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    Ah, sorry about that! Fact is I haven't been indulging in vehicle porn for some time. However, this is my dream base vehicle... 121888931731

    Now that didn't quite come out as I expected!
    The number is the eBay item number. As I said, I'm rubbish at the cut n paste.

    I'm crap at this cut and paste stuff, but if I've got it right this is an
    interesting, if expensive, vehicle. I do love the big old mercs. 272080344922

    Nice Merc, I have one too but nowhere near as finished as yours. However the hippyfication on mine has gone much further than the internal layout has. I just can't decide where to put things and so keep pulling it apart and starting again.

    Parked up on a friends drive at the moment, and have been for some time. Due to shift work I haven't used the wood burner yet 'cos I get back too late to be arsed to get it going, so using electric oil filled radiators to keep the dog un-frozen and the van warm. My insulation isn't brilliant, in fact the front over the cab has none at all yet, and there are more holes and gaps than I'd like in the floor and doors, but.. last night I got in and it was -2 and within half an hour with the rads on low setting it was up to 12 at chest height. Dog not too happy with me though as he's 4 foot lower than that!

    I've no experience with the Citroen but did love my ldv convoy. The downside of the convoy is that it was made using a bastardised mixture of vehicle suppliers over the years and finding the right spares can be difficult, perhaps the Citroen is more uniform? Also ldv is unheard of outside the UK.

    There are definitely too many of us on the planet already and it's only going to get worse, sadly the opportunity to leave the planet was missed when the major countries involved in space exploration decided to abandon the space race and spend the money on war for oil and welfare states for votes instead. Now, when we're up to our eyes in debt and with even more people, we can't afford the investment needed to help us leave. I agree with oldkieth, that a natural disaster might be a neat solution, but a disease such as ebola would do the job. Such scenarios are apparently known as 'slate wipers' and one with a low survival rate that was highly infectious would, with our new world of air travel, encompass the globe in no time.
    I think I'd like that!
    And, no, I don't think I'd be a survivor, but as I said there's too many of us and such a disease would at least be fair, we'd all get the same odds at survival.

    The Agony Of Ageing

    On the morning that British Summer Time ended I stopped in to visit my ageing friend.
    He was busy covering his penis with black shoe polish.
    I said to him, "You better get your hearing checked - You're supposed to turn your clock back…."

    That made me cough up my beer! can't wait to use that one soon.

    This is probably a daft idea which has just occurred to me (not in the bath).

    What's to stop you getting your wagon carried through on a transporter to where you intend to leave it? You could quite legally remove or hide the number plates as it wasn't being driven on the road, at the time. Put 'em back on when stationary.

    Told you it was daft!

    Not daft at all... There is no charge if you're towed or on a transporter. It's emissions they claim are the problem, if your engine ain't running they'll leave you alone.

    I'm just on the outskirts of the zone in South London, parked of a friends drive. The charge is indeed £100 per day IF YOU ARE SEEN DRIVING! there is NO charge if you are parked on the road, regardless of for how long (no emissions if you're parked so no charge). It is possible with a bit of research to find routes on the outskirts that avoid the cameras and stealth campers fit in here the same as they do everywhere else. The LEZ website provides a detailed map of the zone but with all the signs at the top of every street that it starts at, it's hard to miss.

    Thanks for all the advice, I suspect that the pallet wood I was using might be the problem, I'll stock up on some decent wood and give it a few test runs before the winter sets in. Not too sure how well it seals as I made it myself and decided that a curved door on a convex surface would look good, this left a VERY difficult shape to fit the sealing rope to!

    So, I've got me van, some insulation and a bleddy great wood burner. Question is what is the best method of getting it going and up to speed without too much smoke, and the big puzzle of getting it to give off heat all night? I've tried starting off with kindling etc 'til I've a fair sized fire going with the thing glowing cherry red in places but then it's too hot to stand inside, close down the air intake and an hour or so later the bugger's gone out! Obviously I've tried different amounts of closing down, but I can't seem to figure out how much burn I should allow. What, if anything is the answer?…ilpage&v=hte0SL-epa0#t=91

    Good on you!
    I'm currently just sleeping in mine every night as it's parked on a friends drive, I've yet to take the plunge and live in it full time on the road, not too many park up places on the outskirts of the Low Emission Zone.
    One day though, one day.

    Started with one in my left ear whilst at school, and was the first boy in the school to do so, it didn't go down too well with the establishment that's for sure. Worked my way up to four but have long since stopped wearing anything in them. Had my eyebrow and tongue done too at a later date, they too have fallen by the wayside. However, some 12 or so years ago I saw my first scaffold and thought it looked fantastic, I had one done in my left ear immediately and haven't ever taken it out since.

    Now that IS interesting!
    I've been manually removing and turning the double front seat around on it's frame in my camper to provide a settee when I'm parked up, but it is a pain in the arse that I can't generally be bothered with. That middle seat could well be the solution!

    Thanks for this post, it's made me look at my dog 4legs and realise that although he drives me to distraction sometimes I would be lost without him. My condolences for your loss, and I hope the new dog helps ease the pain and goes on to become another character in your van life.

    People who put things up for auction on ebay but 'reserve the right to remove it'
    What fuggin right is that?
    Then, when they sell it to someone local, they just cancel your bid without even having the decency to send an email explaining why!

    Oh, but you win an auction from Mr Reserve the right, and tell him you don't want it any more 'cos you bought one cheaper from the bloke in the pub, and watch him run bleating to ebay. Apparently these is 'rights' only work one way.
    Save me the agro and list the fuggin thing as an ad!

    Well I've sorted the fridge out!
    I disassembled the whole gas system and I rudely squirted WD40 into every orifice imaginable (the fridge's not mine!) left it all overnight and then blasted every pipe/fitting/valve with compressed air. Finally, a little lump of something popped out of the thermostat valve thingy with a satisfying pop, and thereafter air flowed freely through it. Re-assembled it lit easily with a much larger, and now blue flame, and works like a dream.
    I now wonder if the same cure would work on politicians?

    I just love the fact that it's my house, built to suit me, and I can change the scenery outside the window whenever I like. That said, I've been parked on the same drive for years now, never really mastered the art of moving around so much in this country as I did in South Africa. BUT.... I can move if I want to, and that makes me feel safe.

    Ahh.. but how do we stop it?
    The politicians really have no interest in changing the status quo, and quite honestly anyone advocating a sensible way out of the mess they've got us into, wouldn't get a single vote.
    I find it hilarious when I hear adverts on the radio telling me about a government sponsored Money Avice service that suggests I should consider the full implications of a loan, ie how much it's going to cost to repay, when the Government themselves have no fiscal brain whatsoever and take on loans willy nilly that I'll have to foot.
    The rich will probably get richer, the middle class poorer and the poor will still get paid, while the middle class can afford it.
    And when they can't? then the shit WILL hit the fan.
    After that perhaps we'll have a better system?