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    Overall 2019 has been the best year of my life so far. I gave up all my stuff, my home and my job and became a full time traveller, which was my dream for the past 20 years or so. I'm currently living off savings but am working towards a lifestyle that will only require a few hundred pounds a month, so I don't plan to ever get trapped again. In addition I've been dedicating a lot of my time to meditation and living in the present, so my head's in a better place than it's ever been. I'm just really annoyingly happy!

    I've always been torn on this one. Personally I find the idea of financially supporting companies like KFC abhorrent but on the other hand in todays world, I think this may be the way things have to go to make Veganism more mainstream.

    Even though I rarely eat them myself, i love that there's so many meat alternatives now for the people who want them. On the other hand i feel bad for the small ethical companies who supplied vegans with their food before all the multinationals got involved. Though I believe some of them are now working with the big supermarket chains..

    As a side note after being away for a year I'm blown away by how much vegan choice there now is. One thing I've noticed in the big supermarkets is how the veggie/vegan food now stands alongside the meat options from the same company whereas before it always had it's own separate section. Things are definitely changing fast.

    I've been using Nord VPN for a year now and it's been mostly fine. It can be a bugger to connect sometimes in countries with slow internet but apart from that I haven't had any problems. The occasional website doesn't like it and I have to disconnect briefly to view what I want.

    Like Gee mentioned so much more nutritional education is needed from doctors and schools and the lies need to stop. The lies being told by the agriculture industry through advertising to line their own pockets are similar in my opinion to what the cigarette industry did years ago.

    It certainly presents a different background to the mythology from that shown in the Gotham television series. My DC Comics background is grounded in the 60s, so I never really saw The Joker as the impoverished, sleazy character explored in "Joker". Joaquin Phoenix is outstandingly creepy and original in the lead role. It was weird to see an arch-villain with no super-hero in sight. Although JP says the best scene was cut from the film I think a little more editing might have tightened the flow a little more, but sure, if you are into the DC world then give it a shot. I would be interested to know what you think. Maybe I should give it another look ... :shrug:

    Am not big into comic book movies so i was pleasantly surprised as for me it was more a dark and moving film about mental health issues. Joaquin Pheonix was disturbingly good it all left me feeling a bit unsettled :shock:

    I'm thinking about the lovely lady at a wildlife sanctuary who helped me out with an injured seagull I found on the beach yesterday. She arranged for him to be collected and driven to the sanctuary which was two hours away, then sent me an update telling me he was being looked after in intensive care. She also gave me his hospital number so I could check on him and see if he makes it back to the wild. It was refreshing to see a seagull being treated with so much respect and care it gave me hope for the world :wub:

    I've not found a cheese substitute that I like, so I don't bother with any. Initially it was cheese that was THE sacrifice in moving from a vegetarian to a vegan diet a few years ago after fifty years of the former. I buy local, organic, fresh and in season fruit and vegetables whenever I can. Having a high boredom threshold (and not much interest in actually cooking) I generally eat a lot of raw salads and steamed vegetable meals with rehydrated pulses, which is just a case of remembering to soak them overnight (in the huge, empty gherkin jar I use specially) and cook them up before I actually need them. I generally prepare two or three days supply at a time and they keep for a few days in the fridge. I throw seeds and nuts in everything. I treat myself to fleur de sel and some tasty pepper for seasoning (not all salts and peppers taste the same) add some olive oil sprinkle on some yeast flakes. Organic, fair trade, non-dairy 85% chocolate is my main treat of choice. I haven't died yet.

    I'm trying to make the move to a mainly raw food vegan diet like yours, but am finding it tough as I love cooking and big stodgy hot meals!

    Thought Nepal was Buddhist therefore mainly veggies?

    Nepal is about 80% Hindu I believe but there's actually loads of meat there compared to India so maybe it's a different sect of Hinduism or something. I was there a few months ago during a week long festival of sacrifice. I stayed inside mainly and avoided the temples as I've got enough horrors in my head, but as Compo said it's really no different from Christmas here except is more open. Aside from the public slaughtering outside the temples, there were countless goats lined up outside local butchers shops. I think in the past families used to sacrifice the animals themselves at home but now tend to take them elsewhere to have it done.

    The plight of all farm animals saddens me beyond belief, but from what I saw in Nepal they treated them better than they do here in the West. In the rural areas I saw loads of water buffalo and goats being taken out to pasture and the people stayed with them the whole day. The farm animals were generally tame and friendly which gave me the impression they weren't cruelly treated.

    I've also decided to abstain this time. It goes against my beliefs but after voting Green party for years I just think it's pointless now. I'd never vote Tory and would lean more towards Labour as in my opinion they're the lesser of two evils, but I still feel like I'm still selling out by voting for them. I do agree with Old Keith that there seems to be a massive smear campaign against Labour at the minute as there's racism everywhere, but I've lost the small amount of respect I had for them in the process, so it worked. As a result of all the bullshit I rarely read the news now and am going to make a point of not even checking the result.

    Hey Groove :) Yeah Violife cheese is my favourite too especially melted. As far as seeds and stuff go I have porridge or muesli for breakfast every day and chuck on two or three tbsp of chia, sunflower and pumpkin seed mix along with some fruit and some cashew nuts or walnuts.

    One thing I'd say is don't be fooled into thinking the vegan diet is automatically healthy you can be a really unhealthy vegan, especially with all the choice there is now. I was shocked when I realised how much sugar there was in plant based milks so i always get the sugar free version now. I do have veggie burgers and stuff as a treat but generally try to avoid processed foods if I can, cause they're not much better in my opinion than processed meat.

    People often fail at veganism because they say they had no energy and felt they had to go back to eating meat but it was likely because they just had a really shit diet!

    Ha no as far as I know i've been fully conscious since :P Could be wrong, but I think Zendanze has always been Zendanze and Gee is one of the old crew was about years ago when i first joined.

    Was there last year,having lived there for around 5-6 years,the buses and cabs were bad enough without me paragliding.:insane:

    Yeah am lucky to have survived the bus we got back to Kathmandu from Pokhara. The driver was a complete header much worse than anything we encountered in India :shock:

    You dont have to feel particularly scared at the time,the sudden rush of adrenaline into your system triggers rapid heart rate and breathing which you dont immediately notice and if youre not expecting it it can be scary or unnerving and makes you feel very uncomfortable

    Cheers for that reply it makes sense i felt like i was actually pretty calm for most of it but maybe it was the adrenaline rush that caused things to deteriorate. I think if i hadn't have got the motion sickness it all would have been fine but feeling really nauseous so fast made me realise where i was and i remember thinking i just wanted to be on the ground.

    I really don't think i'll do it again i feel like i got lucky with the pilot i had and i'd never want to put someone else in danger again. I read a few accounts online where it's happened before and the guy got his face totally smashed up on landing. I've never really had an urge to do it anyway it was just a once in a lifetime thing because it was over the mountains in Nepal.

    Fuck me that second video is mental fair play to that guy he really kept it together... that would have been terrifying! Thank God i didn't pay extra to get the whole thing video'd or my zombied face would probably be all over Youtube :blush: