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    I live right on the edge of the New Forest and go to college there every day... it's so beautiful, if you've not visited it, you must!

    Although, saying that, tourists tend to clog up the roads and leave litter everywhere =(.

    Well yeah... but to be fair, the media shouldn't express an opinion that the police are in the wrong, because people tend to believe the media.
    I'm not saying for an instant that everything the police do is correct, but if everybody starts saying oh yeah the police are all bad, then they're going to have no control whatsoever... but perhaps you think lawlessness and anarchy is better?
    Don't get me wrong... there's a lot I don't agree with too... I'm just trying to defend the bad against the worse, in my opinion...

    Yeah... I am being serious! Have you got something against the police or I have taken what you said the wrong way?

    I'm probably a little biased at the moment to be fair, as recently... umm, how not to be cryptic? Let's just say the police saved my life and shoved someone in prison for me!

    Although I know that doesn't make them all round good... I've digressed.

    *shuts up*

    You can't blame the police for the way they acted; they're only doing their job.
    It's a sad truth that where ever you go there always are people who act like violent idiots, especially at things like that.