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    Quote from thepoorlookinhippy

    So I thought I would ask you guys and gals, what made you a veggie/vegan? what do you hate about it? What are best things (myths if you like!) you have heard from meat eaters?

    Lived on a farm as a child and did not like the fact the animals suffered, however I have skinned rabbits, prepared pheasants. pigeons and rabbits so others could eat them....was veggie from a young teen or maybe earlier now vegan and have been for a number of years....never undertood the cheese/milk thing until then and now I would rather if I really had to would rather eat a piece of steak than drink a glass of milk.....I think it is how open minded you are (which is something you can not always control) I always loved eating meat, cheese and eggs but will never do so again :D

    wiothout searching on the net for reasons not to wear wool I do not wear it nor do I wear leather or silk just does not feel right or neccasary :)

    Quote from HALES

    well im pretty lucky cos im not a huge meat fan so it wont be so hard for me. the main meat i did eat was chicken and after speaking to somone yesterday who knows about that trade i dont think i could now! so its not too bad for me

    That is good you are not a meat fan I was and would love to eat meat it is really tasty but I have not eaten it for almost 30 years If I can do it you can :D

    Highlights for me ...

    Alabama 3 ....fantastic

    child friendly atmosphere

    bush crafts ......Harvey (my son) made bracelets, wooden carved animals, how to make fire) all for a pound or two

    Dhol foundation............they rock

    Low points

    Not meeting many uk hippy members .....although did meet a few

    Fireworks after the levellers ,.......big let down

    Very very full toilets in campervan field......but I guess as I have one in the van it is not such a big deal

    The other evening I found a seagull in my garden with other adult seagulls surrounding it from the rooftops....the baby (almost size of an adult) It sounded distressed and was attempting to fly then sitting on the grass ..I rang the r.s.p.c.a helpline who said they learn to fly when they are quite heavy and often have many attempts......I felt a bit foolish not knowing this especially afer living surrounded by seagulls for so long.....

    Gull now gone after a cat tried to attack it and one of the adults swooped on the cat knocking it off my neighbours shed roof......

    One thing I do knwo about seagulls is they nick your doughnuts/sandwiches etc from your hand.........clever little things :D

    Quote from gordy

    too many for that.I havent got a garden ,just a yard so i have containers of tomatoes and peppers and stuff and they need watering every day at least.Too bad cos i have never been to a festival an i want to go to one befor i get much older.

    Buy a paddling pool and put them in that :D

    Quote from wednesday

    thankyou for the info, i didn't know asda did their own range of soya butter, will have to look out for that

    It is not their own range Pure is in most supermarkets ......also I find Asda soya milk the best one as it does not curdle like some do :D

    Rye bread with homemade, hummous , rocket, onions

    White crusty bread with onion baji and tomato relish , or.......

    Toast with advocado mashed on top with some herb salt on top ....

    Big loads of salad leaves rocket, spinach and watercress with dairy free garlic mayo and lots of red onion .......

    Last mums homemade chips in white crusty bread again with dairy free garlic mayo

    Islam teaches that dogs are dirty ...when I was in Maylasia up on a tea planatation the police would walk around at 5 in the morning shooting all the we hid loads of puppies and dogs and got some one to look after them......If they did or not I will never know.

    Quote from Stormypagan

    An Eco village living communally off the land with communal spaces to socialise would be more my thing...not a shared house!!

    We are already in discussions with like minded folk on this one anyway, as in 5 yrs me and Stonesy hope to go self sufficient and live off the land with as little impact on the earth as possible :) and build an eco house out of straw bales etc.. (cob house style) and have renewable clean energy etc...

    A couple of weeks ago I went to a place in nottingham (eco works) where they were building a vegan cafe using straw bales and limestone plastering...fantastic idea but bloody hard work it was :D

    I guess a stoma which can be either a gastrostomy, jejunostomy, ileostomy or colostomy which relates ot the part of bowel which is being bypassed......Hope that is right Wiggy :D

    I actually turned down the tutor today as was 5 hours in a week spread over 2 or 3 sessions but would only last 3 weeks.......since my last post my son has also been excluded from his special needs school and so now has no formal schooling........L.E.A. now will decide in Septemeber if he should go to a residential school as a weekly boarder......decisions decisions.......I have to do what is best for him but I also have a full time job and am a lone not want to stop work if I can work again in September .....Oh I could ramble on but I wont :rolleyes:

    What is so bad about it joke or not? many people eat animals are they are not advertised that way and we all get sucked into marketing and therefore eat meat......meat is an animal so why are we able to pick and choose which animal we should eat ? I reckon if you would eat beef, lamb etc then extend it to every animal oh and whilst I am here eat it all instead of throwing away the brain trotters etc etc

    Quote from Miserablemik

    But in my opinion KEEP AWAY from V.W campers, tho reliable they are a bugger to work on and parts tend to be quite pricey.....................Jusy my twopenneth worth...Mick


    I have a T25 aircooled V.W. and I drive it daily and spend up to two weeks at a time sleeping in you sya they are reliable but I have not found parts pricey are difficult to work on plus mine does not overheat :D

    Quote from Atomik

    The reason I ask this question is because it always annoys me when omnivores jump on veggies for wearing leather. Now I wear leather myself..... not because I think it's ethcically justified (which is another debate in itself), but because it fits into my personal moral comfort zone. I don't see vegetarianism as a strict code, and I don't expect to change the world. The world is full of pain, and I just do my best to avoid causing it where I can.

    Same for me but I am vegan and dont use products whose companies that test on animals , wear wool silk or leather ....your "where I can" and mine is different but I do not fell that a problem because we are all doing are best but our best differs

    Quote from ecomamma

    Do you mean this time round? or from the start of his schooling? Zak has been home ed for 8 years & spent 2 years on & off at schools.

    Just in son has just turned 8 and had 2 permanent exclusions and as of Monday started full time at the alternative centre for education in Brightonbeen there full time and part time before)...been in contact with Brighton and Hove home tutoring co ordinator also joined education otherwise but my son's statement is fot gifted and talented resulting in behavorial problems and to home educate may be the wrogn thing to develope his social skills but there is nothing available here for gisted and talented kids.....that is why I asked :D