leave and I don't think it will ever happen, brexit was never about leaving it was solely there to divide the nation.