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    pasta bake with tinned veg could work! i hadn't thought about tinned veg as we never use it! duuuh.
    he's omni, i thought about trying to do something with fish in as he doesn't buy it cos it's too expensive so it might be a treat :/
    chocolate balls look yummy, dunno about the butter though? but i might give them a go lol

    we know someone who is struggling with money atm, and rather than just giving him a basket of food for xmas i thought it might be nicer to print off a recipe and give the food needed to go with it. but i can't think of a recipe that involves no fresh ingredients. apart from a vegan cake lol but i don't think he bakes. has anyone got any ideas? other than a packet of pasta and pasta sauce :P :) google isn't helping me here :/

    yes you can have the ring sling - on long-term loan as it will need to be sent back to Free Spirit eventually (she had it in a sling library i think) :) as long as u can pay postage, send me ur address and i'll weigh it to let u know the postage cost (shouldn't be much)

    i genuinely don't understand the political decisions being made... :S cut jobs... then say there are too many people on benefits so cut benefits? either they're incredibly irredeemably stupid or they're nasty malicious ad psychopathic :/

    have you got anyone around who can help you? even if you live on tinned soup/ready meals for a bit that's ok it's not forever, can you cook a big batch of lasagne/stew/casserole and freeze it in portions, then it's quick.
    try and take time out if you can (i.e. if u have no other children) let the house deteriorate it doesn't matter atm... I spent the first 2 months mostly just holding my baby, on a big V-shaped cushion, suckling most of the time, all day and night:P. I was unwell after my c-section and didn't feel up to doing much for a while (I was also quite unhappy). Erin hated not being held by me and wasn't fussed on the sling either. Lots of snacking is fine, I just had lots of mini meals I couldn't stomach proper ones, make sure some if it is healthy! Big bags of mixed dried fruit like cranberries/sultanas etc. are very sweet.Granola bars. Cheese and crackers.Cereal. Toast with marmite.Fruit. And you can loose weight later that doesn't matter now. What matters now is getting to know your baby and holding him close to you and being in love with him.
    Also if you do end up having to formula feed a bit don't beat yourself up. Getting the breastmilk for the other feeds will still provide immune benefits. If you don't want to up the formula feeds then don't just keep letting him suckle all the time, particularly at night - co-sleeping is very helpful for breastfeeding. Very quickly his feeds will become less constant as he drinks more efficiently.
    Also try milk thistle, fennel, fenugreek, raspberry tea. This website looked ok I didn't read it fully http://www.breastfeedingbasics…creasing-your-milk-supply

    i think the way to look at the constant waking is as a symptom rather than the problem itself. i have a friend in a similar position, her 1 yr old waking hourly. all the advice given is let her scream, stop giving her milk when she wakes etc. It turned out, she had a lot of food intolerances and painful digestion.
    personally i would say don't focus on changing what you're doing during the night wakes. as you will most likely be too tired (and therefore more stressed if you're anything like me lol) to deal with screaming etc., he will be too exhausted to learn anything, and as you said there are other children in the house.
    other things i can think of that might cause regular waking are, not getting enough food in the day/over-reliant on filling up on milk at night. he could genuinely be a very light sleeper/affected by small noises and the lights when he is in the lighter part of the sleep cycle. it could be pain related - Erin wakes up much more regularly when teething, or ill. different children respond differently to pain. or it could be stress related. i wake up more needing to drink when i am stressed.
    for early waking, it could be light related, have you tried a blackout blind. or it might just be time to push bedtime a bit later. Erin's bedtime got to 9pm cos we didn't want her waking stupid o clock. it's gone back to 7pm now she's dropped a nap though :)
    food for thought anyway. sounds like you've got your hands full. but he looks lovely, and happy too :)

    what's more concerning is that miley cyrus is someone a LOT of young teenage girls love and look up to. so she/whoever is in 'charge' of her is being highly irresponsible. arugably the whole music industry is just a soft porn industry. but that doesn't make it any more redeemable.

    you can do a 'month trial' where you agree to see how well you get on before committing to a contract :) if you did get someone on benefits you can require a guarantor! i'd agree about having a lock on one room where you keep personal/valuable stuff (just in case, y'know!) and make sure you set ground rules about guests/cleaning/buying things like soap and toilet paper/sharing milk and bread etc and so on at the beginning. hopefully you'll find someone lovely, good luck!

    i agree (about original point). we are incredibly patronising in our attitudes towards 'third world countries' - even that term is(well outdated at any rate), and the other more pc terms aren't a lot better (developing countries is a bit nasty too :/ less economically developed is the best but a mouthful!). much is assumed about 'poor' countries and countries which are wildly different are all chucked in the same basket. we're very imperialistic in our attitudes really. (savages!savages!) and a LOT is based on GDP. ummm. i hate this as a measure. in isolation it's at best misleading.

    ah thanks grendel :)
    someone one the moneysavingforum said i am def protected as long as i let them know in the first week i wanted to cancel :) i shouldn't panic so much about things. but 2 years is a long time for a contract, really :/

    ok thx ive joined moneysavingforum thanks! yeh the problem with recording what you#'ve said is they make u email them through their site so u have no record of it! but i got a number off the last person i spoke to. bleugh! :/
    yes it's in theory paul and fingers crossed but im feeling particularly cynical and mistrusting at the moment :|

    i have a 3 contract that i renewed in feb i've had it for about 7 yrs. so they rang and offered me a good 'loyalty' deal on another contract to go WITH the one i have for £10 a month for a really good phone. it seemed good. i said yes to get it for my OH cos id checked that you can cancel within 14 days if u have agreed on the phone. anyway it was a bit dim of me he couldn't cancel his current contract he thought he could but couldn't. so i rang them back and explained this to them, and said i didn't need and couldn't afford another phone (they suggested i took it as a spare for myself). so they then said they'd send me an envelope which i'd send back to them via the post office recorded delivery (no cost to me). it didn't arrive for a week. so i rang them again and then didn't know what had happened and said they'd resend one. this hasn't arrived yet, and the end of my 14 days is on friday.
    if i don't get it, and can't send the phone back, what's my position when the 14 days run out? am i forced into keeping the contract? they told me if i changed my mind i have to pay the cost of the phone ON TOP of the contract which is a few hundred pounds. everytime i ring them it also costs me money! what should i do? please help me someone i can't find any useful info on their site and i can't afford this other contract. shd i ring them again? i've not opened the phone or anything. i don't know if a direct debit is set up, can they take money from me without asking? can i ring my bank and ask them to stop it?
    im being paranoid, but could they be not sending the envelopes on purpose to make me have to have the contract?? :( :/

    our rhubarb, japanese knotweed and himalayan bolsom wine is ready and yummy now :D a great way to deal with invasive species :P

    we're gonna check out carboot sales soon thanks aliceinwonderland! wilkos has lots of good stuff as well tho my oh checked it out today :) pity it's not legal to sell the wine you make lol!

    you can pick up beginners yoga dvds online cheaply - that way you can do them when you have time. try and get one that incorporates breathing/meditation too as this will help you. and i ditto mindfulness that emma mentioned - she leant me a book called the miracle of mindfulness which is fantastic and gives you lots of examples of how to incorporate mindfullness into your every day life.

    can you go on a bctv course or something, just in the day - maybe with your son, so you are getting him outside and being in the woods together? i know it's not the same as being paid for it but if you are able to share your interests and teach him at the same time that might make you feel better. the rspb do lots of things you can do with kids and there's lots of free things you can find to do together. if you're going out and doing bushcraft or something with him, you can plan your day around his meals (if you can take a picnic for example). I just thought that might help.

    other things for stress in general i have found, although obvious getting enough sleep and drinking lots. my stress levels increase massively if i have not been drinking enough. you can try herbal remedies to help but obviously they only do so much. and exercise. i guess this might be limited for you because of your shoulder but managing to just do ten minutes exercise a day will reduce stress levels. and healthy eating - long term.

    it's good to hear your opinions pooka. if we can't be open and discuss things, there's not really any hope at all! we won't always agree and we will occasionally offend each other but as long as there is no nastiness it only makes you think and that's good.
    thanks for sharing that stuff on zoos; i had assumed we were above that now. but then on the news today, i half heard a story about putting lions in circuses in wales again. it mentioned somewhere only up the road from me. :S i'll have to look it up as i didn't hear it fully though.

    yes unless you buy organic cotton its production uses a lot of pesticides :( these harm the workers, can destroy the entire ecosystem, and the run off into rivers can destroy aquatic life too. some of the nastiest chemicals we've made are used on nice natural cotton. which is then bleached, and dyed, before we buy it in the shops. cotton production destroys massive amounts of wildlife and land, cotton plantations are wastelands. WWF says that 1kg of cotton needs 20,000 l of water to be produced. :/ People rant about coca cola and nestle stealing water in places like africa (and quite rightly!!!) but you don't really hear people talking about it in regards to cotton production. the cotton produced even in usa is then sent to china where we have issues re labour and safety.
    I don't know enough about synthetic production. But a quick google tells me it is energy intensive, requires a lot of crude oil, releases nasty gases(inc. acid gases)/volatile organic compounds, is treated with formaldehyde (although so is cotton! unless organic), and the factories that produce them are considered hazardous waste generators. nice.

    i found some interesting stuff on the used clothes market here though and altohugh lots of people (well it's about americans) use 'thrift stores' there amount of clothes that are discarded every year are so high that they're exported - and because women discard clothes so much more than men there are seven times as many womens clothes in the used clothes market than mens wow!!! i mean i knew that was true but to have that figure. it's ridiculous. i think people often feel it's ok to buy a load of new clothes they don't need because they'll give some old ones to charity. why aren't we educated at school about clothes production? surely it's important?

    the 'good' choices for clothes i found inc. organic cotton, organic wool, hemp, bamboo, linen and recycled polyester. hemp and flax(linen) are more tolerant of 'pests' so don't need so much pesticide. but you have to specifically look for undyed/bleached organic cotton or even this is often.

    so in conclusion i think i agree with myself originally. second hand stuff is best, who cares what it's made from.


    re. zoos and vivisection?? is there any evidence to back that up pooka? i had a quick search and i found claims that animals in zoos are bred and sold to circuses but it's illegal to use animals in circuses in the uk now. i don't know about other countries practises. i saw some very unhappy animals at a circus in eastern europe (just going past it not in)
    i correct myself i just found this…dustry-and-animal-testing this suggests animal testing of some degree HAS taken place in zoos in the UK recently :(


    as for too many people paul! yes that is completely true. before i had baby i thought having children was selfish. not only from an environmental standpoint but - well, the worlds not really very nice anymore either. and i still think that's true - having babies IS selfish how can it be anything else (well it could be an accident i suppose). some of my environmentally friends when i told them i was pregnant all looked at me like, how could you lol, it's the worst thing you can do to the planet.
    I guess one way I look at is - if everyone who cares about the environment and wants to change things for the better (actively rather than just passively sitting back and hopinh someone else will) stops having children, and only people more ignorant, or not equipped, or uneducated,(or people who want lots of children to populate the world with 'their kind' - i read a book by a jewish woman, who wasn't even a practising jew, who had several children because she said it was her duty to bring more jews into the world??? even though she said she didn't believe in god. :/) continue to have babies the next generation will not stop damaging this world. whereas if some people bring their children up to care and respect the planet, those children may have an impact, may help educate other children who do not know about these things.
    now, this arguement is flawed. one, it's a bit egotistical (an assumption that i can bring my child up well), two, possibly insulting (though people who bring their children up to drop litter, start smoking age 9, kick animals and shoot birds etc, need insulting imo), three it's biased because i have a child and would like to justify it and feel better. but i am aware of that and i am not planning on having anymore children. but you weren't asking me to justify myself. and it is true that many people get very defensive. because they love their children more than anything else and so do not want it to be implied that they shouldn't have had them! sometimes emotions come before rationality. though that's ok. as long as they don't chuck mcdonalds wrappers out of their car windows :'(

    ask them what the dead will gain from sending your shoes to landfill and buying another, the production of which damages the environment. :/ sometimes people are living up to the image of being a vegan and not thinking on a broader scale. i remember being suprised by vegans who smoked or took drugs like coke, or travelled round the world by plane - it didn't seem to fit in with the conservationy idea. but sometimes that's not what it is about for people. and that's fine obviously it is their choice! but if they critisize you point things out back to them that they do. it's good to keep people thinking from different perspectives!
    it's funny, the more you do, the more people critisize you for not doing enough.

    i think when being vegan you can end up valueing sticking to that label more than actually being fully environmental. but it depends why you are vegan. I remember when I was vegan on several occasions people making me feel crap by mentioning i had leather shoes on/plastic bangles etc. (though how they thought they had the right to critisize me when i was making an effort and they made none is beyond me). and there were times when i did eat nonvegan stuff. e.g. someone made me a cup of tea and put milk in it automatically. or a burger ordered came with mayo. what would i gain from throwing it away and getting another one? i know vegans who did this. i guess this is part of the reason i gradually slid away from veganism. sometimes it didn't seem to make sense. you could say the same with vegetarianism though i suppose if say your partner eats meat and has some left over and it will go in the bin should you eat it to reduce waste etc.
    i think with food, if you eat simply it shouldn't matter too much environmentally - organic, local. that's the big thing. from farm shops or local producers - less packaging, less miles. but more £££! so most of us can't live like that.
    I used to make my own soya milk. Lots less packaging! And far cheaper. 1kg of soya beans went a long way. There's no right or wrong with these things, you have to do what you can with what you've got.

    I think now, I probably won't go vegan again. I was gradually working my way back to it, but it's not going to happen I don't think. We do our best in other ways when we can afford. Most importantly I think is REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE. So I think if you buy yourself a second hand leather coat and someone says you're not vegan, you can explain to them that no, you are not defined entirely by one label, that you in fact choose not to eat animal products, and that you choose to buy second hand goods rather than new ones as this not only prevents that being thrown away but also negates the need of the production of another. Which, although some people argue you shouldn't because it is advertising - I don't know, you're not in vogue in your second hand gear are you? But then I disagree with faux fur because I think it's in bad taste but that's me personally. Like I said somewhere in this ramble, it's personal.

    i agree about zoos with sarah. some of them are sanctuarys which take in animals that yes shouldn't be in captivity! but were, like your minks. they shouldn't be released but they can't be send 'home'. and they're shot on sight in this country now. they shouldn't be in the wild here, they damaged so much, they are such a successful predator they outcompeted otters, but they don't deserve to be killed because we exploited them. :( there's a monkey sanctuary near us which has rescued monkeys - from ex-zoos, monkeys that were badly behaved in their zoos, monkeys from 'private collctions' etc. Zoos often reintroduce animals thay have bred on purpose for that. some creatures only exist in zoos too. so although it would be better if we had never needed zoos, and not killed so much of the wild habitats they lived in, we have, and so i do not thnk zoos are bad.

    i also think i want to add that 'natural' isn't necessarily good or better. cotton uses a ridiculous amount of water, and land. like all these things they can be made in excess. tobacco is 'natural' for e.g. but uses a lot of land. and do you reckon the plantation owners accommodate for wildlife in pretty hedgerows? i don't. :P but i don't know enough about the production of things like hemp. it's meant to be better. but it's on a smaller scale. i'm not saying i think synthetic is good. but none of it can be really, not on the scale that we need it. and go through it. people are SO wasteful it's disgraceful and disgusting. i wear thhings until they need to be binned and i rarely buy them new. i think this is more important than what they are made of to be honest. sorry for length and rambles!

    i heard a woman shouting at a bloke she was with on the train once for having the sun open on pg 3. she was really embarassed and made him turn the page :P

    it's not destroying 'freedom of speech' to ban it, as these images are available in many other places; but a national newspaper isn't really the place for soft porn, is it? the first turn of a page in the paper and you see objectification of a young woman. she's not a person, she is a commodity, an image to be sold. it's true, much in newspapers fits into this category, and the way they buy and sell people full stop isn't really ok (like harassment of people by journalists or e.g. those boob pictures of kate middleton). I think there is lots to be cross about, both in the media, and in the pornography market. it's not a single issue, but this is one that stands out because we can all see it easily and know about it. that doesn't make it the worst issue; problems of objectification, and body image, come from a HUGE number of sources (and yes women and men are the instigators of this - just as both genders are the victims. i recommend reading the 'beauty myth' by naomi campbell for more info on this it is old but it all still sstands. feminism isn't about helping women, it is about helping men and women. we are all damaged when we view any group of people as less than human). though at the same time we shouldn't DENY sexuality. men will get turned on by attractive sexual looking women (and vice versa but i think not to the same degree?) and this is natural and not dirty or wrong! but it's the extent that we view and/or abuse these images, and it's also a matter of how damaging the market is for those within it and for those who feel they need to live up to those expectations. there is a middle ground. we'll probably never agree on it. but that's ok, as long as we can all keep talking.
    if some people want to make a change, and fight to have this page altered, then, even though there's worse stuff out there, i don't see how it does any harm. there's always going to be worse stuff, we don't live in dafur.

    my OH has got into homemade wine now - i got him the book 'booze for free' by andy hamilton and that's really good and interesting too.

    but i was going to ask the same q. as thingamajig - where is best to buy these things not online? buying pectolase for e.g. adds £4 because of p&p which is the cost of another tub of it, it seems silly. same with any of DJs p&p is a lot :S we got plastic ones that are foodgrade are these ok?