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    Redwods are good although not each variety is vegan
    Frys hotdog sausages are good and vegan
    sage and marjarom (ahgain redwood) good as they do a ready cooked variety so great if sleeping in a van or takign butties to work
    many more varieites too but how can we forget good old sosmix.vegan easy to make and you add yoru own seasonings :D

    We don't have Morrsions here (sobs as it is always buy one get 17 free) but years ago they were the first to sell the cheatin' meat stuff from Redwood foods

    Quote from Sthenno

    Does anyone know of any unbiased sources on this? I don’t mean to be awkward, veganism actually makes a lot of sense to me, but the problem I find is that all of the sites telling you why dairy is bad have quite a strong pro-vegan agenda. I’d really appreciate it if anyone had any other links where I could read up on it.

    Of course these articles are "biased" in human terms as they are for protecting animals

    Very well put Rook I too am proud of being a social worker and also with the responsibility comes accountability

    I personally would not eat any animal flesh regardless of how it was killed the fact we have taken away an animals life should not give us the right to eat it ,,just because pepel have killed it themselves does not make it right a life is a life

    with whole cherries is the best ......I have even bought soem maya gold hot choclolate to mix with soya milk ....mmmmmmm vegan hot chocolate and the vegan store even sell vegan marshmellows....shame I am on a detox

    Quote from Sthenno

    I don’t think anyone was getting at you, I just think Glastonbury’s always a bit of a sore subject round hippies! It was good of you to warn people though, as I’m sure there are some people on here who still want to go.

    I did not think anyone was havign a go I totlly understand what people are saying about hwo the bigger festivals are becomming so commerilised(sp) The big green gatherign becomming one of them

    I originally posted about registering so people who wanted to go may have missed out........anyway I like Glastonbury as I like many other festivals and think it is really good value for money

    This year you have to register next month and send in a photo to stop touts

    You will need to register between February 1st and 28th, 2007. You will be able to register both ‘on-line’ and by post. There will be no charge for ‘on-line’ registration but postal applications will need to be accompanied by 2 First Class stamps to cover postage and processing. Forms will be available for download from the registration site which will go live on February 1st, as will the ‘on-line’ registration site. Forms will also be available from February 1st from all Millets stores; Millets will donate 10p for each form issued to WaterAid, one of our Worthwhile Causes.

    Quote from Atomik

    I think we're all hypocrites. Nobody leads a morally pure, perfect, ethical lifestyle. It's simply not possible. It's only a problem if we pretend we're perfect and better than everyone else. All that matters is struggling to do the best you can.

    well I think many people strive too but those people would not be so visable to us as for one they would not be in awe of material possessions and therefore not posting on the web and for 2) I dunno :p

    I took this from my window on Sunday night ........Is not about photo quality etc I just pointed camera and snapped but the colours were fab