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    hello hippies. i am mrs puppet,so when we're on the subject of puppets, ew are pretty much of one. am thinking of changing my name to mrs puppet
    ms x-ray-specs ; why thankyou for your interest (oh god, now i made it sound like appyling for a job, nothing like that at all). Always good to build up our family of puppeteers. one of us will pm you.
    Tipi - thanks for the heads-up. all constructive criticism( is that how you spell it) taken. we'll talk to everyone - make it part of all the information we give to anyone in our puppet crew. we'll take care to make sure this is not an on-going problem. we don't want to piss people off, quite the opposite-we just want to party with our puppets and help peeps to have a good time!
    A bit ironic, but the lad with the long black hair mentioned while we were still at the festi, that someone had spoke to him about the same issue: similar complaint about one of our female spotters. so yes we're aware of this and get rid of it!!!

    thanks for having us. we had the most fantastic time - with both performing and enjoying the festival in general. i think my fave band was the stiff little fingers - i first saw them 20 odd years ago when i was a teenager. loved them - my 15 year old son loved them too.
    this was our first gig in over 7 years = when we first decided to come out retirement, we just had the notion of getting a gig and dancing. as soon as we got a "yay" from phil, we knew we had to bulid. The results are most definately the best we've done by far. they went down a storm. all manner all people: punters, crew and performers told us very nice things about them. if any of you saw a person loitering around with them either with a wheelchair / walking stick - then that was me. unfortunately due to crap my mobilty, my puppet dancing days are over - but it was still fantastic being part of my puppet crew and seeing the results of weeks and weeks of hard work in action.
    the most special members of our crew = my kids kieran and tamsin - love doing what we do. the boy (age 15) did me proud, wearing the giant purple lizard during ADF. my 6 yr old daughter took a keen liking to hanging out back stage in the magical sounds tent. the puppet dancing lessons worked!
    we like to think of ourselves as the hippy, puppet wearing version of the von trapp family (sound of music). the kids refused to have kids wristbands and (quite rightly so) wanted performers ones.
    can't wait to do more.
    PHOTO'S - if anyone has any pics of us, it would be fantastic if they could be posted here. Due to technical difficulties we've only got a couple of shots
    THANKYOU phil - see you next year!!!!
    BTW - we're called "puppetualmotion!

    Beautiful beautiful bubba. Enough to make any one broody. (Not me. Please. No more children - two's enough for me!)
    I'm not sure what i've got - think i've given away a lot of the teeny stuff. I know i've got more of bigger sizes - 6 months+. You could have to hang on until you need it. I'll have a dig through. You might have to wait a while tho, as have a lot on my plate - although decluttering and shifting baby clutter is kinda one of my main pottering missions at the mo>

    Whew. We're back and i've finally got through the washing (four loads).I've just been reading the posts about the thefts and.........what kinds of sick fucks make good ( for themselves) out of people's misfoutune........... undoubtably make a shit situation even shitter.
    We were on site for about four hours, then the road cleared and they started to tow people off. We made the decision to leave.
    In short, our experience was simalar to many others in the way we found chaos, the whole thing a logistical nightmare. We managed to - like others - make the most of a soggy muddy piece of bad luck mangaged by muddy, soggy disorganised " we tried to organise a piss-up in a field" hippies. having the kids with us, Tamsin only aged 13 months, our priority was somewhere warm to stay, so we went to family in cornwall.
    I was told by a mate who was on site on wednesday morning that the site was under mud and water and was essentially trashed. The web site did not state anything like this and just gave the green light.
    For various reasons we decided to set off and wing it and improvise and do something else if it fucked up. For the next 24 hours, i received several texts from Debbie saying it's on, it's off, it's on etc.
    Took fours to get on site, then the skies opened again.
    No one seemed to know what was going on, everyone said different things, such as the site had to be evacuated on health and saftey grouinds as an ambulance could not access a girl with heart problems. I heard that the site had been declared a disaster area!!!
    Many of the stewards and welfare people i spoke to, were downright objectionable.
    why oh fucking whay did the organisers not just have just one emergency meeting, accept the enevitable and make sure all the correct peole informed. Basically, the organisers spent four days lying to their punters.
    oh well. In Glastonbury on monday and the place was full of refugees, some in a bus with 'We went to mudrise' emblazoned on the back - in mud:insane:

    Gonna get a refund and take the kids to Shambala:D

    Quote from tekno

    One girl... nearly six! No plans for more....EVER!

    Hmmmmmmmmm. Really? You do mention sometime that you may have a baby for your gay boyfriends!!! lol

    Two. Kieran, who's ten next month and Tamsin (or Thomasina Fred as i call her) who is four and a half months

    Me, the purefilthy one and our sprogs are going.Would have liked to have gone to sunrise, but a week at a festi with a three and a half week baby? gonna break ourselves in gently, as granny filth lives nearby, so we can shack up with her. Look out for a ruggamuffin looking 9 nine year old boy with long blonde hair, a small baby and two tired looking parents!

    I'm getting really hacked off with the numerous texts and phone calls asking me if i've had it yet. As i'm telling everyone: as soon as it happens, i'll let everyone know (including you guys!) purefilth has been getting it work too: "anything happening yet" Would he be at work if it was? I know peeps are excited and well meaning, but i'm enjoying lounging around at home not having to talk to anyone!
    6 days overdue!

    Quote from tekno slave

    Will that baby ever arrive.... I WANT ME TROTTER BACK!!! :angel::hug:

    I've said it before, and i'll say it again.
    You only want me for one thing!

    Quote from wiggy

    play with your nipples!!!!

    Midwife said to get any effect you would have to play with your nipples for three hours a day! I can't bear to have my nipples touched at the moment. way too sensitive.
    Still not out!
    five days overdue. given me time to get my assignment for uni done (doing a masters with the O.U)

    well we're half way throught e day and no sign of it yet. Don't think it's coming today. Weird feeling, thinking "i'm supposed to be having a baby today". I remember thinking the same with my first one (he was a week overdue) Purefilth says no sex tonight as he wants a good nights sleep first, but is happy to put out tomorrow morning. over the weekend would be handy, as i won't have to wait for him to get back from work. Am furiously nesting. Flat has never been so clean and tidy!!!
    Thanks for all your kind words and love

    You'll be fine at sunrise. hook-up with jo and drink tea in her van!!!!!!!!
    I'd be going myself, but i'll have a newborn (due tomorrow!!!!:):calmdown::):calmdown:
    so we're having a bit of a quiet one this year.
    I took my son to the lizard festival in cornwall in '99 and he was 18 months at the time. It was fine, though you can't obviously stay out all night getting wasted, but you might not be in to that anyhow. I always used to keep Kieran out to about 1am, cocooned in blankets,alseep in his buggy. I used to stand the far edge of whatever stage i was into and dance around said buggy.
    Sunrise is dead friendly and i'm sure you'll meet lots of people.

    come back and live with me! I miss you! I want you back! Lets all get a big house together!

    Quote from Stormypagan

    I used to go every year, for years through most of the 90's up until 2002... and I used to love it as it was a place to catch up with mates that had been on the road, and you hadn't seen for a while!!

    The Levellers and ozrics used to play there a lot too..then one year through fear of it getting to big they really calmed the who thing down... and then it lost a lot of its charm as the whole free festi scene changed!!

    But never the less still worth going to I am sure..even if it was 2002 that I last went!!

    I remember the ozrics headling there about 15 yreas ago. It was absolutely fantastic. I agree, that it has been watered down somewhat in the last few years. The dance tent was stopped at one point.
    Still, it's still good. what ohter free festi's of that size still go?
    i reckon we'll go this year. The baby will be about 4 weeks old. It's first festi!